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Ciao Kevin!
Maria Duval and Astroforce are trade marks in various individual countries too. Wish you to check the information I suggest you start from the British Library pages discussing trademarks and similars…


Trade mark application 0834662
Maria Duval Filing Date: 24.1.1997
Formalization Date: 12.2.1997
Inactivation Date: 12.2.1997 (This trade mark has been abandoned)
Services: Astrology, parapsychology, radiesthésie,
cartomancy, clair-voyance, futurology.(since 1995)
Applicant: Maria Duval, LES QUATRE CHEMINS, 83830 CALLAS, FRANCE
Representative for service:


Trade mark application 0853249 Astroforce
Filing Date: 1.8.1997
Formalization Date: 15.8.1997
Inactivation Date: 21.8.2000 (This trade mark has been abandoned)brR> List of gods and/or services:
Pre-recorded audio, video, compact disc and CD-ROM recordings featuring topics related to astrology, psychic and biorhythm forecasting; books and magazines on topics related to astrology, psychic and biorhythm forecasting; symbolic ornaments in the form of stones and crystals
*** Astrology, numerology, psychic and biorhythm services rendered by mail and telephone
Representative for service:
Finnland (They don’t say much, the Finns…)

Trade mark 208013 ASTROFORCE
Filing Date: 26.07.1996
Registration Date: 31.10.1997
Next Renewal Date: 31.10.2007
Classes are badly reported, but they seem to cover the usual.
Holder: Astroforce Holding SA,
Lausanne, Switzerland
Agent: Kolster Oy Ab

Great Britain:
Trade mark 2039829 MARIA DUVAL
Filing Date: 04.10.1995
Registration Date: 23.08.1996
Next Renewal Date: 04.10.2005
List of goods and/or services:
Advertising services; business management and business administration services; office function services; prospectus and sample distribution services; advisory services; information services; document duplication services; data processing file management services; organisation services relating to advertising or business expositions.
*** Telecommunications services; press agency services; services relating to communications by data processing terminals. ***
Services relating to the provision of entertainment, sporting or cultural activities; book and magazine publishing services; services relating to film, theatre and show production; agency services for artists; film, record and CD hire services; rental of film projection apparatus; rental of show and stage scenery and accessories; services relating to the organisation and management of symposia, conferences and meetings; services relating to the organisation of cultural or educational expositions.
*** Astrology services; parapsychology services; divination services; cartomancy services; clairvoyance services; futurology services; printing services; services relating to the provision and hire of a data base service centre.
Maria Duval, L'estagnol, Les Quatre Chemins,83830 Callas,France
Agent: W.P. Thompson & Co, 55 Drury Lane,London,WC2B 5SQ

Trade mark 2103695 ASTROFORCE
Filing Date: 25.06.1996
Registration Date: 20.06.1997
Next Renewal Date: 25.06.2006
List of goods and/or services: Pre-recorded audio, video, compact disc and CD-ROM recordings featuring topics related inter alia to astrology, numerology, psychic and biorhythm forecasting.
*** Ornaments in the form of stones. *** Books and magazines on topics related inter alia to astrology, numerology, psychic and biorhythm forecasting. ***
Ornaments in the form of crystals.
Astroforce Holding S.A. Ave de Provence 4,1007 Lausanne,Switzerland
Fry Heath & Spence LLP, The Gables,Massetts Road,Horley,Surrey,RH6 7DQ
Service: Fry Heath & Spence LLP

Trade mark 2107544 ASTROFORCE
Filing Date: 13.08.1996
Registration Date: 28.02.1997
Next Renewal Date: 13.08.2006
List of goods and/or services:
Services relating to astrology, numerology and biorhythm phenomena; and the preparation of reports relating to these services.
Proprietor: Astroforce Holding S.A.
Agent: Fry Heath & Spence LLP
Service: Fry Heath & Spence LLP

(They say even less than the Finns)

