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Maria Duval, Eva du Maurier, Paloma Summer, Paula Zikorski, Maria Dolores, etc. Scams.

Astrocat's Postal Scam Warning(Astrology) Page

Year 2000 scams

Eva du Maurier
has tried it on again. This time she wanted £70, instead of £270, as my partner is an old and favoured customer.

(A report by the New Zealand consumer protection org. says that a mailshot promising 6 months of good luck was sent to a woman in that country. Unfortunately, she had died, her son had written back, saying that if "she was the greatest clairvoyant in France", as Eva Du Maurier claims, she would not need to be told!. A police chief is quoted as saying that he doubted if there was such a person as Eva Du Maurier anyway.)

Diane Moore
CP 232A, 1196 GLAND, Switzerland. She requests £25 for twelve sets of winning numbers 'sent in a plain envelope'. An enclosure begins Recieve (sic) your "twelve sets of magic winning numbers"

Dan Parker
CP 61,1274 SIGNY-GRENS, Switzerland.
He calls himself a Professional Winning Advisor. In his second mailshot he chides my partner for her lack of response to his promise to stop her buying lottery tickets with the wrong numbers! But it isn't too late, send him some money and he will put her on to the road to riches. Dan Parker needs to know her birthdate, of course. She must act quickly! (This is a common feature, panic the punter into an early decision to send a cheque, before they have time to think about it.)

Great News!
March 17th 2000.
My partner has seen the light?
Mailshots from Paloma Summer, David Phild (operating from a new address), Eva Du Maurier and Victoria DeMonaco have been put in the waste-paper basket, which is where they should have gone all along. Each wanted even more money for another period of good luck.

Using the Gambling Calendar supplied by Paloma Summer, my partner has won even less money than usual, none at all on the National Lottery

Now the attempts to get refunds from all the fraudsters will begin.

Three mailshots in April 2000, from Eva du Maurier, Alan Silver and Diane Moore. All have been returned to the sender.

April 10th

14 rue du Rhone,1204 Genève , Switzerland.
He/she makes a claim that bad luck and lack of success in life, is caused by a curse placed by an evil person! Fill in the questionnaire and send £9.90. You will be told if you are cursed. You will be, or else they won't make any more money out of you.

Birgit Jordana
After an absence, this scam started again with a mailshot on 20thApril, a request for £22 this time.

April 27th2000
Mailshots from Eva du Maurier (despite the return of the last mailshot) and CHRIS arrive. Eva du Maurier wants £16, (that's a discount of £4) payable by credit card now, is curious about my partners lack of co-operation, then shouts (CAPITAL LETTERS).

CHRIS is offering a further 6 months of hypnotelepathic help for £45. CHRIS warns that to give up now would be a great pity as my partner is very close to having all that she desires. Of course, the money flowing into his account will be reduced if any of his victims ever give up.

May 2nd 2000
Patrick Guerin

29, boulevard de la Ferrage, B.P. 161, 06414 CANNES CEDEX, FRANCE. (CEDEX is Bulk Mail)
He calls himself "Magus Guerin, Mystic and benefactor of Paris" although his address isn't there! He sent a 7-page letter with a payment form requesting £12.90 for a copy of the "Great Secret Manual of the Initiated", which will enable my partner to become an Initiate, and to have everything she wants; with the dates of three telepathic sessions he will perform. She can pay by cheque or credit card. Patrick Guerin wants to know her date of birth.

May 9th 2000.

Valerie Taylor.
The same address as Anthony Carr. It seems to be just a maildrop. For a psychic, he/she is unaware of a victims' gender or first name, as neither are used in this mailmerged letter. The use of a laptop computer is admitted, but the failure to change the spelling from US to British English is inexcusable. However, the request for 19.95 is made in British £££!

I invited her to explain the workings of her mailshot operation, saying that I would not report her to the authorities if she helped me.

I have placed a request on the Knowhere website ( to try to find out about this address.

More on Maria Duval.

