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"Discover your power"

a slim booklet from Maria Duval

The accompanying letter for the 12 page booklet "Discover your power" at £32.45 inc p&p.

President of the French Parapsychological Research Institute, (Address wanted!)

A clairvoyant and spirit medium with the Society of Psychic and Parapsychic Studies. (Address wanted!)

(Name and address of client here)

Alton, XX XXX 1998
My dear XXXXXXXXXXX, I'm so happy that you have accepted my help to try to transform your existence and give yourself the new start in life that you truly deserve.

Holder of the highest honorary awards & degrees. (From which academic Bodies?)

23 years of accurate and verifiable predictions. (Proof wanted, my dear Maria!)

Almost 2,400 TV appearances. (Stations and dates, please.)

Radio guest more than 8,400 times. (As above.)

Featured in over 700 newspaper articles. (Names, titles and dates?)

Only psychic to have been granted an audience with John Paul II. (Vatican source denies this.)

Works regularly with doctors and police. (Comments from Police sources, please!).

Has seldom failed to telepathically locate missing persons (19 to date). (Out of how many attempts?)

Ability to predict the future confirmed in experiments by the greatest scientific authorities. (Papers, reports all welcome)

Consulted by international celebrities.
(None of the above has been verified)

But first, odd as it may seem, I need your help!

Because without your will to make things happen, my efforts will be hampered. So from now on simply think positively!

Together we are going to perform three very powerful Occult Actions. This series of interventions will last sixty three days in all, i.e. twenty one days for each type of action. Why this length of time precisely? Well, according to esoteric tradition, the number 7 is associated with change and evolution. Every evolutionary cycle has seven stages to it, like the days of the week, the musical scale or the seven planets which individually influence us.

When you want to bring about a lasting change, to alter reality, you perform a certain type of operation for three times seven days, to ensure that this change is firmly established, because the number 3 represents stability.

Before I tell you what exactly these three Occult Actions will be, I want to explain to you what "planes" they will take effect on. Just because we can't see something with our own eyes, doesn't mean that it is any less real. We live in a universe of energy and although we are only normally aware of physical reality, we also exist on other planes of reality that we are not ordinarily conscious of. All spiritual and esoteric traditions have made clear reference to this for thousands of years.

It is on these energy planes - namely the astral plane, the mental plane and the causal plane that we will be working together.

1. The astral plane

The astral plane is the seat of the resonant energy of your emotions, of your emotional being. It here that your emotions are embedded. Your negative emotions pile up on this plane and gradually fetter and imprison you. You are locked behind bars which block your receptivity to the blessings of life. While you are sullied by your negative feelings, you will perceive reality as though you were looking at the sky from underwater.

You will understand what I mean in a few weeks. These negative emotions I'm talking about are your fears, your frustrations, the emotional suffering you experienced as a child or even when you were a baby, the festering anger that a child feels when it has been treated unfairly, not received enough love, etc.

2. The mental plane

The mental plane is the seat of your thoughts and beliefs. Right from birth, your environment, your education, your friends, and above all your parents have influenced you. Like everyone, you have been conditioned, and the combination of this conditioning and your own intrinsic nature has made you what you are today. What you are deep inside, as an individual has not been altered - you are intact.

The problem is this conditioning, the beliefs you have unconsciously adopted, that govern your daily thoughts and actions. They are like dark glasses, which limit your vision and your field of action. Simply ask yourself these questions: What do you think you are worth? Do you deserve to be loved? Is Luck going to smile on you? Can you succeed in what you undertake? Can you be accepted for what you are, without having to act a part? Will life allow you to realise your dearest wishes?

You will notice that even when the answer isn't a complete negative, your replies to these questions carry major restrictions and limitations. There are in fact no boundaries; you are no more limited than the energy and space of the Universe, but do you feel that lots of restrictions have been instilled into you and that they narrow the scope of your existence?

During today, try to pay attention to the number of negative or limiting thoughts that you are entertaining or expressing. You'll be surprised!

3. The causal plane

Now I'll say a little about the causal plane. This is perhaps the most important because this is where everything that manifests itself in fact germinates.

Unconsciously, we weave our reality out of our thoughts and beliefs. We create our own reality. This means you possess enormous power but you may not be conscious of it. Therefore your existence (emotional, financial, material) becomes the uncontrolled result of what you are subjected to, rather than the fruit of your own desires.

Your thoughts and beliefs can in fact be used to mould your life. Those around you have a hand in it too, as you do in theirs. But all that can change and we are going to put things right together.

