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Maria Duval's Great Book of Magic
(Transcribed by Kevin Harrington, from the original text, his comments are in square brackets)

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You have just acquired a Work quite unlike any other [14 for 30 pages.], which you will find useful in thousands of ways, throughout your entire life ...

This book deals with the various problems that can occur in your everyday life. It has been divided into four main chapters so that you can use it like a guide:

Secrets and Rituals relating to your finances and games of chance;

Secrets and rituals relating to your love life.

Secrets and rituals relating to your health and vitality;

Secrets and rituals of a general nature.

So, depending on what type of problem you have, simply leaf through the relevant section to find the appropriate solution.

These secrets really work. Use them at every opportunity because magic is there to help us.

We still have a lot to learn about the mysteries of Nature - at the moment, we know very little!

However these Secrets and Rituals take advantage of certain Forces which, although they are not fully understood, remain perfectly effective.

You must therefore use them as directed. If no special instructions (e.g. regarding timing) are provided with the secret, this means that none are required, because in these cases the time of day, or time of month is not important.

With regard to Secrets which involve Magic (for example: magic ceremonies, etc...) it is best to carry them out when the moon is "waxing", i.e. during the period between the "new moon" (marked in black on the calendar) and the "full moon" (marked in -white on the calendar). This is not absolutely essential, but it is bound to have a beneficial effect.

As for all the other secrets (chants, etc...) you don't need to take the phase of the moon into account.

Also, no special materials are required for these Secrets, unless they are specifically mentioned.

However, if for certain Talismans or Incantations you need an animal- skin parchment, don't forget that any transcription must be done using Indian ink that can be obtained from your local stationery shop.

So, prepare to open the doors to this mysterious world and we can step forward together on the first of no doubt many journeys into the realms of the occult.

Finances amd Games of Chance to Attract Money

Using the very ancient art of Geomancy, draw the following "geomantic key":[SKETCH HERE] Every night, at about 11:30 or midnight, concentrate on this key in normal lighting for five to ten minutes and then on your wish for five minutes.

Then for another five minutes afterwards, try to put all your problems out of your mind until it becomes a complete blank.

Regular practice of the "mad monkey" technique, described on page 31,-will help you. Do this for nine consecutive days...

The more successful you are at concentrating and emptying your mind, the faster your wish will come true.

Avoid negative thoughts such as hate wishes, etc., because there could be a very violent backlash.

To Gain Luck and Success in Business

You must tread a very careful path here, because there are very strict rules for increasing your luck and it would be easy to end up alienating your clients.

First of all, paint your walls blue, or orange, but never a garish green.

Make sure you start your business, implement new initiatives, introduce marketing campaigns, send out documents, etc. when the moon is "waxing" .

Every day, put aside 1 and at the end of the month, give the money to the needy.

Every night, as you lie in bed before going to sleep, spend five minutes picturing your business swamped with customers and an overflowing till at the end of the day.

These images must be visualized in a calm frame of mind, taking your time and concentrating as hard as possible; intense concentration over a shorter period is better than only weak concentration.

A Secret to Help Your Business

Keep this secret to yourself because its power diminishes each and every time you reveal it!

Take three red dice, three green dice and three white dice of equal size. It's best to make them yourself out of wood, and then paint and number them.

Every day, take the three red dice and fill them with hatred by bombarding them with negative thoughts for a minute.

Then take the green dice and fill them with indifference.

Then fill the white dice with love.

These feelings are difficult to explain in words; it is therefore up to you to convey them as you feel best. Do this exercise for a whole month.

Then, on a Monday, mix all nine dice together in a bag, and draw one out.

If it is red, be wary of taking any gambles, buying anything or even doing business for the next seven days because this indicates a negative period.

If it is green, carry on as normal and don't expect anything out of the ordinary to happen. However, if it is white, pack in as much as you can over the next seven days.
[It does not seem to matter what the numbers on the dice are!]

The Lotto Method for Predicting the First Three Horses in a Race

This method is very simple to use:

You must use as many numbered scraps of paper as there are horses in the race.

Take a pencil and a sheet of paper.

Put the numbered scraps of paper in a bag and shake it well.

Draw out a piece of paper at random and write down the number on your sheet.

Repeat this process a second and then a third time.

Put the scraps of paper back in the bag.

Supposing there are twenty horses, then you would need to do this nineteen more times in order to get twenty sets of three numbers.

