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Astrocat's Postal Scam Warning (Astrology, etc)

Your comments and questions on this scam exposure page are most welcome, so I have set up a message board for you. Registration is not needed to read messages, but you do have to register to reply, and to start a new thread.

Please say how you found me, e.g. directory, search engine, print media, etc.

Some frequently asked questions.

Q. Why do you call yourself Astrocat?
A. I was Astrocat long before my website was even thought about. I thought it was brilliantly original but later found that there are lots of others! Astro comes from "above the Earth", cat because I am inquisitive by nature.

Q. Why do you operate your website, do you make any money out of it.
A. Because I found that there was no other page with personal content. I was so angry when I found out that my partner was a victim of unscrupulous business people, that I decided that I had to do something about it, and warn others. It is a public service, like any other voluntary work. The website actually costs me money to run, in electricity, telephone, ISP charges, postage, etc.

If you see a page of text about Apache, it means that Proboards are having server problems. Please come back later to go to the Message Board. It is a situation beyond my control.

Message Board where you may post comments and questions, and read messages from me and my visitors.

Page last updated February 15th 2005.

You may republish any of the material on this website, except for the essay "Hoodwink'd by Faery Fancy" which is the intellectual property of Professor Richard Dawkins, I will be glad to have a wider audience, but please credit me and include my URL.

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