So here are the three Occult Actions that we are going to perform: The first of these actions is designed to take effect on the astral plane in order to liberate you from your negative environment.

We, and by that I mean you and I, are going to help relieve you of the burden of your negative emotions that may well have built up during the past. This can block your energy and, worst of all, make you feel cut off from the living Universe which is only too willing to satisfy your needs and make you happy.

This first action will feel like a cleansing which will deliver you from the negativity you may well have been swathed in, probably without even realising it.

The second action is intended to free you from, what I term, the failure spiral.

As I've just explained to you, your difficulties in life are caused by mental patterns inscribed in the causal plane (the plane of causes). Your beliefs, your conditioning, and in particular the profound negative thoughts that perhaps you have about yourself such as: "I won't manage it, I never have any luck, I have no right to happiness, I don't have my rightful place on earth ..."

These can only help to perpetuate the difficult conditions that you may live under. Naturally, events prove you right and strengthen these negative convictions which then cause another round of setbacks and disappointments. But if we can break this pattern, we can restore all your potential, and transform your existence. It will be as though you had regained all your capacity for luck, happiness and success.

Never forget this fundamental law: we are the creators of our reality. This means that we are responsible for what happens to us. Even if we meet people who want to harm us and who could therefore be blamed for our misfortunes, in reality we are not forced to meet them nor to allow them the opportunity to do us wrong. We can associate with well-meaning people instead.

My third action will consist of creating potential for a happier existence. This means "programming" positive events, luck and harmony for you on the causal plane.

Together we are going to apply the universal esoteric laws of manifestation so that they have a positive influence over your destiny. In a way, this comes down to "dreaming up" your future life, following a certain procedure. I will speak to you of this again, because I'm preparing a guide on this subject for my clients who are most anxious to transform their lives.

But we will return to this in a few weeks' time and work together to ensure your personal wishes are manifested. I will write to you on this subject. During this third 21-day action we will therefore seek to replace causes of misfortune with causes of happiness; I will show you how to plant the seeds of success and fulfilment. By the end of this 63 days your life may be renewed. But be careful - I need your co-operation because you could ruin everything if you continue to think and to act in the same old way as before.

You must understand that it's no use me helping you to generate the potential for luck and happiness, as though I was charging up a battery with positive energy for your own personal use, if at the same time you are continuing to charge it with negative energy. Remember how important I've said it is for you to summon up your own willpower and self-determination.

Similarly, if you always get up in the morning feeling depressed or grumpy because of your failures, your misfortunes and your rotten luck, you will thwart all our efforts. I am therefore going to ask you to work with me as a partner during these nine weeks, starting next Monday.

This is what I recommend you do during these nine weeks. I am going to give you some simple but powerful rituals, which will really help you to bring about the changes you desire.

Every morning, after washing and dressing but before breakfasting, give yourself a quarter of an hour to start the day off well. Light a candle and make yourself comfortable sitting in front of it with your back very straight even if you have nothing to lean on. Follow the instructions below. If possible, do the same in the evening, before you go to bed.

The first 21 days

Look at the candle. Begin by concentrating on your breathing, trying to make it as calm and. relaxed as possible. Breathe from the abdomen, which should swell slightly as you inhale. Take your time. When you feel sufficiently relaxed, close your eyes. Visualise a blazing fire in front of you. Then call to mind all your troubles, worries and sufferings, both past and present. Imagine that they form a dark and dirty cloak around you, or a big sack of useless old rubbish. Try to imagine this cloak or sack weighing on you - make it feel as heavy a.nd oppressive as you can.

Then breathe out hard (expelling the air noisily) and imagine you are throwing this cloak or sack onto the fire. Do this three times. Then watch it burn, experiencing a sense of joy, relief, release. Feel the heat of the fire on your chest. Imagine that this heat is penetrating you through your breastbone and radiating right through your body until you feel a beneficial, harmonious and soothing warmth. Then join the thumb and index finger to make a circle with each hand.

Say the following phrase three times: "I free myself of any negative force and I welcome the blessings of life, because I am worthy of love."

Then take a few deep breaths before opening your eyes and standing up.

The following 21 days

Choose two statements from the following list that seem to you to be the best antidote to the negative beliefs that are most firmly rooted in you:

I deserve to exist

I have lots of talents

My possibilities are unlimited

I deserve success

I am loved for what I am

Prosperity is my natural state

There is enough for everyone, including me

The more I give, the more I receive

I am ready to receive everything I need

My abilities bring me happiness and prosperity

My qualities are remarkable

I have the courage to express what I am

I attract happiness and wealth

Life satisfies my needs

I am worthy of being loved

I rejoice in gaining money by doing what I love

My creative imagination is an endless source of ideas

My prosperity enriches others; their prosperity enriches me

Everything I need is available in the Universe

My problems disappear like magic.