When you have finished, look back over the results.

Count how many times the same numbers have appeared and put them in order.

For example:
07-08- 10
18 - 06 - 03
05 - 09 - 07
01 - 03 - 09
05 - 08 - 07
03-20- 19
03 - 04 - 06
09- 11-05
06 - 04 - 05
08 - 06 - 12
03 - 09 - 08
03 - 08 - 09
03-05- 10
20 - 05 - 04
13-11 - 10
04 - 05 - 07
07 - 09 - 04
12 - 04 - 01

As you analyse the numbers, you will see that: the number 05 came out eight times. the numbers 03 - 09 - 04 each came out seven times. the numbers 07 and 08 came out five times. Etc...

The horses to back are therefore in the order: 05 - 09 - 03 - 04 - 07 - 08, depending on whether you -want to choose a combination of 3, 4, 5 or 6 horses.

To be Lucky In Buslness

At every "new moon", throw a bucket of sea water or salted water (using non-refined salt) over the doorstep of the premises where you conduct your business or receive your clients (this salt can be obtained from health food shops).

Every Friday, take a "Lucky bath" in water heated to 40 degrees (the temperature is very important). [Fahrenheit or Centigrade?] Make yourself a white linen sachet filled with five grams of fennel or oregano leaves, five grams of salt and five grams of cloves.

Scrub yourself thoroughly, using -water and no soap, then put on some fresh clothes when you get out of the bath (this is important).

In fact the clothes that you were wearing before were filled with negative magnetism, and when you put on new ones (which have been washed), you boost your chances of being lucky.

There are three factors involved in horse-racing: the Luck of the Jockey, the Luck of the Horse and the Luck of the Gambler. [Too many variables for me ]

All too often, the Luck of the Gambler isn't taken into account!

If you want to know if your Luck is with you, take a pack of 52 cards and shuffle it using your left hand.

Take out twelve cards.

After shuffling well, still with the left hand, spread out the cards and see if you have either the ten of clubs or the ace of diamonds.

If you do not have either of these cards, you should not play because you stand very little chance of winning. This technique will prevent you from losing money. [Really]

Tips for the Lottery

Take a look at the sets of numbers. There are several things worth noting:

There are forty nine possible numbers, six of which will be the winning numbers.

Ideally you should do some tests on previous and future draws[how can you test something that hasn't happened yet?], taking the date of the draw into account. The dates of both past and forthcoming draws can be found in the newspapers.

You can do your tests using a calendar which makes it easy to check on the phase of the moon. Look at the sets of odd or even numbers.

Find the "new moon" (in black) on the calendar. The "new moon phase" lasts for three days either side of this date. See whether during this phase the numbers are more than or less than twenty-five.

Do the same for the "full moon" (in white on the calendar).

Count Cagliostro's "Hand of Fatima" and the Lottery

Hand diagram

Take the first three letters of your first name, and find the corresponding numbers on the "Hand of Fatima", and then the first three letters of your surname, and find the corresponding numbers in the rosette underneath.

For example : Mr. Georges Duranti, born on the 28th January i.e.: G E 0 = 07 05 14 D U R = 24 02 13 Add the date of birth. i.e. : 07 + 28 = 35 05 + 28 = 33 24 + 28 = 42 11 24 + 28 = 52 02 + 28 = 30 13+28=41

Then, add the date you are entering the lottery to the totals.

For example : March 26, 1996 i.e. : 35 + 26 = 61 33 + 26 = 59

And so on... If your calculations produce a number between 01 and 49, then you can play it.

If the number you get is higher than 49, subtract 49 from it as many times as necessary until you are left with a number between 01 and 49. [Known as fiddling the figures.]

To Improve Business in a Shop

Walk into a shop where business is flourishing and try to pick up a bit of dust from inside (you might find some near the entrance for example). This might be difficult but its the only thing that really works!

Afterwards, you must sprinkle this dust just inside the entrance to your own shop.

The results are usually very quick.

It is preferable to do this when the moon is "waxing".

It is not necessary to take dust from the same kind of shop.

For example: In the case of a grocery shop, you don't have to find another grocery, a clothes shop will do just as well. [Perhaps the successful shopkeeper is more interested in serving customers than collecting dust in rival's shops?]

Another Method for Predicting the Winning Horses in a Race

On the day of the race-meeting, horse-racing publications show a table with the three or four favourites tipped by racing experts and the big newspapers.