I discovered that there is a Maria Duval page on the Freegiftclub website. Her lucky talisman is available just like any other free sample, that is, as a marketing ploy, as I suspected all along!

May12th 2000.

Yet another one trying to get her hands in my pocket!


c/o Jade, CP 111, 1211 Genève 24, Switzerland.
Another self-styled psychic. The address is very similar to that of Paloma Summer. Perhaps there is a colony of paranormal fraudsters in Switzerland? She wants £24.80 (for admin costs) to supply the lottery numbers, using astrology, which will make my partner rich! You can use a cheque or Visa. This scam has been reported to "Consumer Watch" in New Zealand.

Eva du Maurier tries again

This time it is a request for £72! For more of the same garbage as before, although if you are short of money this month you can pay in three installments of £24.

Another clue

On the reverse of two cancelled cheques made payable to Solen and Victoria DeMonaco, for a total of £45, appears the name Pacific Network Services Ltd. Is it a direct mail organisation? I am making enquiries, I shall keep you posted.

May 20th 2000

Dan Parker tries again with a further selection of lucky gambling dates, and a request for money.

Another mailshot from Eva du Maurier, an advertisement for a "Universal Pentacle",for only £19, the cheque to be sent to Solen in Switzerland. She tells a sob story of how 'her husband left her, but came back after she had discovered the "Universal Pentacle" and she was offered the post of editor-in-chief on a French women's magazine (not named). And that she has not been short of money since'. I'm not surprised when people send her money for nothing.

Also, she is described as a "Consultant Numerologist" on a Prize Draw, organised by Solen. The odds against winning are not given, but the rules state that the same competition will run under different names in other countries! I'd say that your chances of getting the £2,530 are pretty slim.

Paloma Summer makes an appeal, via the Spanish direct mailing company Serdiman Direct, for funds to be sent to her Swiss box number.

May 22nd 2000

A breakthrough!

Pacific Network Services Ltd is a cheque cashing company, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. They do have Eva du Maurier and Victoria DeMonaco as clients. Perhaps now I can get some refunds. In 2002 Maria Duval was a client in Canadian operation.

Other news

On the BBC Tv programme "Hard Cash", a Manchester company, ADC (Advanced Dial Communications), was exposed as a Tarot scam. Using £1.50/minute phone calls (of which they collect a large percentage), operators using a computer were giving Tarot readings, even making noises with their hands to give the impression of shuffling a deck. The boss actually encouraged them to spin out the call as much as possible to increase the take, secretly filmed, the reporter having got a job there although he admitted knowing nothing about Tarot.

One punter was taken for about £500 in a few months before she realised that she had been exploited.

There are many of these services available, advertised mainly in women's magazines and tabloid newspapers.

More on Paloma Summer

I found a report on the German Tv station NDRTV website archives, in which she promises "an end to your money problems" by means of her "cosmic powers". D-marks are as acceptable as £ or $.

May 26th 2000

Two more mailshots, one from CHRIS, requesting £39 for further hypnotelepathic help, and one from Eva du Maurier. This time it's a "Guardian Angel" pendant and chain that she is selling. It is free if you reply within 72 hours, but the admin charge is £25, (cheque or Visa). In essence, you are paying for the junk jewellery, since there is nothing else tangible on offer.

I have found what £20 sent to Eva du Maurier for a Tarot reading gets you.

A well put together A4 size booklet of numerology/tarot creative writing. Firstly your name and date of birth is converted into a number, this said to affect the meaning of the cards dealt from the deck.

Some dates are marked on the calendar, presumably these will be lucky dates.

Just as I predicted!
On June 20th 2000, Paula Zikorski, PO Box 357, Staines, Middlesex, TW18 1YD. This opportunist, whose name I read in the report from the New Zealand consumer protection organisation website, has been in touch. It's the same garbage as all the others, wealth, happiness, love etc. will be yours if you send some money. Today I heard from my local Trading Standards Dept, that a London TSD was trying to get this PO Box closed down, to prevent any more fraud.

