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Maria Duval, 2001

The Seven Secrets I am about to be reveal to you have for a long time been the exclusive prerogative of the Initiated and the Grand Masters.

Their power and effectiveness are considerable. 

They really do have the power to transform and improve your life, provided you really want them to and that you implement them in all seriousness and on a regular basis.

Use them wisely and with respect, for these Secrets convey a sacred energy that is several thousand years old.

Many men and women on this earth lead a life of quiet despair.   Why so much despair, violence and desolation? For a great many reasons: problems of unemployment, health, social injustice, drugs, child abuse, insecurity, crime, wars, inflation, taxes, pollution. And you can probably add to the list.

The main reason for all these tensions, all these economic and social problems, is that we are entering a new ERA!

In fact major changes are about to take place on a planetary scale; they are already written in the stars. A long time ago, prophets and great clairvoyants such as Nostradamus were already predicting the changes that would occur at the beginning of the 21st century.

But YOU personally, what can you do to live happily through these great changes, which are unfortunately destabilising the lives of so many people?

This booklet provides the answer to this very question. With some confidential instructions and pecise information, you wil lsoon have the wisdom and expertise of the Initiated at your fingertips, which will enable you, too, to become an Initiate.

Each of these Secrets involves making simple changes to your way of living and being.

Changes as simple as pressing a button to open a door.

I have solemnly undertaken to dedicate my life, and my occult powers as a medium, to the service of Truth, Justice and Love. In this capacity, I am the repository for the heritage of the Masters who have lived in past centuries.

These great Initiates have bequeathed all the information required to lead a full and happy life, free from despair, especially in an environment where conditions of life are unfavourable or particularly difficult. 

This heritage has remained hidden for a long time, awaiting the right moment to be revealed to deserving people who will put it to good use. 

At the dawn of this new Era, the time has come to reveal it to a number of specially chosen individuals. 

You have clearly indicated your desire to become one of these Initiates and to change your destiny in a lasting and durable manner so that life finally brings you what you hoped for.

I know (I 'feel' ) that you deserve it and are worthy of it, and I am pleased to be able to offer you my help by placing my occult gifts and my secret instructions at your disposal.

By applying them faithfully, conscientiously and with perseverance, there is no doubt whatsoever that you will be able to completely transform your life!

Let us consider the deep cosmic truths contained in these Secrets, the great Universal Principles to which they are directly linked.


Developing your vitality.

This is the basic principle: you must make every effort to keep your body healthy and to lead a fit and healthy life. Infact, the first 'mission' of the Initiated is to 'free'  their body from anything that can imprisonit (for example: illness, pain, tiredness). >P> This is so that you can experience THE POWER OF BEING.

And this is where you must begin, since it is also the most fundamental part of you.  You should understand that your body is the expression of your life; your body is your Bible, your encyclopaedia, your life history. In fact, every thing that happens to you is in some way 'recorded' and reflected by your body. Wisdom is written in to your body in each of the cells that compose it and this wisdom, which comes from the divine creation, is INFINITE.

Your body knows this instinctively; it 'feels'  its divine origins.

The close relationship between your inner life (your moods, frame of mind, psychological disposition, mental attitudes, thoughts, emotions) and your body is indivisible, inevitable and unavoidable.

In other words, the marriage between body and mind can NEVER end in divorce. But for this marriage to be happy and successful, you must respect the needs of your body, look after it and love it like a friend, your best friend.  The way to achieve fulfilment begins with the body. It is only when you really 'inhabit'  your body that you can begin the journey that leads to outward development, abundance and happiness.

BEING(which is synonymous with existence, energy and vitality) means that your mind inhabits your body completely, that your 'self' occupies all the space due to it withiny our body.

Have you noticed how many people there are who are not in their body, who are not 'at home,'  who do not experience their body in the present? 

The great majority of people live alongside themselves, in their head, in their memories, in their future projects, and ignore the needs of their body, rather like absentee landlords.

The main reason for this is that many people lead a sedentary life, an illness that involves spending most of their time sitting or lying down, without taking physical exercise, without the movement that is crucial to maintaining physical and mental vitality.

How often do you hear people say: "I know I should do a basic amount of exercise, play a sport or workout in the gym;  but in the evening, I 'm so tired I just sit in front of the television; I don't have the energy to go out to the gym."  

For many people doing exercise means performing the following series of actions: getting up from their chair,finding gym clothes that don't make them look fat or ridiculous, finding their gym shoes, putting everything in a bag, leaving the house, going to where the car is parked (or to the garage), getting into the car, driving through traffic to the gym or leisure centre, finding a parking space, walking to the entrance, going to the changing rooms, getting changed, going to the body-building or fitness area or joining a class, having a shower!  and then doing every thing else in the reverse order. It' s hardly surprising that people feel exhausted before they even start!

