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Astrocat's Postal Scam Warning (Psychic, slimming, gambling, etc.)

Exposing the fraudsters in the direct-mail industry.
Alan Karderick to Zoltana.

What happened to my partner after she sent for a FREE OFFER from Maria Duval.
Avoid the scams, or learn what to do if you are a victim

Mailshots received from all of these names:

Alan Karderick, Alan Silver, Alexa, Alexandre, Alexis Onakios, Aliette, Alphonse, Angelina, Angelique, Anthony Alexis, Anthony Carr, Astroforce, Birgit Jordana, BRPG, Branch for the Restitution of Prizes Gained, Mrs Bradford, C.I.V.U.P.C, Capital Leons, Carl de Winter, Carmela Urcia, Carmen, Casar, Cate Wood, Centre of Alliance of the 7 Life Guides, CALG, Centro Vencor, Charles de Montbrun, Charli Chang, Chris, Dan Parker, David Phild, Diane Moore, Dolores, Edmond de Valles, Elisabeth Alpen, Elizabeth Brandon, Equiba, Esmeralda, Esoprim, Esotal SARL, Esotech, Euro-Loterie, Eva Damus, Eva du Maurier, Eva Lorca, Eva Lorcas SA, Fortuna, Fortune House, Francisco Casar, Gabriel, Gabriel d'Angelo, Gold Winning International, Grandma Shirley, Health Tips Ltd, Hannussen2, Harmonie, Harmony Zen, Hermeticum SA, Igor Leonov, ILM Club, Institute Equiba, Institute Mondiale des Gains d'Argent, International Parapsychology Centre, Irena, Jean Dupre, Jean Paul Ritter, Jeanne Picard, Kalistea, Karel Legan, Kinloch Marketing, Kuang C Wang, La Grande Mystique, La Maison de Fatima, Lise and Rose, Madame Arachnea, Madja, Magno-Po, Maja SA, Maria Dolores, Maria Duval, Marie Laure, Marie Rosa, Marie Rose, Marie Beauval, Marie Laure, Maja, Maja SA, Marie-France, Mariella Madonna, Marie-Rose Valmont, Marina, Marianne de Bonneville, Martine Bouvier, Master Zhandler, Master Zholtan, Mercurios, Meridian, Mikaël, Mme. Muller, Nelchael, Nicole Delya, Olivia Roy, Omega-PMD, Onakios, PMD, Padeol, Paloma Summer, Patrick Guerin, Paula Zikorski, Peters Marketing Direct, Peterss Marketing Direct, Prof. John White, Prof. Simpson, Raylene van Worth, Rebecca, Riva Beauty Center, Rochelle, Roy Windor, Salambô, Senora Diaz, Serena, Sereny, Sereny SA, Simpson, Skye Alexander, Sofia Dora, Solecon, Solen SA, Solena, Sophia Monroe, Sophros, Sri Shakti, Tara, Taylort SA, Valdora, Valerie Morrison, Valerie Taylor, Vallone, Vencor, Victor, Victoria DeMonaco, Vinci, Vladimir Raikov, Wanfirst, Wealthtec, WIMA, World Institute of Money Awards, Yannis, Yann Weston, Zhandler, Zholtan, Ziska, Zoltana.

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