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Astrocat's Postal Scam Warning(Astrology) Page


A picture of Maria Duval was here.

Maria Duval

In this document, which is scanned in exactly as received, the italics are mine.

President of the French Parapsychological Research Institute. Did she actually found it? What is the address?

A clairvoyant and spirit medium with the Society of Psychic and Parapsychic Studies How many members? What is the address?

Well done, you have made the right decision and I have to tell you I thought this would be the Case. (Otherwise, I would have wasted my time and money writing this letter.)

This time you have unhesitatingly grasped the opportunity that was within your reach. I feel sure that decision can mark a decisive turning point in your life. To help this happen just follow these 5 stages in a serious-minded way:

Carry out what I ask you to do every day in a serious frame of mind, and coupled with your own powers of concentration you should feel the first transformations taking place within you as the days go by. After 30 full days you may open the second envelope. Carry on in the same way. At the end of the second 30-day period, you will be ready to open the envelope for the third key stage of your transformation

There is just one more thing I would like to add: it may be that what I am going to reveal to you will astonish you initially.

I'm not asking you to take my word for it, but above all to trust me, to carry out all my instructions regularly and to SEE FOR YOURSELF the results you achieve.

You will soon be convinced yourself of the important, lasting changes that your new magnetism and your qualities can bring in your life

Most important of all, keep in touch and let me know about the benefits you feel and observe in your life. I would be so happy to know just how useful my help has been to you in helping you to transform your life with a positive aim

With all my best wishes for your success,


I am convinced that these 90 days can really be a release switch that can trigger a transformation to your whole life.

I know that you like everyone else have natural talents hidden inside you. Whose existence you do not know. Or do not know how to realise. I know this because I have seen it in so many cases. The reasons why your "powers" that could enable you to transform your life have remained hidden are not really important.

The main thing is that today we are going to take action to make them surge forth and come to light!

I know that right now you don't quite dare believe that all this is really true. You are still saying something like this to yourself:

"Yes Maria, I do hope that you're right, but to be honest with you it surprises me: I've known myself for so long
... and up to now I've never yet had the feeling that I possess qualities or a hidden magnetic power.

I know full well what you're thinking, and I will let you into a secret: among the greatest figures ever born on this earth, most have felt like you at some time in their lives.

In other words, they were completely ordinary people until the day they discovered their hidden qualities.

And on that famous day, something, some event or someone made them aware of the abilities lying dormant within them.

It is something like this that you are still experiencing today. Yes, many of the figures you admire doubted their own ability to start with. Just like you. Then they began to believe in their "abilities" which were small, and to use them, little by little. Then they used them more and more and that is what finally one day transformed their entire existence. They
harnessed their self-determination, calling on their will-power and summoned up their self-confidence.

It was from such a distant start that some even eventually became famous, because they exploited their qualities to such at a high level in the field of their choice.

The example of President Lincoln who was born poor and encountered an incredible number of reverses in his life is one of the best known cases.

And history counts such men and women in their thousands, people who transformed their lives whereas years before they would not have dared imagine such a thing for a single instant.

Between what you are today and what you can achieve, it is YOU who will decide the road you want to follow. Whatever your present situation may be and whatever you would like to be able to become


If you make regular use of the secrets and formulas I am about to reveal to you, you can lead a life that is fuller, more intense, and richer with regard to your potential for development, your happiness and of course at the material level as well.

Day by day you will have greater confidence in yourself.

Soon you will feel "able to cope" with everything that happens in your life.

You will know what is called the "secret of luck."

Everyone is lucky who makes use of their luck
some people without even realising it. Other people discover the secret one day, a little as you are going to do yourself. But first of all, you have to be prepared

For if you wanted to discover the secret too soon, there would be a risk of everything going wrong
and it might not work for you. So we have to start with the first step, which involves restoring your natural protective magnetism and self-confidence.

Make good use of all my secrets, which are given below in this first letter.

