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Scam alert!

Fortune House
PO Box 364

(3, Millers Close,
Staines, TW18 1TB.)

A scam, (possibly) distributed in the UK by Padeol Business Services. Tony Liddle rents PO Boxes from Royal Mail, and then relets them to foreign companies, a practice banned by Royal Mail. He told investigators that he didn't know what was in the mailings and the reply envelopes!

Fortune House is a lucky numbers scam, offering a foolproof method to ensure success on the UK National Lottery.(Now renamed Lotto, as a result of flagging sales.

What you get for your 22 is an A4 sheet of paper with lottery numbers; the GoldLotto Bars, supposedly calculated from your name and birth-date, for the next six months. An A5 size booklet of 18 pages, which claims to tell you how to calculate your lucky numbers. There are no author and publisher details, nor date, print history or copyright declaration.

The text is just numerology, the unproven theory that your name and date of birth has a bearing on your personality and future.

You also get a talisman, called a "Multiplier X 2.9", to enhance your luck/winnings. Printed on glossy card, with a hidden, scratch-off, design in the centre. You are supposed to place your index finger on this for guidance, and recite a magic spell three times:

Eloim, Eloim, Eloim.

Oh, Divine Energy come to me.
You who represent Light and Strength,
eliminate Evil all around me.

Release me from all blocks to
material abundance in my life.

Let money circulate freely in my life.

Divine Energy, multiply my gains
according to your will and my desires.

Eloim, Eloim, Eloim.

As if to give the impression that you will win, you are requested to write a thank you note to Edouard Thores, designer of the GoldLotto Bars, as it "would mean a lot to him".

If you do actually win, with or without the help of your lucky numbers, and let them know, you would be marked as someone with money to spend!

My partner won precisely 10 in the first 20 Lottery Draws. If anyone is going to make a fortune, it is likely to be them, not you.

Were you, or someone you know, a victim of the scam? Did you win anything? Did you receive a refund? Please let me know.

Contact me.

Institute Equiba, a slimming scam from Fortune House address.

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