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Discover your power

a slim booklet from Maria Duval @ £32.45 inc p&p.


No doubt you've heard of vital magnetism, of the power of the mind over the body and life, of the phenomenal energies of the subconscious, of the creative forces of the soul and the intellect.

But how can you mobilise these forces?

Even if you have an idea of what methods to use, you may not be sure of how to implement them, and you won't get there simply by reading these words. The only way to achieve a positive and constructive result is to doggedly apply, each and every day, the rules I'm going to give you.

I am going to take you by the hand and help you to climb the stairway to success, step by step, level by level.

As you overcome each obstacle, you will pass from one state to another, constantly ascending so that you can find happiness through that magnetic force which is the "Power of the Mind."


We can't touch magnetism, can't see it, can't taste it, and can't hear it. It is imperceptible, like ultra-violet, infrared, and ultra-sound.

This invisible force, which exists in all forms of life, consists of radiations given off to different degrees by your body, your look, your voice, your thoughts and even by your mere presence. And you can in fact learn to intensify these radiations, to focus them more and even to channel them.

The behaviour of anyone who has enhanced their magnetic potential in this way is consequently changed. Their personality and ideas assert themselves naturally, they shine, they adapt and they succeed - they have "luck"! It could therefore be said that luck can be learned.

Albert Camus wrote: "Luck is the ability to immediately adapt to things." But in order to adapt swiftly and smoothly to situations and to people, you need to be aware of the problems posed by them. Your energies must be gathered together and directed towards a single precise aim, catalysed by the ambition to succeed, to find a satisfactory solution. If you can combine these three elements - awareness, energy and ambition - this will give you powers of projection i.e. "magnetism" and this magnetism will radiate over everything around you, will have a favourable influence on it and will open the doors to success.


Your brain is a mental mirror that registers and reflects ideas. But your ideas are constantly coming and going, fluttering and whirling around, wheeling past each other and colliding, never knowing where to land. Power comes to those who learn how to channel them, to govern them. When your mind takes command, it brings order to this chaotic and turbulent flock of ideas.

So your mind must recognise its role and control the unruly ideas that fly around your head. It must sift through them, select them, and sanction them. Once you finally have a valid set of ideas organised in your mind, then it only remains to take action. The best way of learning how to coordinate your ideas and to act is to use auto-suggestion. This will set you on the road to success.

The main thing is to revitalise your magnetic potential which may have withered or waned. In order to do this, you must curb and control your emotions and your imagination, which dissipate and waste your magnetic power; you must alter, modify all in-grained and automatic responses which make your actions purely habitual and worthless. Your reason and your intellect should have the biggest influence on how you conduct yourself.

It's not a matter of mobilising your willpower to overcome your habits, but simply of using your imagination and emotions in the way I am going to teach you.

Your personality has two sides to it. There is your conscious personality, which is dependent on the intellect, reason and thought. In principle it is this side of you which decides on the value of a certain action, on the wisdom of another. But all too often, this decision clashes with the dictates of your unconscious personality, seat of all the automatic behaviour instilled since childhood, and realm of the emotions, feelings and imagination. Your unconscious personality may reject or modify the decision arrived at by your reason. Your will has no more hold than your reason or your intellect on your unconscious personality.

Your unconscious side uses all sorts of means to modify or invalidate the decisions taken by your conscious personality: your emotions undermine your reason with over-violent reactions, your imagination exaggerates the difficulties, distorts and magnifies the obstacles.

In the end, your intellect is no longer very sure of the true value of its intentions, and you are invaded by a lack of confidence, a certain hesitancy, vague misgivings or even real fear and anxiety.

Just think for a moment about the kind of emotions that swamp you when you are watching a film or reading a novel. Don't you feel as though you yourself are the sheriff, the1 intrepid cop, or the young romantic heroine? Have you never wiped away a tear or trembled with indignation? And yet it's only ink on paper or images on celluloid!

The thought that makes you ill, the thought that makes you well, the emotions you experience when reading a book, the tears you wipe away at the cinema, are all due to the imagination, to suggestion. And as well as having the powers to do things, suggestion and imagination have the power to undo and replace. If your imagination is subjugated to your conscious will, it can create images that, in certain circumstances, will lead your subconscious to abandon old patterns of behaviour and to form new habits. This is what it means to "Discover your Power."