No reply from Valerie Taylor has been received so I am forwarding her mailshot to the ASA.

Another attempt by Diane Moore, similar to the last, arrived. She can't understand how anyone can afford to pass up the chance to win £25,000 in the next few months and even more later on! My partner has given up on the National Lottery anyway, so she does not need the "12 Sets of Lucky Numbers" that £25 would buy.

On Channel 4 TV, a valuable opportunity to expose the fraudsters was missed. "Witness" brought together a group of pro and anti astrology interviewees, including Jonathan Cainer (who reportedly turned down an offer of £1,000,000 pa, from the British Daily Mail to stay with them, and continue with the daily horoscope.) He now writes for ths British Daily Express. He was also seen recording messages for his premium rate telephone service.

June 30th 2000. Solen again!

A mailshot from Alan Karderick. He calls himself "President" of the SOLEN Parapsychology Center, same address as Eva du Maurier and now Alan Silver. He offers 'Very valuable gifts', which you may keep even if you claim a refund of the £29 for 90 days approval of his scheme to make you rich. Except for the names, the text is similar to all of the others. Are they written by the same person, or do they copy each other's output. No sign of him on the Internet or newsgroups.

My partner has been conned again! She sent £19 to Solen for a Universal Pentacle. What you get is a prepacked envelope containing a "parchment" (plastic) picture 7.5"/19cm square with a circular diagram, a smaller version on paper, and a medallion, silver colour, about the size of a British £1 coin. It is accompanied by an unsigned letter from... well, no name is printed. A multipurpose product I assume.

I have sent 14 mailshots to the ASA for them to investigate.

July 3rd 2000
Paloma Summer sent another form for Lunar Destiny ritual, only £19 for a moonlight-energised parchment.

July 8th 2000
David Phild is now using Solen as a base, why? The latest maillshot informs us that one of 72 guardian angels looks after us. He wants £12 or £22 this time.

Dr. Magno-Po. of 4936 Yonge Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M2N 6S3, Canada, it a letterbox at a FedEx depot. He says that he may have been saved by my partner in a previous life, now he wants to help her. Using I Ching, he says that he can protect her from the black dragon card he drew. Only £20 to the above address. will guide my partner to a life of riches and love. But, the small print says thet the information is for novelty purposes only. And there is no guarantee or warranty.

Some of the Europe-based operators are now using a distributor in France, System Service Marketing GmbH is no longer in evidence.

There is another eclipse later this month, the astrologers are using it for making predictions. I don't remember the upheaval that the 7 planets in conjunction was supposed to cause in May 2000, perhaps I was asleep when the tidal waves and earthquakes struck!

July 19th 2000

Maria Dolores, same address as Birgit Jordana. She claims to be a medium, but does not know the gender of my partner. Promises wealth for each of the next 12 months! All for only £24.
A badly translated eight page document, perhaps deliberately so, with the £ sign after the amount, but with British English. Appears to be using a direct-mail company in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

July 20th 2000
Mrs. Bradford. BP111, 9016 St. Gallen, Switzerland. Same sort of thing as the others, £24.90 for a year of good luck and prosperity.

July 24th 2000
Another attempt by Victoria DeMonaco. The usual waffle about a "strange vision in the night sky"! The "Complete happiness energy re-charging plan" is said to be worth £190 more than the £20 she asks, and the replica Power of Light Secret Object, which she claims is the most precious thing that she possesses, is included FREE.

No allusion that she has been in contact before is made, the recipients date and place of birth must be written on the form. She even has an alternate name, on some sheets the De is joined to the Monaco, but in others it is not!

She also claims that very few are privileged to receive her attentions, but I find that very difficult to believe.

August 9th 2000
Alan Silver tries again. Promises 37 days of good fortune, to which only he knows the key. £12 or £22, please.

Paloma Summer requests money for another Lunar Destiny Ritual on the 27th-28th August 2000.