Try them all and listen to the response they evoke in you when you say them. If there is no echo, go on to the next. Retain the two that you find most difficult to say, that seem impossible to you. Then invent a third of your own, which expresses your dream come true. But make sure you use the present tense, as though it was already real, and if possible speak in the first person. It must be a proper affirmation (no negative phrases such as: I have no more troubles ... or ... nothing awful is happening to me) . Use the present and a positive expression that involves you personally. Memorise these three phrases because you will be using them throughout the 21 days. You could copy them on a sheet of paper. Just as in the first 21 days, devote a few minutes every morning and evening to the following exercise: Sit down comfortably with your back straight. Light your candle in front of you. Look at the candle. Begin by concentrating on your breathing, trying to make it as calm and relaxed as possible. Breathe from the abdomen, which should swell slightly as you inhale. Take your time. When you feel sufficiently relaxed, close your eyes.

Visualise the sun in front of you. Imagine its rays shining on you and penetrating your chest, which you feel opening to receive them. Sense your breast being warmed by the sun's rays and imagine that the light and heat are spreading throughout your body suffusing every part of it with calm and contentment. Feel yourself start to glow with a white light, which will give you a sense of power and enormous well being. Bathe in this feeling and then say out loud the three affirmations you have chosen. Then take a few deep breaths, stretch your limbs and open your eyes.

Right at the end of this process, before you go about your daily business, programme yourself mentally to be on the lookout for any negative thoughts or words that may come to you, so that you can banish them as soon as you become aware of them. Say one of your three affirmations to yourself as an antidote.

Above all don't worry if you don't make a complete success of this exercise or your daily rituals. It doesn't matter if you can't visualise the sun very well, for example, or if you have difficulties maintaining concentration or sensing any well-being. The main thing is to practise each day.

The last 21 days

As for the first six weeks, I would like you to devote a few minutes each morning and evening, repeating the brief ritual: Sit down comfortably with your back straight. Light your candle in front of you. Look at the candle. Begin by concentrating on your breathing, trying to make it as calm and relaxed as possible.

Breathe from the abdomen, which should swell slightly as you inhale. Take your time. When you feel relaxed, close your eyes.

First of all, do the same exercise that you did during the previous weeks in order to fill yourself with positive energy for the day ahead, by visualising the light of the sun spreading through you until you are in a relaxed and harmonious state. Then, instead of repeating your positive affirmations, imagine yourself in the situation that you dream of experiencing.

You need to create a kind of living dream, visualising as many wonderful details as possible. Imagine a concrete scenario in which you appear along with the elements, the people, the objects, and the surroundings that match your deepest longings. Picture yourself in this scene as though it were actually happening in the present.

Throughout this waking dream, take care to continue to breath easily and regularly, from the abdomen. Sense your happiness in this imagined scene, then say this simple prayer: "Universe, please make my vision real." Then take a few deep breaths and stretch yourself before standing up.

I have one last recommendation for you

Throughout the whole of this nine weeks, try, as often as you can remember, to breathe slowly and deeply.

Instead of thinking of nothing, of allowing your mind to wander and lose itself in negative thoughts, focus on your breathing which should be abdominal. Your abdomen should rise slightly when you inhale. Breathe out naturally, by relaxing your chest and abdomen, without forcing it. Breathe through your nose, calmly, deeply.

This exercise may seem very ordinary but it is in fact a very powerful esoteric technique that restores the "umbilical cord" which attaches you to life.

Breathing properly gives you an easy way of receiving more from the Universe and opens you up, ready to receive its blessings. When you breathe in correctly, you express a demand for energy, which will manifest itself concretely in one way or another. You will soon see new opportunities presenting themselves to you, changes in your environment. You will receive more from life, through the people you know or new acquaintances.

Accept whatever comes your way. Don't avoid anything new or unknown otherwise luck may desert you again. Always tell yourself that the only thing you're in danger of doing is receiving more and improving your quality of life.

I have one last favour to ask of you. I would be grateful if you'd send me a brief note in a little while to let me know about the positive changes that you have noticed in your life.[Maria Duval does not read the letters sent by her customers, nor does she write the mailshots. It may well be that this letter was written by some-one else.]

Your devoted, Maria Duval. (printed signature)

This program takes 9 weeks to complete, but the money-back guarantee is only 30 days!

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