Suggestion will no longer be passive, submissive, dictated by other people or by circumstances, it will be active, deliberate, oriented towards a precise aim, and this will rid you of all the conditioning which weighs you down and paralyses you. Suggestion will now enable you to develop a new, profitable and effective way of behaving.

This type of suggestion is exercised by you, on yourself! It is in fact "auto-suggestion."


Instead, therefore, of bowing to every pressure without exercising any discernment or control. instead of allowing your imagination to run riot, you will ask your imagination to supply your subconscious with words and images that will gradually influence and re-shape it. So how should you go about this in practical terms? What steps should you take? First and foremost, you must be calm and learn to control your thoughts as well as your actions, because without a calm and sober attitude there will be no mastery, no inner tranquillity, no order or concentration, no clear and considered thoughts, no single-minded action.

If you can reduce tension and agitation, this will enable you to control the impulses engendered by your senses and emotions, to govern your thoughts and to enhance your magnetic potential.

Every evening, practice a session of auto-suggestion. Shut yourself in a dark or dimly lit room. Lie on your bed or find a comfortable position that allows you to completely relax.

Sense the heaviness in each of your limbs and keep perfectly still - it's much easier than people generally think - quietly close your eyes, don't think about anything, or rather concentrate on your breathing, feel yourself breathe.

As you gradually train yourself, you will be able to attain this relaxed and mentally isolated state more and more quickly. After winding down like this for a few minutes, you can begin the actual auto-suggestion process using phrases like: "I feel calm; I feel calmer every day; I am in perfect control of myself; my movements are steady, my voice is firm, my behaviour is relaxed ..."

Then replace these phrases with images or better still a "film" which re-runs the day that has just gone by. Re-live it, and replay in your mind the moments when you were dissatisfied with the way you reacted or behaved, when you were too agitated, hasty or timid. Re-live all these moments, but replacing your actual behaviour with the behaviour you wish you had displayed and will display in the future.

Soon (the session doesn't have to last long - ten or twelve minutes will be enough), you can allow yourself to drift to sleep. But the impression made by these images will remain in your subconscious, and the proof of this will be the gradual progress you see, right from the first few days.

There is one important point that must be emphasised: stick to positive phrases like: "I am _.. I can ... I am becoming ..." rather than "I am not ..." or "I am no longer ..." and don't use formulae that express wishes, such as "I want ..." or worse "I don't want ..."


Don't shy at obstacles when you come across them, because they will develop your intelligence, your resistance, your spirit of initiative, and your magnetism, and help you to employ them more productively and creatively.

Success, like your whole environment and everything that happens in your life, depends solely on you. Fate is a myth and Destiny is never against you - it is purely the result of how you face obstacles, and it's by learning to control your thoughts that you will discover the road to Happiness and be able to realise your desires.

Every victory is an effort, and every effort is a victory! A. Teillard wrote: "Certain inferiority complexes may oppress an intelligent and courageous person who is the victim of their own hyper-sensitivity. Their major fear is that other people may judge them unfavourably. They are afraid of not matching up to others, they are afraid of seeming ridiculous."

Their career is therefore seriously handicapped by that great malady: doubt. Very often, their sex life is affected and this disturbance may lead to impotence or frigidity.

A timid person, more than anyone, needs to develop their personality. In their case, the increase in magnetism will be very spectacular. They will smash the world in which their up bringing and society have succeeded in imprisoning them.

If you follow the advice given here, you will be able to chalk up your first success, then a second, and so on. Once you have achieved your first goal, this opens the door to further successes and these repeated victories will gradually free you from your prison. By actively assuming responsibility, you will discover the joy of taking the reins and the glory of succeeding and thereby gain confidence in yourself. And by an imperceptible but infallible process, you will automatically find your new place in your social environment.


You need to accept and make the most of the present. You must strive to make as great a success as possible of every immediate task, purely for the satisfaction of a job well done. Little by little, your scope will increase, and so you will climb another rung, and then a series of rungs, developing your personality as you go, which will give you more power. Your future is therefore built on the present.