This table, which enables you to consult around thirty newspapers in one, will in fact give you a few good pointers as to which horses to back.

You will find an example of this table in your favourite horseracing paper.

Take a sheet of paper.

On the left-hand side of the paper, write down the names of all the horses running and the numbers allocated to them. Draw three columns and then a fourth which will be used to summarise.

Look at the first column in the table published in the press and in your first empty column, give each horse as many crosses as there are "first place" forecasts for that particular animal.

Repeat this process for the second and third columns. Don't worry about the fourth column in the table, if there is one.

Add up the total for the three columns and take the four horses that have been forecast the most.


Your favourite horseracing publication has done most of the "work" for you, which makes your calculations much easier.[Warning: Tipsters are notoriously inaccurate.]

In the case of a tie, give preference to the horse mentioned the most in the first column, then in the second and finally the third.

Then take out the horses that are not mentioned at all and those that are mentioned only once, except for horses that won last time out, who should be given two points extra, bringing their total to three.

When this process of elimination is complete, take the four horses that have been forecast the least, and add them to the four horses that were initially selected.

Write down the eight horses on your betting slip in whatever order you wish.

In case of a tie between the four least forecast horses, this time preference should be given to the horse quoted the least often in the third column, then in the second and finally in the first. This is a serious method which should be employed regularly in order to win substantial gains and limit losses.

To begin with, try this method out on paper only, without placing any money, and you will see the results for yourself. [You may have missed the race anyway!]

To be Lucky in Business and All Things

Your luck will be greatly enhanced if you apply the law of returns called the "Law of AMRA".

According to this law, whose origins date back to the Egyptian pharaoh AMRA, you should donate a tenth of your net income (after tax etc...) to people who are more needy than yourself.

This must be done anonymously and impartially.

You might say: "This represents a considerable sum of money!" For example: If you make 15,000 a year, you will be 1,500 out of pocket.

But it is important to remember, especially if you are self-employed (shop owner, etc..), that this will help your business to grow, bring you luck and prevent problems. Because it is normal, when you receive something yourself to give something in return.

This law is fundamental and must be strictly applied to all winnings where chance plays a part (lottery, horse-racing, roulette, etc...)

. This is an extraordinary process, if you can see how it works. Have a good think about it!

The law of AMRA is too often forgotten, yet it alone can prepare you. many worries and bring you. luck.

Using Plants to Boost Business

Every morning, rub your hands for a few moments with aromatic fennel.

The positive vibrations of the fennel will harmonize with your aura (magnetism) and will strengthen it and help to give you a kind of Lucky Magnetism.


A Bewitching Perfume for Women Who Want to Attract Men

Take one measure of lime essence, one measure of patchouli, six measures of pharmaceutical alcohol and a few leaves of rue.

It is best to take a very hot bath before using this perfume.

Warm this mixture slightly over a gentle heat and add the juice from three cherries.

You can make this spellbinding perfume in the spring and use it all through the year.

Although we are providing you with some "tricks" to improve your love life, you should bear in mind that in some cases it will be very hard to make someone return your affection, no matter how determined you are.

And once something beautiful has been broken, it will never be the same again.

It is always dangerous to force someone against their will, for you and also for them.

You must therefore be sure of your feelings and avoid any kind of jealous obsessions...

Magic Recipe for Better Love-Making

Buy three eggs which have been fertilised (important). Crack them open and beat them as though you -were going to make an omelette. Then melt eight big lumps of sugar in a small amount of water. Mix everything together and pass through a sieve to get rid of the film from the egg.

You will need to drink two glasses of this mixture one straight after the other.

Wait for a quarter of an hour and then drink a small glass of Kummel (a liqueur flavoured with caraway seeds).

After another quarter of an hour, drink a second glass of Kummel.

Finally, if you know what time you will be "performing", [how coy!] drink a good strong cup of coffee.

Use this aphrodisiac in moderation, and anyone with a heart condition should avoid it altogether.

Ritual to Win the Heart of Your Loved One

Say this slowly: Love and Happiness are the two keys to the Universe.

"Oh Angel Michael, protect... (the name of the person),

Humble servant, help me to exert my Magic Influence

Oh Angel Michael, help us

Oh Angel Michael, like the Sun which lights up our Lives, give us joy"

Noel, Angel of Venus, bring us happiness

Noel, Angel of Venus, help us to attract love"

Remain silent for one minute, then say: "Let it be so, Let it be so, Let it be so".