August 17th 2000
A letter from Prof. John H. White, on a page headed University Mathematics Research Centre, he claims to have solved the riddle of Random Numbers and Chaos Theory. That is, you can win on the lottery. He wants my partner to help him prove it to his colleagues in a thesis. Only 100 people in each European country will be recruited, so as to avoid sharing the Jackpot. Of course, you have to send him some money, up to £49.90, for the numbers drawn by his computer AND spend up to £400 in the year on lottery tickets.

A look at the style of the document reveals identical features to those used by many of the other scams mentioned above. A money back guarantee is offered, the small print needs a 30X magnifier to read, the photo of Prof. S. is non-contractual, and the fact that it is a commercial proposition! But will the box number for Omega-P.M.D. in Switzerland still be open in twelve months time? All in all, another lucky numbers scam!

Also, another competition from Eva du Maurier.

August 23rd 2000.
Mme. Muller. BP 272, 9006 St Gallen, Switzerland. She? promises that that my partner will win £35,000 within the next 88 days! Lucky lottery numbers, all for only £22!

August 29th 2000.
Another mailshot from CHRIS. He is certain that my partners luck will change for the better soon, as long as she sends him £39 for a further six months of telepathic help. (Mrs Bremser did, she won £167,000). Or so he says, without any evidence.

Another attempt by Eva du Maurier to convince us that my partner has won £3,750. It is a repeat of an earlier competition run by Solen.She also claims not to have given my partner any spiritual help in the past! I'll look back to see if that is true.

This time I am sending the claims to the Royal Mail as they have asked me for evidence of fraud. They would not divulge who is behind the UK based mailing operation otherwise.

September 8th 2000

Roy Windor. c/o ECSW, PO Box 59018, 1040 KA, The Netherlands.

He claims to have been an IT specialist in the USA before discovering the secrets of predicting the lottery numbers which will make my partner wealthy. Now, after making many Americans wealthy, he has come to Europe to do the same for us. He claims to be a millionaire, he will be if he can persuade 50,000 gullible punters to each send him £22!

Marie Rosa. CP 126, 1211 Genève 24, Switzerland.

Offers the "Magic Key of Riches" for £19 from my partner, who could be £35,000 richer in two weeks!

September 13th 2000

Karel Legan. Same address as SOLEN.

Another promiser of riches which will be in the hands of my partner, soon after she sends £22 + £3 shipping costs instead of the usual £49. She will receive the 21 secret Words of Power that can satisfy her wildest dreams! They will also work with Love, Friendship, Work and Well Being! (Truly a miraculous thing, don't you think?) Only one word to be used at a time for a particular goal.

You have 120 days to use your Words of Power and enjoy an Easy Life, if not satisfied you can ask for a full refund.

Furthermore, as a FREE GIFT , if she tells him her most urgent problem, he will suggest the most appropriate Word to use.

Maria Dolores, see above, sends a mailshot in the same style as before, but she offers a Blue Cross pendant, which we are assured has magical powers. Only 24 £ (as she puts it). The said Cross is shown, crudely pasted onto the picture at the top of the mailshot.

Alexandre, see above, reminds my partner that she has had a curse put upon her by an evil person, only he has the ability to identify and remove it.
The only curse that she has is that she finds it difficult to resist a mail-order "bargain" whether it is a horoscope or goods that she has no need of and/or are overpriced.

Just lately, miracle slimming treatments are coming thick and fast.

September 19th 2000
Paloma Summer sends another one of her mailshots.

This week there is a full-page advertisement from Rochelle in the News of the World TV Guide. A FREE OFFER (a "precious stone", and a horoscope) that "won't cost you a penny". This is exactly the same sort of thing as the Maria Duval one that duped my partner. Before you know it, you are being asked for money for "a more accurate horoscope".