Power depends on how you use your mind. Your ideas can only be based on your inner substance. What you are inside governs your relationship with the world and the people around you, and determines your success ... or failure.

When you have grasped these general ideas, you may feel inclined to enrich yourself and deepen your knowledge of some subject you may be particularly interested in.

Unless you just want to relax, read books that give you something, that improves your mind. Learn to read quickly, underlining the main passages that set out and explain the author's ideas. When you have finished reading, jot down these ideas in a few lines. Review your notes from time to time - and you will gradually build yourself a store of very useful reference material.


All too often, you don't eat properly: a poor diet weakens your organism, compromises your health and significantly reduces your magnetic power.

A good diet should be simple and healthy: avoid fats, rich sauces, and alcohol. Don't eat really copious, heavy meals: digestive problems, a heavy head and a drowsy mind are hardly conducive to success!


After a period of intense labour you need to rest and relax ... but this truism is often ignored!!! All too often you soldier on in spite of your fatigue, without taking time out to recuperate. But you must never push yourself too far. Try to realise that tiredness is an alarm signal, which indicates that you have used up all your reserves for the time being. As soon as you feel tired you need to stop, at least for a few moments.

The stresses and strains of a permanently hectic life can wear you out without you even realising it. They prevent you from resting, and what starts as mere insomnia may develop into the deepest depression. If you are constantly on your toes and over-working, this can cause psychological problems which mean that most of your energies become blocked.

Try to keep nervous tension within acceptable limits. Learn to live in a calm, relaxed state!

Contrary to what many people believe, you won't waste any time (the great phobia of our age!) by interspersing your activities with periods of rest - you will in fact gain time! Because when you are refreshed and relaxed, you work much better and much faster, and will increase your output accordingly.

When you feel tiredness creeping over you, do this exercise: close your eyes, and then using your fingertips, gently massage your temples in a circular motion, work across over the ears and down towards the nape of your neck, then stop (do this about ten times). Then breathe deeply and yawn three or four times.

If you put these principles into practice you will become something that is rare these days - a relaxed man or woman - and by virtue of this very fact, you will be capable of working smoothly and efficiently.


When nervous exhaustion, over-work and daily cares are preventing you from dropping off at night, magnetism can help you to sleep.

First of all, here are a few tips, a few guidelines for you to follow.

To relax you before dinner, have a shower or better still, a nice warm bath. You want to forget all the worries that have such a disastrous effect on your sleep so don't spend all evening discussing them, mulling them over, trying to find a solution. And avoid any subjects that might cause arguments or disputes.

After dinner, to prevent your imagination from wandering and presenting you with all kinds of spectres, watch an interesting show or read to enrich yourself and become more cultured.

These little ploys will get you in the right frame of mind for bed, but it is magnetism that will finally get you off to sleep. Once you are in bed (which should preferably be placed North to South, with the head towards the North), stretch out on your back and yawn a few times.

Don't allow your mind to stray or your imagination will start to run wild. Focus your thoughts on a peaceful and monotonous image: the pendulum of an old clock, waves breaking on the shore, a mountain waterfall, or the sails of a windmill. Relax, and put your left hand flat on your stomach (solar plexus). Now, don't move a muscle, not even your littlei finger. Very soon, you will sink into a deep sleep and will wake up feeling fully fit in the morning.


Thought projection is one of those phenomena which both require and develop maximum magnetism.

Thought projection is just as real and evident as X-rays. The Russians managed to link Moscow and Novosibirsk using thought projection, it was revealed, some time ago, by the "DOMSOMOLSKALA - PRAVDA". The Americans are reported to have succeeded in using this method to communicate between submarines.

Your thoughts produce vibrations that are propagated like electro-magnetic waves, like electricity and light.

Each thought, voluntary or involuntary, creates thought vibrations that radiate through space and when they encounter a particular person, influence their behaviour. That's why when you come into contact with someone, you may feel sympathetic and attracted, or constrained, uneasy, hostile. That's why a particular person may create a depressing or a stimulating atmosphere, for example.

You can, by a great effort of mind, send your thoughts in a specific direction. By focusing your thoughts, you can channel and project your thought vibrations and establish an unbroken link between two people, even if they are miles apart.