Preparations for this Ritualistic Ceremony

No sexual relations for forty-eight hours beforehand. You must be pure and clean: both inside and out. [So intercourse makes one impure!]

The night before, study a plain orange candle for Five minutes, facing North, to invest it with positive thoughts.

Light up three rose-scented sticks ot incense (optional).

The timing is crucial: NEW MOON - AT NIGHT.

The Art of Seduction (for Men)

Invite the lady in question to dinner at your place.[Not at Burger King!] Give her a meat-dish garnished with sage, thyme, powdered coriander,or perhaps stuffed tomatoes with basil.

For dessert, serve stewed apple flavoured with cardamon (which you may be able to obtain from a pharmacy or herbalist}.

Place her with her back to the west and yourself to her east. These positions will enable you to draw on Natural Positive Forces.

Look straight into your conquest's eyes the whole time.

Think of some pretext to make physical contact with her. [Really] For example you could take her hand, saying that you know how to read palms, and then channel all your Magical Energy into strengthening this bond.

As you talk to her, try to get as close to her mouth as possible. The intimate feel of your breath will help to cement the link between you.

Pleasure Potion

Take thirty grams of savory, ten grams of rosemary, ten grams of mint, ten grams of orange blossom.

Make an infusion and allow it to stand for five minutes.

Drink a whole cup-full, every morning and evening, for four days.

General Points

Stay healthy by eating dates and drinking only milk, even if you don't like it very much.

For twelve days, cut out alcohol and rich foods like cakes, sauces, etc.

Eat wholemeal bread with onion rings on top. (You can freshen your breath with mint afterwards).

How to Stay in Excellent Shape

Take some mint, rosemary, sage, yarrow, savory, wild orange and hyssop and use as follows: add two pinches of each plant to a bowl of boiling, filtered water.

llow it to stand for ten minutes.

Drink one cup a day.

To Brew a Little Happiness

Mix five grams of savory, one gram of mint, five grams of garlic and five grams of onion in a litre of boiling water.

Leave to brew and drink two cups a day.

Plants and Their Beneficial Properties


Use a blend of verbena, ash, mint, lemon peel and camomile. Mix fifty grams of each plant in a large bowl of boiling water. Allow to infuse for ten minutes.


Use orange tree, verbena, juniper (berries), linden, rosemary, thyme, sweet mint.

Make an infusion as above.


Use some carline thistle, sometimes called "wild artichokes" in France. Drop fifty grams of chopped roots into one litre of cold water. Bring to the boil over five minutes. Take it off the heat and allow to stand for a further five minutes. Filter it and sweeten with honey Drink three or four half cups per day between meals.

Also, eat plenty of green vegetables, fresh fruit, and wholemeal bread. Use brown sugar in preference to white refined sugar.


To cleanse your mind thoroughly, try not to eat too much meat and avoid cold meats (salami, garlic sausage etc.) altogether.

Meditate for ten minutes a day, if possible at five o'clock in the morning, when all your energies are awakening!

Try to read an inspiring book such as the Tao Te Ching, Confucius, the Book of Buddha or even the Bible, and try to gain something from it each day.

Your personal vibrations will awaken and you could perhaps say a novena (a special prayer extended over a period of nine days) like Benjamin MANASSE's - Scientific Broadcast.

Drink lots of Mate, also known as "Jesuits' Tea", but never after seven in the evening. This will help you to stay fresh and bright.


Lie on your back, take a deep breath and focus your attention on your "solar plexus".

Raise your head and push your chin as hard as you can against your breastbone.

Also lift your shoulders and look at your feet.

Finally, bend your knees slightly and lift your heels about one centimetre off the floor.

Let your arms go limp. Hold your breath. This exercise should be done in one synchronised movement.

In this position, your "solar plexus" will start to vibrate. Maintain the posture without straining yourself... Breathe out... Then finally relax. This is an excellent exercise that you can recommend to all your friend[s].

A Tonic for Seasonal Changes

Buy some oatmeal from a health-food shop.To one litre of still mineral water add: one hundred and twenty-five grams of oatmeal, ten grams of ground chicory (you can buy this from a herbalist), one large clove of garlic finely chopped, two small leaves of green cabbage cut into tiny pieces, one heaped spoonful of thyme flowers.