Trade mark 0322400 ASTROFORCE
Classes are badly reported, but they seem to cover the usual topics Holder: Astroforce Holding SA, Lausanne, Switzerland
*** from some New York State company register or such…
Selected Entity Name: ASTROFORCE, INC.
Current Entity Name:
Initial DOS Filing Date: 07/06/1995
County: NEW YORK
Jurisdiction: NEW YORK
Current Entity Status: ACTIVE
DOS Process (Address to which DOS will mail process if accepted on behalf of the entity)

Chairman or Chief Executive Officer ALBERT KOETSHEID
Principal Executive Office INFOGEST/TANGELDB.COM
Registered Agent NONE
NOTE: New York State does not issue organizational identification numbers.
A snippet from the pages of…

628-629 Marie France

Complaints (Unsolicited Mail) to ASA UK from two UK consumers regarding unsolicited mails featuring clairvoyance from an advertiser based in France. The complainants thought that the mailing preyed on vulnerable people and would frighten them into sending money as it stated that should the recipient fail to reply ‘the consequences could be catastrophic, really tragic…’.
ASA forwarded complaints to BVP France, which after contacting the advertiser received a response from Promoplus, a fulfilment house in Panama, saying that they would stop sending the mailings to the UK and that they would not use this mailing again. BVP closed the cases. Complaints upheld.

A snippet from the…
18 March - Watchdog to Probe Mail Scam - Letters arriving from France from Nicole Delya have flooded into Scotland in the last week .from Nicole Delya in France. These sick letters warn that the recipient's future will be affected in a "fairly disturbing manner" unless Delya is sent £12.90 in the next 48 hours.
The Advertising Standards Authority have launched an inquiry

Kevin says: "With all of these business interests, I'm not surprised that Maria Duval doesn't have time to write individual letters to all of her dear(est) friends!"

(New message)

Hello Kevin!

Now and then I just wonder why you don’t put some better order in your pages.(Point taken! I'll be doing a major reworking of the website soon.)

But never mind, you are doing the good work. Here is some information about some of the subjects of your interest. I happened upon them while looking around about Nicole Delya.

Delya and some others established 17.8.1998 in France, a very short lived firm, Deveers.

Deveers’ commercial names were Mage Erian, Nicole Delya, Nicole Bouquet, Maria Duval and Marie (France?). Their announced activity was commerce by specialised correspondence. Starting capital was 7622 Euros. Firm director was Olivier Variot, born 27.4.1964.

Variot is even today active in the direct marketing business. Deveers was liquidated 3.5.1999, at the same date with another firm by Variot.

The source of this information is the French (doesn’t need the www in front!).

The same knows two Nicole Delya trademarks, the first in connection with Microstunt SARL, the other with Zenium Holding NV. The site can obviously provide more information here, but charges for it!

Nicole Delya offers FREE sexual horoscopes on the pages of The pages are in French and they are registered 25.10.2000 in the name of Miss Trick Sarl, 8 Passage de Marais 75010 Paris, France.

The registration data also names Frederic Royer, 61 Lexington Avenue 6G 10101 New York USA, phone 1 415 612 5688, email

Miss Trick SARL is a French firm, established 16.6.2000. Starting capital is 8000 Euros and their field of activities is other activities related to realization of computer programs. Frederic Royer is or was the director of Miss Trick SARL, the register mentions several director changes.

This Maria Duval has been in the voyance business at least since 1994. I found the following information in the files. Someone established 14.9.1994 in France the firm Societe Europeenne Vente par Correspondance, which was liquidated 3.10.2000.

Maria Duval, Nicole Bouquet and Mage Eriam were the commercial names of that firm. Starting capital was 7622 Euros. The firm operated in Boulogne and seems to have changed its directors a couple times. The directors were Petral Industrial Holding Corporation BV represented by Erwin San Giorgi, born 03.07.1943, another was Horthel Systems BV represented by Ellen Hansen, and the third was Seera SA.

There is a French list broker or direct marketing firm ITL, ITL, in Oberschaeffolsheim. They have put in internet some interesting customer databases for hire, with names that you recognize!

The Astroforce Suisse Allemande database consists of German speaking Swiss Astroforce customers. The total number of names is over 45,000, 40% men. The names are collected from press and mailings.