September 23rd 2000
Victoria DeMonaco again. But, this time she is operating from the same PO Box in England as Jane Denant! (PO Box 17, Richmond, Surrey. TW9 4SB (actually Orchard Road, Richmond, TW9 4NE) It is clear that this is a new approach, using an incorrect post code, as my partners first name is not used. It seems that Friday the 13th October will be a turning point in my partners fortunes. V DM "sees" my smiling partner clad in a "glowing garment". Apparently this particular day is sacred to the Gods! Only £22 will bring the secrets of the wealth, (hundreds of thousands of £), with several FREE GIFTS! This Good Luck will last for exactly one year.

October 23rd 2000
Valerie Morrison, 11 Astrologial(sic) Center, PO Box 474, London SE16 2BZ.
She calls herself an Astro-parapsychologist, but she does not know my partners title, and makes 4 spelling errors on the first page. £20 with a 365 day money back offer. Uses Royal Mail HQ 9114.

Mailshots arrive from Paloma Summer and Eva du Maurier, both are filed in the garbage.

November 13th 2000

Karel Legan again, same offer and cash request as before.

Paloma Summer and Eva du Maurier have sent mailshots this month.

November 25th 2000

Marie-Rose Carla. C.P.(no number) 9303 Wittenbach, Switzerland.
"Become a member of the Official Centre for Statistics and Verification", "Win at least £9,000 in 3 months or £19,000 in 6 months (guaranteed). Lifetime Guarantee.. will genuinely ensure... amazing sums of money in the National Lottery. All for only £25, a saving of £90 on the normal price! She realises that wealth alone does not mean comfort and happiness, so a further payment of £10, a saving of £79, will bring her Special Clairvoyance Guide showing you the path to Total Happiness.

Sounds too good to be true? I agree. The literature is identical in most respects to the others. Cash is reccommended (but it is also untraceable)

November 30th 2000

Another mailshot from Victoria DeMonaco. It seems like a new approach as the address is slightly different, but the message is still the same. "You send me some money and I'll send you some garbage".

Valerie Taylor has got it wrong again! The mailshot is addressed to my partner but the first and last name is transposed, all through the "letter". Same contents as all the others.

December 14th 2000

C.I.V.U.P.C.(Centre for the Investigation And Verification of Unexplained Phenomena and Clairvoyancy): Centre Bergieres, CP 111, 1000 - Lausanne 22, Switzerland. A Magic Indian Stone, only 27 fragments are available, 11 have already been sold, with a 10-year guarantee for good luck. Madja is the only person who knows where this stone is located! Only £25 or £33 to include a magnetised portrait to guard against jealousy and any harmful waves. Testimonial picture purporting to be of Martha from Birmingham, UK looks very much like Marie Rosa!

Marie Beauval. CP 111, 1211 Genève 24, Switzerland. The same address as Alexa see above. The usual stuff, said to be worth more than the asking price of £24.80. If this is received, she will tell my partner what will happen on January 5th

December 18th 2000

Today, I learned that Maria Duval has an address in France, at the same place as Marie-France! Are these one and the same? As the website I looked at is Danish can anyone help me with translation, as Babelfish at Altavista does not translate Danish?

They call you “their friend”,
but do real friends charge you for help?
Mine don’t!

Remember, direct-mail astrologers don't know any more about the future than you do. As they don't know as much as you do about your situation, they cannot help you. They can help themselves, with your connivance they can do very well financially.

Paloma Summer Gambling Calendar (she does not exist!)

First Letter from Maria Duval and The Universal Pentacle of Solen

An essay by Professor Richard Dawkins

A poem , written by me, inspired by these charlatans and their mailshots

A list of the names on this website

Lots of useful addresses world-wide, to register with to prevent junk-mail

Further Reading
Also, as a result of my partner's name being placed on mailing lists, she has received scores of letters from operators of lotteries, competition documents which seem at first glance to say that you have won, but you have to send money to make a claim, horse-race betting plan sellers, special offers from marketing companies, etc All have the same basis, money for no effort. This could be the subject of another website to watch for.

Contact me.

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