Mix all these ingredients in an enamel saucepan and slowly bring to a boil. Simmer for ten minutes then leave to stand, with the lid on, for a further ten minutes. Afterwards, filter the mixture into a bottle, adding the juice of a lemon and thirty grams of honey. Stir well to blend all the ingredients together.

Every morning, on an empty stomach, drink a wine-glass of this potion which has really MAGICAL EFFECTS.

Make a supply of two bottles at the very beginning of rammer, autumn, winter and spring.

To Keep Your Weight Down

Drink three litres of water every day, this is very important. In fact the number three, according to the traditions of magic, signifies a Trinity or Unity. This will help you ...

As well as this, you should also drink some herbal tea made of wall germander three times a day.

To Stay In Tip-Top Shape

Step number one: once a week, fast for 24 hours, from noon to noon. Simple but superbly effective!

Another tip: every morning when you get up and every night before going to bed, sip a tea-cup of boiling water, as hot as you can stand it (this may take you five minutes).

The perfect detox!

Every morning, after drinking your cup of boiling water, swallow a finely sliced clove of garlic without chewing. Garlic works like a charm to keep you. healthy and your skin looking good).

For a Beautiful Head of Hair

In one litre of water, boil two hundred and sixty-five grams of dry sage and ten grams of rosemary. Leave it to stand for three days, stirring occasionally. Filter and then add the liquid obtained to a quarter of a litre of rum. Rub this lotion into your scalp every day for three weeks.

A Remedy for Rheumatism

Take four handfuls of rosemary, two of sage, two of bay leaves and one of elder flower. Add two good handfuls of salt. Tip all of this into a bath, but don't have the water too hot.

It is amazing how well this works!

A Recipe for Perfect Health

The Positive Elixir of Life is a recipe that everyone can make for themselves.

You will need one and a half litres of cider vinegar and half a litre of 90 alcohol that you can find at any pharmacy. Thoroughly blend the ingredients in a couple of bottles or one big two - three litre bottle. To these two litres of liquid, add a level tablespoon of sea salt. The salt must be crushed and dried in an oven before being added to the liquid. A pharmacy can help you with the following ingredients: thirty grams of aloes in pieces, ten grams of powdered aloes, thirty grams of manna drops, twenty grams of angelica root, ten grams of camphor tablets, twenty grams of gentian root, two grams of carlina root, eight grams of pyrrhe drops, three grams of genuine powdered saffron, twenty grams of powdered nettle, one tablespoon of pollen powder, twenty grams of oak bark, one walnut leaf, one hundred grams of celery juice, one tablespoon of honey, one grated raw onion.

Keep all the ingredients in the bottle(s) for seventeen days, and shake well twice a day. After the seventeenth day, press and filter. Pour all the liquid into one bottle and then pour in the ingredients of the "HEALTH TONIC" formula shown below. Keep giving it a good shake for half an hour to mix well and then set aside for five hours. Once it has rested the Positive Elixir of Life is ready to use. Use it strictly as directed for each health problem and always shake well first.


Wheat 20 gram Maize 15 grams Oat 20 gram Birch 3 drops Dwarf Centaury 2 drops Centaury Thistle 1 drop Marie Thistle 1 drop Solidago 2 drops Sage 1 drop Juniper Tree 2 drops Sweet Bay 1 drop Rosemary 3 drops Adonis Vernalis 1 drop Horsetail 1 drop Acid Pier 2 drops Serpentin 2 drops Secale Xorn Cerea 1 drop Sequoia 1 drop Rowan 1 drop Thyme 3 drops Ginseng 5 drops Artichoke 4 drops Hazel extract 3 drops

Make this preparation in a six centilitre bottle/flask.

For swollen ankles: soak a cotton wool compress with the Positive Elixir and wear it all night.

For puffy eyes: Mix a few drops of Positive Elixir with cold water and then soak a couple of cotton wool pads to make compresses.

For a blotchy, red face: gently wash your cheeks with water to which you have added two tablespoons of the Elixir.

The Positive Elixir also has diuretic properties.

It is a hepatic stimulant, which is why it can help you to lose -weight. Take it with half a glass of carrot juice, adding two tablespoons of onion juice and two spoonfuls of Positive Elixir.

To maintain or restore your health, this "Carrot juice - Onion -Elixir" drink can be taken in the morning and at night before going to bed, or even during the day. You should plan on drinking half a litre a day, having diluted it with 50% water, for one week of the month.

