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The Universal Pentacle, from Solen (t/a Eva du Maurier, pseudonym)

The Pentacle, Eva du Maurier, Solen SA, Maria Duval

This is it! Actual size is 7.5" / 19cm square, made of thin buff coloured plastic/card. The instructions say that you are not to wear it on your person, but to keep it at your home.
A smaller paper replica is for wearing. The medallion is about 1"/25mm in diameter, silvery in colour, it has the same design, except for the number square in the centre. It comes in a prepacked envelope, the note inside is not personalised nor does it state the sender or the date

It's a bargain at only £19.

Why not make one of your own and save some money!

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The Swiss Commission for Honesty report on Eva du Maurier.

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