However, in order for you to project these focused thoughts effectively, you need strong magnetism.

If you want to succeed in your professional life or your love life, and get what you wart out of someone, you must conjure up an image of the person you want to influence, and I imagine them behaving how you would like them to behave towards you. Once you have focused your thoughts, this image should be perfectly clear. The vibrations will beam out and reach the mind of the person you want to influence. The more forcefully you transmit therm the faster and stronger their effect will be. The power and cohesiveness of your thoughts and the intensity of your magnetism determine success.


Similarly, you can learn the art of appealing to and irresistibly attracting people you are fond of.

Make yourself comfortable in a dark and peaceful room - close the curtains or blinds and avoid any background noise. Then, (choosing a regular time when you know that your loved one will be most calm and relaxed and therefore receptive), proceed as follows: imagine this person, how you would like them to be - leaning towards you, clasped in your arms, head resting on your shoulder, or strolling romantically by your side.

Think hard, really hard ... until you see them or sense them near you. Talk to them very softly while thinking very hard about the words you say to them and the replies you hear, replies that you will invent as you wish.

At this moment, a kind of telepathy occurs and with a bit of patience, confidence and perseverance, you will find that this person gradually develops a warmer attitude towards you, and that your desires will finally be fulfilled.

No need therefore to consult anyone else on how to make love blossom or rekindle an old flame. No one in the world is better placed than you to succeed, as you are the one who knows, wants and loves that person.


You also have the power to assist your loved ones by employing the same technique you have learned to win the affection of someone dear to you. You can get rid of unhealthy states of mind, which cause feelings of timidity, fear and inferiority, and so help those afflicted to regain their joie de vivre. You will rescue them from the mental prison in which they have locked themselves and help them to escape the mental suffering caused by their state. And how can you do this? By using thought projection to communicate to them a greater self-confidence, a quiet assurance, a serene courage, an inner peace.


Having friends means having something in common with other people; you give and you hope to receive - a balance needs to be found, to be created.

Having powerful magnetism can certainly help you to attract sympathy and influence opinions, but something more is needed to create a harmonious friendship.

To do this, you must adopt a certain attitude.

Firstly, you must banish any egocentricity that makes you impose your own ways and views without respecting those of others. This is the very opposite of friendship which requires an equal amount of give and take on both sides.

Everyone has a sense of their own value (which may be real or imagined but it's not up to us to say) and wants it to be recognised. You must be prepared to accept that other people have different opinions to your own. Similarly don't set yourself up as a critic and be automatically disapproving without first trying to put yourself in the other person's place. Would you do things any better, worse, differently? What does it matter! Respect their opinion. If you are a true friend, you won't impose, won't judge.

The fact that you are someone's friend doesn't authorise you to give advice when you haven't been asked for it, to ask awkward questions or to commit indiscretions. And you yourself must think twice before you share confidences that you might regret later. If you do this, you will gain true, sincere and devoted friends on whom you can rely and whom you'll be glad to meet during good times and bad. Remember that friendship is a balance! Make sure you (and others) don't tip the scales too far one way!

Also remember that all negative feelings weaken your magnetic power and can end up destroying it irrevocably.

A few tips on conversing with friends: don't try to hog the centre-stage all the time, make your words simple, clear and precise, don't drown your listeners with superfluous or excessively personal details. Don't turn the conversation onto a subject that could hurt or embarrass someone, and finally, don't subject others to a recital of all your woes because you would do better to forget them rather than revive them.


It's easier than you think! Your magnetism shows through everything. Your voice, your look, your thoughts and your attitude should all convey self-assurance, confidence and perfect resolution to the person you are communicating with. They will then be impressed and start to listen to you and respect you.

You can use the following technique to influence a superior, a manager, your boss, etc. It works in other situations too - convincing a seller or a buyer, for example.

First try to empty your mind and then concentrate hard on the following phrases as you repeat them to yourself: "I am master of my thoughts. I will succeed in everything. I have huge possibilities. Now I can dominate all situations." Then you can try "talking" to the person in question as explained earlier in the chapter entitled "Triumphing in Love." You need to flood your subconscious with constructive thoughts which will be beamed to your target, as though from a transmitter.

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