The Astroforce Suisse Romande consists of French speaking Astroforce customers. The total number of names is over 39,000, 40% men. I believe this and the previous are Maria Duval’s customer databases.

The Marnell database consist of the customers of Nicole Bouquet, Anne Delaroche and Maria Duval. The total number of names is over 446, 000!

The Mariella Madonna database consists of her customers, over 21,000 names, 19% men. The data includes even their phone numbers! The names are collected per telephone and mail.

According to three French trademarks are involved, Mariella Madonna, Mariella Madonna (semi-figurative) and Centre d’Etude Astrologique Mariella Madonna (semi-figurative). The free information gives two names, David Bony and Maria Madonna. Again, one would need to pay for more information!

The following information received March 10th 2003,via email.

Maria Duval and Astroforce are international trademarks.

Maria Duval and Astroforce are found in the Madrid system of international trademarks. You can search the relevant databases yourself at

Some data on trademark Maria Duval:
29.3.1995 for 10 years
Maria Duval, Les 4 Chemins,
F-83830 CALLAS (FR)
CABINET BONNEAU 7, Avenue Gazan,
F-06600 ANTIBES (FR)
Pharmaceutical, veterinary and hygienic products,
dietetic substances of medical use,
food for babies,
plasters, material for bandages,
materials to plumb the teeth and for dental prints,
disinfectants, products for the destruction of nuisance animals,
fungicides, weedkillers.
*** Clothes, shoes, hats. ***
Astrologie, parapsychology, radiesthesy, cartomancy, clairvoyance, futurology.
Applies to:
Austria, Bulgaria, Benelux, Switzerland, China, Czech,
Germany, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Vietnam, Serbia

Must be an ambitious woman.

Some data on trademark Astroforce:
Registered: 29.1.1997 for 10 years
AstroForce Holding SA, 4, avenue de la Provence,
CH-1007 Lausanne (CH)
Dr. Andrea Egger,
5, chemin des Chavanus,
CH-1297 Founex (CH)
Recorded audio cassettes, recorded video cassettes,
recorded compact disks and CD-ROMs on astrology,
numerology and emotional and health forecasts *** Jewels and other ornaments in the form of stones or of crystals. ***
Books and magazines on subjects such as the emotional and health astrology, numerology and forecasts.
Services in the field of astrology, numerology, emotional and health forecasts.
Applies to:
Austria, Bulgaria, Benelux, Cuba, Czech, Germany,
Spain, France, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, North Korea, Liechtenstein,
Marocco, Monaco, Poland, Portugal, Romania,
Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia

Note well the scope and the differences of the two trademarks, a lot of interesting speculation is possible…

Note too that at least Australia, USA and other states in both Americas, Baltics and Scandinavia are missing.
They should be covered by separate trademark registrations.

The main reason to register trademarks is to protect against piracy and plagiarism, when the products and services are perceived to be of extraordinary quality, refinement and value, and made or performed with exquisite craftmanship and skill.
What a contrast to actual public opinion!

The French astrologer Mariella Madonna seems to have two, possibly in content identical web domains. The first is

and the other www.astrolog,com

The domain name MARIELLA-MADONNA.COM is registered for Mariella Madonna, 16 Avenue Montaigne, Paris 75008 ,France

The administrative contact is Mariella Madonna,, 16 Avenue Montaigne, Paris 75008, France, 01 4572 0808

The technical contact is Network Solutions, Inc,, 21355 Ridgetop Circle, Dulles, VA 20166, US, 1-888-642-9675, fax: 571-434-4620

The domain name ASTROLOG.COM is registered for David Bony, 16 avenue Montaigne, Paris, 75008, France

The administrative contact is Mariella Madonna,, 16 Avenue Montaigne, Paris 75008, France, 01 4572 0808

The technical contact is DNS Department, dom-reg@EUROPE.PSI.COM, PSINet Europe BV, DNS Department, 103 Rue Fritz Courvoisier, La Chaux-de-Fonds 2300, Switzerland, 41 32 967 5200, fax: 41 32 967 5201

This information was obtained via Network Solutions' internet services.