And yet you can take exercise in a completely different way, using opportunities in your everyday life. 

You can develop your VITALITY without unpleasant efforts or tiredness, and absolutely free of charge!

Is it too good to be true? NO.

This booklet will show you extremely simple, butextremely effectiveways of doing this. They will enable you to maintain and develop your physical and mental health on a permanent basis.

These techniques, adopted and used by all Initiates, can transform your everyday life so that tiredness and pain are increasingly replaced by vitality and wellbeing. With the methods I suggest, you will discover that it is easy to live a healthy life. 

Did you know, for example, that by walking briskly for twenty to thirty minutes, five or six times a week, you can achieve three-quarters of the physical stimulation achieved by an athlete following an Olympic training programme?Surprising, isn't it? 

This has been demonstrated by scientific studies which prove that simple walking, carried out in an enjoyable manner, energises the body in a way that is comparable to hours of intensive daily training.

You don't have to impose draconian measures, or suffer and groan, in order to keep fit. You only have to apply the techniques I am about to describe and which are above all pleasurable experiences linked to a feeling of wellbeing.

But, to give you a better idea of what I mean, let's consider why a person's vitality tends to decrease as they get older;  rather than remaining at the 'service'  of a ro bust health which would allow them to remain in contact with their natural resources.

A newly born child receives information from the world around it via the intermediary of its five senses and the sensations that occur within its body. Through exercise and play, it gradually develops the co-ordination of its movements and is soon able to move about and communicate with those around it.

During this time, it sleeps when it is tired, moves freely and expresses itself unreservedly by means of sounds, gestures and imitation. Its instinct guides it infallibly through the various stages of its development.

But the educational and social framework soon imposes limitations that will imprison the child within physical, emotional and mental stereotypes.

And this is the crucial point: this conditioning does not take account of the natural needs of the body and the child loses the spontaneity of sleep, movement and expression. It is forced to adhere to timetables, get used to immobility and artificially imposed positions and to expressing itself in a socially accepted manner.

If these educational constraints are imposed to early or too 'severely' , they lead to disturbances that leave the way open for illness, emotional or mental imbalance.

And this is how premature adaptation to life in society makes us lose touch with the 'child'   within us. 

This involves rediscovering the respiratory movements, sounds, stretching, attitudes, mimicry, sleeping, waking, discovery of the body and the environment specific to each of these ages and experiencing them freely in the privacy of our own home, since few people can bear the sight of an adult behaving like a child.

All these exercises release the tensions accumulated in our body, free us from our limitations, bring us the pleasure of movement and expression free from the constraints of conditioning.  

They form the indispensable preliminary stages to any attempt to achieve physical, emotional and mentalfitness.

The only obstacle to be overcome in order to practice them is the 'ridicule barrier.'

 Having the courage to cross it (and I know you have!) will take you in to the realms of tolerance and understanding!

Here, being fit is being BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, MOBILE and SUPPLE.

The following paragraphs will help you develop these qualities within you. Let' s begin with: 'Mental gymnastics'   Through imagination, mental visualisation and sensation, you can use the fantastic resources of your brain to prepare your body for exercise and develop its beauty, strength, mobility and suppleness.

You only have to imagine, to see your body moving in your mind's eye for your brain to immediately transmit precise orders to the rest of your musculature to prepare the movements and ensure the necessary co-ordination.

The positions and movements imagined, and then felt, produce measurable physiological effects. Your body actually benefits from a large part of the exercise that you are visualising.

Did you know that a few minutes' visualisation each day enables people who are unable to move to maintain their physical energy? People suffering from rheumatism and accident victims can restore the mobility of their joints by repeatedly visualising the free movement of these joints.

Remarkable results are obtained in competition sport using this type of mental training.

The fact that you imagine yourself BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, MOBILE and SUPPLE develops these qualities by creating 'mental images'  that are crucial to their acquisition.

In other words, the considerable power of the imagination 'prepares the ground' :byvisualising yourself with these qualities, you literally begin to create what you want to become through thought.

To do this you must:

•close your eyes,

•breathe deeply,


•imagine or visualise your self in a situation of your own choosing, in as much detail as possible (surrounding countryside, temperature, light, sounds, texture of the ground, movements and displacement of your body, etc.)

There is a lot more like this, if you would like to read it, it is in PDF (650k) form. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available free of charge.

None of the Secrets are anything of the sort. It isn't bad, but nothing you can't read in many other places, at a much lower cost.

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