Practise every day and in 30 days time you will be brimming over with energy, full of vim and vigour, and you will be able to feel shielded from harmful waves.

Some of these secrets may surprise you, but trust me. Trust them. They are tried and tested.
Make use of them, and then you can judge by the results. Here is the first of these secrets for revitalising yourself:

Special technique for regaining

your vital forces and energy

Sit down on a chair. Dip your right foot into a bowl full of cold water and your left foot into a bowl full of warm water. Watch out, neither too hot nor too cold to start with.

Increase the temperature difference gradually day by day, taking care that it is still comfortable

Wait for 10 minutes. Your body's contact with warm water and cold water simultaneously has to be able to generate a powerful "current" of dynamic waves. That current will recharge you with energy and reinvigorate you in a very short period of time.

Important: during this exercise place your left hand on you solar plexus
it is at stomach level and your right hand over your left hand.

You see how simple it is. But above all, don't be misled by the seeming easiness of this process, and carry out the exercise properly once every day for the coming 30 days.

How to recover your energy and dynamism,

increase your vitality, and restore

the protective radiance to your aura

This exercise is renowned for its euphoria-inducing virtues. It will help you to banish sadness. You will be able to combat bouts of low morale, anxiety and stress effectively. It will give you dynamism, strength and vigour. And it has many other qualities as well.

The strengthening effect of this breathing will help you increase your vitality and enjoyment of living. You will be more radiant and more dynamic.

Great sages from every period and country have taught their followers this universal principle which is the mainspring of all strength and energy.

To use an image you are very familiar with, you can compare your energy level with a car battery.

Every time you act, move or give utterance to a thought, you expend a given amount of energy. You lower your nervous strength.
Every time you have worries or upsets, things go wrong or you are ill, you draw on your reserves to an extent you cannot even imagine.

It is rather as if you forgot to switch off your car headlights, and find they have run your battery right down.

Moreover, this is clearly expressed when you say things like:

"I feel drained, I'm absolutely flat."

And in that state you are far more vulnerable to all the negative events in your life. You no longer have the heart to fight.

Everything looks black. In other words, you are literally submerged in an environment of negative waves that are floating around you.

And in the long run it seems as if those negative waves are attracting other negative waves.

So we are going to take action to recharge your batteries, and help, through your own will-power, to build a wall of positive waves around you that will protect you and shield you from negative waves.

And my first secret to help you is this breathing exercise which will recharge you, increase your dynamism and restore your vitality.

Exercise Number 1:

The secret of beneficial occult breathing

Believe me, this is one of the great secrets claimed by occultists to maintain their Magic Powers.

It is said that they owe their powers, their apparently supernatural" magnetism, to knowledge of this secret and intelligent use of the energy that they can literally "store up~~ in this way.

You see, I already told you that you might be amazed because it is so simple. But try it out for yourself, and you will soon judge the effectiveness of this secret.

In your case it seems to me the ideal formula is to practise this breathing two to three times for five minutes every day for these 30 days.

Then for five minutes every morning every day of your life. Or whenever you are facing an event that seems difficult.
Do this breathing exercise for the first time in the morning, before beginning your day's work.

This means you will have a feeling of enhanced strength and fitness, which will help you to have a really good day.

Take care! Don't overdo it, or you might easily feel unwell or see stars if you are not used to this breathing.

Let me draw your attention to two very important facts: it is essential for your deep breathing exercises to be carried out regularly, not in fits and starts, and first and foremost you must completely empty your lungs
that means expelling all the air from them.

You must inhale and exhale for the same length of time: for example, when you start training, you should breathe in for about 8 seconds.

Hold the air in your lungs for 2 seconds.

Then breathe out for about 8 seconds.

Leave a gap of 2 seconds between one breath and the next. Later on when you are in training you will be able to extend the duration.

1st phase: stand straight, or sit up straight. Breathe in through your nostrils in a steady, continuous way. First of all fill the lower part of your lungs
push out your stomach.