Anon. (My thanks to him/her.)

First place of the search is Callas in southern France. Here, Maria Duval has an address. This woman, who said about herself once,: "My intelligence is only mediocre, but at school, I could solve difficult mathematical tasks because I foresaw the results without comprehending" the problem.

The police know nothing about it.

Only four months in the year, the medium is present at the Cote d'Azur, however, her abilities are supposed to have caused true miracles in the region. At least, Maria Duval advertises again and again to have tracked down missing people here. Finally, Madame is supposed to have brought even the police through her/its/their clairvoyant strengths on a missing dentist wife's track near St. Tropez. However, the responsible police never have heard something about this alleged miracle. And the name Madame Duval tells the gendarmes also nothing.

Notwithstanding Madame advertises for her "transcendent" offerings and collects from a credulous fan community on that occasion. How much and on which ways her cash register rings, she didn't comment already in a former interview on it: "No, I don't explain our business politics. I answer questions, but not on it."

Faked sympathy.

ML finds a former co-worker, who unpacks Maria Duval around over the business conduct. Two years, he processed the letters of the customers of this clairvoyant, wants to remain anaonymous, however,: There were existing letters or documents, horoscopes, and studies. And the names and data of the respective customers were inserted into these existing studies in order to fake that the total would be a personal letter for the relevant person. Studies, luck stones and so on, then, they were allowed to 50 Euro pays. In the course of the years, this must go into the millions.

Erwin Mohr, Mayor of Wolfurt.

He said... business address of Maria Duval is in Austria, in Wolfurt, a small community in Vorarlberg. Already the name "Madame Duval" evokes revolt and irritation in the town hall. The mayor gets hundreds of letters from cheated victims and their lawyers. Besides the name Maria Duval, the company Astroforce appears again and again, according to Erwin Mohr. the company Astroforce, writes the letters and commercials, all something the people from advertisements knows. A world-wide active business, that works anonymous and hides behind ita post address".

Almost unfathomable businesses.

The post address is: Wolfurt, Kellhofstraße 7. Maria-Duval-Leseservice, opened in the morning on three days per week. ML tries to contact the medium outside office hours by telephone. A co-worker claims, stiffly and solidly, She answers "each letter personally, that is addressed at the woman Duval. She/it has another address almost every week.

Widely ramified businesses.

On the question, whoever is boss of the company Astroforce, the name Burkhard Fritz is called us. Who is Burkhard Fritz, and which connections does he/it have to Maria Duval on the other hand?

For the local police, this name is not unknown. Meticulously, Robert Wirt of the criminal police disentangled the complicated interconnections of the company Astroforce: "The investigations stretched over two years. We listed the realizations and announced the court. It is about a world-wide acting company."

Burkhard Fritz appears on that occasion also as acting manager close to Wolfurt, that handles the business around Maria Duval by the order of the company Astroforce, a company M and H shipping trade services with base in Lauterbach. Where the moneys come, in which relationship Duval, Astroforce, and company M and H stand, Burkhard Fritz, the acting manager, will not answer these questions.

Deal with the addresses of unsuspecting customers.

How it is difficult to look through the businesses around Maria Duval, also the public prosecutor's office found out in Wolfurt. She/it had to discontinue the procedure: "Obviously, Maria Duval is a borderline case. A situation, that doesn't yet degenerate in deceit, where the people are pulled over the table, under the pretense of wrong things and in the mistaken belief." Mayor Erwin Mohr therefore fights on hopeless terrain: A court must grasp a decision so that this is put in. If it is put in, a new company is established, that among other things continues" names the businesses.

The mayor explains why Wolfurt is so attractive for dubious companies. Here, there is a central post office. From there, dubious programs reach unhindered to whole of Europe. Maria Duvals customers get however not only mail from Madame but from other obscure profiteers. The former co-worker explains: "I could be picked up into the dispatcher to the test. I did mail sent after it without end. These whole dubious profit game promises, mail of other fortune-tellers. In this respect was clear to me that trading of address lists takes place there." A giant business funded by Madame Duval's unsuspecting customers.

Source translated from;
German news website

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