It has a high nutritional value and is full of easily digested vitamins


If you just can't get to sleep because you have digestive problems or things are playing on your mind, the Elixir can be the perfect answer.

First thoroughly wet your hands with the Elixir. Use your own hands to avoid a cold shock, and rub the area around your sternum, followed by the insides of your legs and finally the soles of your foot and especially your toes.

After this, you will soon sink into a restful sleep.


Nervous exhaustion leaves you feeling completely drained and despondent.

But now, thanks to this Positive Elixir, you can reduce this nervous tension which upsets your whole organism. Not only will you sleep better, and improve your ability to think clearly and remember things, but you -will also tire less easily and so feel more dynamic, more confident, more enterprising, in short, ready for anything! You can do this easily, without using any drugs, thanks to the Positive Elixir which acts as a natural stimulant.


The Positive Elixir can help to give you beautiful, healthy hair. Twice a week, make a revitalising shampoo with an egg, a teaspoon of oil and two tablespoons of Positive Elixir. Massage well.

Follow these simple directions, and your hair -will always be soft and shiny and won't fall out.


Pain felt down the spinal column often originates from the head.

Before going to bed therefore, it is a good idea to massage the top of the head with some Positive Elixir.

The next morning, one hour before breakfast, take one to two spoons of Positive Elixir, possibly diluted, and continue to do this for a minimum of twelve days, maybe longer, until the pain has gone.

If the pain persists despite the massage, fold a cloth, soak it with the Elixir and place it on part that aches. This should be done several times a day. If the pain is very severe, you can keep the damp cloth on all the time. If the Elixir is used in this way for two or three days, the pain will certainly be relieved, even if the problem doesn't immediately disappear.


Eat regular meals and don't eat too quickly - chew your food thoroughly.

Start your meals with raw vegetables such as finely grated carrot or salad, preferably lightly dressed with lemon juice and a teaspoon of Positive Elixir. These raw vegetables are full of vitamins and combined with the Elixir they are easily digested and have a mild laxative effect.

There is no reason why you shouldn't also have a teaspoon of Positive Elixir with your main course.

You should always have plenty to drink to help your kidneys to eliminate wastes. Good clear tap-water is best, with a teaspoon of Positive Elixir added.

As for fruit, you can of course eat as much as you like, but apples are particularly good for you because they regulate the way your intestines function.

If in spite of all this, your health still isn't what it should be, you can't beat vegetable broth with a tablespoon of Elixir, twice a day for a month. This aids digestion and can help you to feel sprightly and healthy once more.

One of the best ways of guaranteeing a long and healthy life is to do lots of walking.

The Effect of Runes Is Unquestionable!

These mystic symbols, which go back to the dawn of time, have positive or negative effects.

Trace these RUNES on some virgin animal parchment to increase your physical, mental and material well-being.

If you wear a Saint Benedict medallion, this will give you constant protection, especially if you have it blessed by a Benedictine. Simple but very effective!


Walk about half a mile every day, even if it's raining. Make a herbal tea in the morning, -with two pinches of rosemary and one pinch of sage.

In the evening, have a large cup of Mate with lots of sugar.

Pray for about ten minutes each night, focusing on an image that you respect (Jesus, Mary, Krishna, other). If you do this just like the Ancient Chaldeans, you will have nothing to fear.


If you don't have a pendulum, follow this method:

Ask the question in your mind as you shuffle the fifty-two cards of a French pack.

Choose thirteen cards. Place them face up in front of you and take out the aces.

Pick up the cards you are left with.

Put them back with the rest of the pack (leaving out the aces produced by this first draw) and shuffle them all together.

Draw another thirteen cards, again asking the question in your mind.

Repeat the procedure a third time, no more...

The faster the aces appear, the more positive the answer to your question.

If all four aces are found in the first set of thirteen cards, the answer is a definite "Yes".

The longer it takes to find the aces, the more the answer to your question is negative.


Buy some aluminum medallions (cheap ones will do); Have them blessed by a priest: this is crucial. Bury some in a triangle with one pointing towards the north. Spread others around, attaching them to the beams or to the trees in the case of a piece of land. Have the farmer say a novena to Saint Colomban.


It helps to wear a turquoise stone.