Then fill the upper part of your lungs, pushing out your lower ribs, breastbone and chest.

Finally fill the top part by swelling the top of your chest and raising the six or seven uppermost pairs of ribs.

To start with you may have the impression that this exercise breaks down into three distinct movements, but this is not the case.

You must breathe in without interruption, with your entire chest cage being dilated in a single, continuous movement.

Avoid breathing in gasps and try to do it steadily, without forcing matters, in a continuous way. You'll soon get the hang of things

Really it is as if you were trying to fill a balloon with water. Coming in a regular stream, the water would first fill the bottom of the balloon, then the level would rise gradually.

If you find it helpful, keep this idea in mind during your breathing session.
2 phase: Hold the air in your lungs for 2 seconds.

3rd phase: Breathe out slowly, keeping your chest quite straight, emptying your lungs completely.

4th phase: Pause for 2 seconds.

Then breathe in again, trying to avoid any gasps or lack of continuity in the movement.

Hold the air in, and breathe out slowly as before, and so on. Do this for 10 minutes.

Breathing is energy!
... Do these deep-breathing exercises regularly, and according to what some sages say you should very soon notice results that will amaze you:

1) Your health and well being should improve considerably.

2) If you are on edge, irritable, touchy, a surprising calmness should replace these depressing states of mind.

3) Your ability
to pay attention can increase amazingly for instance your new-found power of concentration can enable you to study or read for hours on end without becoming perceptibly tired.

4) You will rely on intuitions, your acute instinct to decode ideas in which inspiration plays a large part
this will soon be crucial for you and your future, and we will return to this at the proper time.

5) Your memory, thanks to your powers of concentration, will continue to improve.

6) Your will-power becomes stronger day by day.

In short, I believe, you will make progress right across the board and will soon be ready to pass on to the two following 30- day stages.

This is the secret formula for the morning

to protect you from any harmful attack

This formula was revealed to me by one of the world's greatest specialists in beneficial 'magic.'

It calls on your subconscious. That powerful force that is within you (and in the universe) and wants only to serve you.

Here is what that Great Magus said, more or less word for word.
"Many people don't have even the faintest idea that they have a hidden friend available to them: the Magic Power of the Subconscious (allied with the beneficent forces of the Universe) always ready to serve them, to work for them, to act in their defence.

Others do know this, but believe that you have to be endowed with special gifts to be able to take advantage of the benefits the action of the subconscious can procure.

To resist anyone else's ill will towards you all that is necessary to counter malcontents is the protective barrier of positive thought, and to call on "the Divine Spirit deep within you", so that it will work solely for the good of its master. In other words, summon up the power of your subconscious to watd off any unpleasantness from your fellow man.

Each morning on awakening say clearly within yourself:

"I reject all the evil that may be done to me, whatever it is and however it is done. Divine Spirit that is within me, I charge you to watch over me and defend me.

These sentences are like a short prayer addressed to the Powerful Forces for Good that watch over you. And prayer is a supreme act of magic.

With these two "magic" sentences you are shielded, because within yourself you are releasing an efficient self-protective mechanism: the mechanism of your unconscious spirit (which you are linking with the Powerful Beneficent Forces of the Universe). These forces are to some extent what some people call their "Guardian Angel." That may seem strange to you, but all I ask is that you do just this one thing:

Repeat this formula as often as you want, every time you feel tense or distressed because of some difficulty.

Almost straight away you will be able to sense peace returning within you.

What would you say to having the feeling every night as you go to sleep of drawing the mantle of peace, love and joy over you, at the same time as you pull up your covers?

Well, every night before you go to sleep, imagine that as you pull up your blankets or duvet you are drawing the mantle of PEACE, LOVE and JOY over you.

And at that moment in the innermost depths of your heart say:
"I entrust my existence, my life, to the source of my life which protects me and blesses me throughout the night. Tomorrow morning I will wake up with a clear, untroubled mind, I will have spent a good restful night, and my body will be ready to enjoy a good day."

I promise you, because I have tried it myself, that you will be surprised by the effects this formula has. After a few days you will fall asleep with a feeling of profound peace.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to feel so well and sleep so deeply that you could dispense with any sleeping pills that you might perhaps sometimes have taken?

At the same time you are beginning to get ready to be a person who need never again use his or her intelligence in a limited way.

You will begin to awaken the power of your subconscious fuelled by the new resolve and will-power so that they work day and night in your service.

This intelligence, this force that is within you, is the MAGIC

That is what can transform your life as it has transformed the life of those who have learnt to tame it, like you, and then it could be said virtually to give it "commands."

Believe me, there are still more surprises in store for you!

Really apply these simple formulas to your life. It is well and truly worthwhile. Soon it is through your subconscious that you will be able as it were to "attract" luck.

Soon, for first of all you must be ready, and you must be familiar with these first four stages you have just learnt about.

Perhaps they seem a bit complicated to you, but you will soon see that it is very simple.

Really all you must regularly do is:

1) Use the "Dynamic Footbath Routine" to reactivate your vital forces.

2) Practise Beneficial Occult Breathing which will recharge you with energy and protective magnetism.

3) Repeat the Protective Formula for the morning to ward off harmful influences.
4) Repeat the Protective Formula for the evening, which will help protect you throughout the night and allow you to sleep in peace.

Now we come to my Personal Positive Magneto Psychic action plan.

This action is intended to help you drive away harmful waves and accelerate the advent around you of a beneficial environment.

This is what you have to do once a week:

Take my photograph, which I sent you as a gift.

Take a sheet of blank paper; writing paper will do.

Write down on this paper a "reasonable" wish, which is something that is really important to you.

Or a result you would like to achieve, it can relate to a move you want to make, or a difficult situation you would like to overcome.

Or anything else you would really like to see come true.

Fold the paper round the photograph. Now carry this photograph next to your heart.

Now concentrate for all you're worth. Summon up the self- determination and 'charge' yourself with the will-power that can make dreams come true.

Try to be alone when you are doing this. It doesn't matter where, and concentrate on your forehead.

It's not unknown for those who make the 'charge' to experience sensations, which can range from a certain warmth to a kind of very slight prickling feeling.

Sometimes too a coolness, as if a gentle breeze was brushing against the centre of your forehead, for just a moment.

Now think of all the advice and guidance I've given you to date. That way you can benefit fully from my Positive Magneto Psychic action plan.

As these weekly sessions progress you should feel something resembling "vibrations" throughout your entire body
perhaps immediately on your first attempt if you are very responsive, and it's surprising how many people are

Even if you feel nothing special, don't worry about it: the Positive Forces are around you to help you even so.
When the session ends, whenever you can do so discreetly without risk, unfold the paper. Cut it up, leaving approximately one centimetre round what you have written.

Take a bowl, or a plate, and burn the "charge" on which your wish is written, thinking very hard about what you wish for and saying: "I will get it."

Through this simple magical action, it is as though you were placing the realisation of your wish "in the hands of the Powerful Forces of the Universe" which will undertake to help you make it come true. In reality this is the tremendous force of your subconscious fuelled by desire and determination that is unleashed when charged with positive thought.

Outside our normal correspondence, there is nothing special you have to do to take full advantage of my help.

So carry on with your normal life. Just imagine that I am with you, and that I am sending you the positive thoughts and waves you need. Tell yourself that these Forces are around you every instant, helping you, protecting you

From the first few days you should feel the benefits of these five actions. Each one of them on its own should already be proving most effective.

But together their beneficial action seems to be multiplied in an incredible way so that it increases day by day.

Before 30 days have elapsed, you should already be able to report back results to me and feel the effects on your well being, your vitality, your morale, your optimism...

What's more, it would make me very happy if you drop me a line telling me how you are feeling...

Then, and only then, you can open the next envelope. I trust you completely, and I am really confident that you will succeed.
Maria Duval (signature)

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