Put a lighted candle in front of you and stare at it, trying not to blink. You can sit at a table and put the candle on it if you wish. Keep looking at the candle. The dancing motion of the flame should put you into a suitable, restful state of mind. without suppressing them, without hanging on to them ... These uncontrolled thoughts that the Indians call the "mad monkey" will float through your mind one after another. It is very difficult not to blink, nonetheless, you must try... You must go on and on as long as you can! When you can't possibly hold on any longer, close your eyes and continue to picture the flame until your "mad monkey" has stopped leaping from branch to branch, leaving you to enjoy the "tranquil forest".

Do thm exercise regularly, and try to concentrate for a bit longer each time. This will teach you, to control your thoughts and, of course, he who controls his thoughts controls his destiny.


"By strengthening oneself, one strengthens others ". "By developing oneself, one develops others ".


When you say to someone, in a very forceful manner: "Do this" or "Do that", That person may do the complete opposite. Just to annoy you! And this is not only true of children, but adults too!

This is a primitive subconscious reaction: when you try to force someone into something in a heavy- handed and insistent manner, it provokes them into doing the reverse of what you want.

MORAL: Go gently and never try to force people!

Similarly, when you are trying to influence someone from a distance, through your thoughts, take a gentle, gradual approach.


Never smoke!

Control your breathing, and try to breathe only through your nose.

Read "Le Langage de la Nature" (The Language of Nature) by Mr Jean-Michel Pedrazzani, Edition du Hameaa.

To Increase Year Luck In General

If possible, wear a gold ring with the LIFE RUNE shown above. [SKETCH HERE]

This can have a special beneficial effect on your life.


Earth signs are compatible with Water signs, because the Earth absorbs Water: Earth Signs: Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo.
Water Signs: Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer

Fire signs on the other hand are compatible with Air signs: Fire Signs: Aries, Sagittarius, Leo.
Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

If you are looking for a lasting relationship, it is therefore advisable to take your partner's birth sign into account.

How to Attract Luck

Always carry some magnetite on you. As you will see, this lode-stone attracts small metal objects. It is a natural magnet ....


To assist your personal development, recite the following mantras seven times, three times a day, i.e. morning, noon and night:

"OMARABA DZINIDI" (Pronounced as written)


Recite the following formula for twenty one days (not twenty two days):



Put a bit of salt into a glass (about three pinches). Add three pinches of sugar. Fill the glass with -water and leave the mixture to stand for three days. Then throw away the water and as you do so, make two wishes relating to your health and happiness.

To Release Someone From a Spell

In order to release someone from a spell, place their photograph on a white sheet of paper and next to it, place a cork on a piece of newspaper.

Using both hands, you will remove the bad vibes flowing around the photograph and project them into the cork. You should sense the negative forces as you draw them away and redirect them.

When you have done this, roll the cork in the newspaper and throw it into a river, the sea or down the toilet.

This radical procedure can be repeated every day with a new cork, or even several times in the same day.

How to Predict the Future Whenever You Like

Use dominos, which of course have a direct link with Geomancy! [Of course!]

All you need to do is to place the twenty-eight dominos face down and then pick up one and only one with your left hand. This will give you an idea of what lies in store during the week ahead.


0-0 : Go no further, the dominos refuse to talk
1-0 : A monotonous life
1-1 : A very interesting discovery
2-0: An unpleasant period
2-1: Debts
2-2: You are surrounded by jealousy
3-0: An illegitimate child
3-1: A pleasant surprise
3-2: Avoid gambling
3-3: An unexpected marriage
4-0: An unpleasant letter
4-1: Debt problems
4-2: Fun projects
4-3: The return of a lost friend
4-4: A joyful evening is ahead
5-0: A burial
5-1: Love
5-2: A trip on water
5-3: A professional promotion
5-4: A project is completed
5-5: A move is imminent
6-0: Unkind words
6-1: A friend needs your help
6-2: A gift
6-3: Various outings
6-4: Beware justice
6-5: A birth will change your life
6-6: A large sum of money

Do this at the beginning of every week.

[Another article gives completely different meanings.]


Finally, we hope that you will gain a great deal from this Guide, which is a compilation of many magical secrets that would be difficult to find from independent sources.[Plagiarism?]

The text does not follow on like a novel - it is naturally broken up because none of the secrets are related to each other.

You will not come to any harm if you use several Secrets at once. The only exceptions to this rule have been indicated in the text.

Cattle excrement? You tell me what you think!

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Kevin Harrington, March 2001.