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These are genuine messages
that I have received from visitors to this website.
(Tidied up from the email format,
new ones added at the top as from mid-December 2000)

Hello Kevin.

Madame Duval is in full swing here in Finland scaring middleage ladies with her letters. Empty promises and a diaretic way on expressing her ideas towards them. I have received lot of information and few samples on "forced" letters from non existing ASTROFORCE. I'm working together with a Finnish top journalist on this case but it seems impossible to track down persons who are behind this terrible business.

regards S S Helsinki

Hello, Well done on putting together this website. I'm a natural born cynic. About a year ago I saw an ad in a TV guide promising (FREE) a letter and a good luck charm if a form was filled out and returned to Astroforce in Melbourne (Australia). It promised that internationally recognised psychic Maria Duval would respond to the first however many requests received (I'm sorry I forget the actual number). What caught my eye was the bit about "Pwersonalised". I was interested to see how they would do it. At that time I just assumed it was a small one-off scam and that Maria Duval was not a real person. I sent off the form which asked for birthdate and a question to be asked. (Something like that) I received a long letter (obviously a form letter), requesting money. I thought it was very funny and threw it away. But really, if people are responding and sending money for nothing it's not really that funny is it?

I received another letter yesterday promising 94 days of good luck if I send A$69.95 to buy "The LIttle Book of Secrets". I think for that money it should be a pretty big book really. I am going to ask my sister to send away and see if she gets the same letters. I'm sure this is, in part at least, unnecessary, as you've done the research for me. Part of my letter is the same as you have reprinted in your website. I am especially impressed by the "audience with Pope John Paul" bit. What a crock!

This must be an extremely busy woman if she is operating in as many countries as you've uncovered. The bit in this latest letter that gave me the biggest laugh is that she has been neglecting other people and concentrating on me. Yeah sure.

Anyway I will go ahead in part with the plan and send my letter and my sister's letter (when she gets it) to the consumer protection bureau. Would you like me to scan my second letter and send it to you? This letter I have just received is the one you receive if you have not sent any money. I have not received anything from other psychics but have received a couple of letters from a lottery supposedly run in Britain. I don't know if there is any link there, but judging by the number of letters others who have written to you have received, it appears that if you don't send money they mostly leave you alone.

I was interested to see what others had to say or if anyone else was investigating this scam so I entered "Maria Duval" into a search engine and came up with you. Once again, congratulations on the website and thank you for all the work you have put in. The address of Astroforce in Melbourne is Suite 90, 199 Toorak Road, South Yarra.


To whom it may concern,

I have just been through your web page to do with the scams Astroforce(maria duval) run.... I live in Western Australia and seen an article in the newspaper for a free 15 page prediction and a free talisman, So i replied it said send no money ITS FREE... So i did to see what i would get back...Well today the 21 march 2001 I received a letter from Maria Duval saying I am a gifted person and i need help with and money...Well with the money part thats true..(haha) At the end of the very nice letter i was told to send $79.95 for my special powers or protection...It had been reduced from $250.00 but she said she knew i wasnt rich so i could have it at the reduced cost....I must return the letter within 48 hours with the payment.... Well at first i thought yeah i will do it...But then i decided that no i wouldnt....I am so glad that i seen your scam page to do with her and the others....As some of us are quite gullible.....So i must say thankyou for exposing these sods who try to squeeze every last sent out of people. I expect i will receive plenty more rubbish,yet I will just put return to sender.. I feel very sorry for the people who have been fooled by these so called astrologers....... They need to be stopped...If i can help in anyway Thanks again.. Yours sincerely J P

Dear Kevin, after I looked at your website, I wrote to Mr Koetsheid in Holland, as I had received no refund from Astroforce in England. I now have £32 back in my pocket. Thank you, Mrs. H. R.

I'm also attempting to alert people to the Maria Duval scam here in Australia. Each time I spot her(?) advert in a paper or magazine, I make sure to phone the editor or advertising manager to inform them about this egregious organisation which preys on the gullible, the desperate, the depressed and the poor. Keep up the good work!
I.P. Australia

Hello Kevin,
This is the translation of the mail.
Hello Maria! I got your letter. I have read it and did some thinking. I have decided that I want your help and I´m letting you do the telepathic actions that you mentioned in the letter. At the same time I agree to pay you the 400 swedish krones that you mentioned. I`m mailing instead because it is faster than letters. I hope this mail find it´s way to the right adress and that you find the time to send me the book before it´s to late. In case, I´m writing, what I presume is my order - or- customer-number. XXXXXXX. My adress is K 3, Uppsala.
There, now you probably know who I am. Best regards from F T.

(Translated by a reader)

Well, I hope this gave you some idea about the letter. I guess this guy got the same letter as me and thought it was very interesting and decided to answer Maria, wherever she is ??!!!
Best wishes from Sweden.

[I wonder why, after all he has read, he has decided to waste his money? Kevin]

I have received a mail from Maria Duval. She promised me a lot of happiness, money and love in life. I received a letter that encouraged me to send more money to get a lot of personal guiding and advice from Maria in person. I think it is just junkmail and I did not send any money, thanks to the internet. I went on the net and looked for pages about Maria Duval, found her page and your page, diskussionspages, a lot of criticism and warnings. Thank you !

Best wishes from K L

Today I received the Maria Duval letter requesting sixteen 33 cent stamps or $5. Almost responded except thought I'd do a Yahoo Search to see what information was available as to her legitimacy. Thus, came across your site and others. Thanks so much for the "heads up" about this person/business. The letter is in the waste bin. S

Dear Kevin, I thank you for the information and the advice that you Provided me; however, I received a letter from Shannon Holbrook who promises that you can win lottery with her system. Her address is the following: Holbrook Estate P.O.Box 96598 Las Vegas, NV 89193-6598. Could you please find out more about that person. I really appreciate your help in that particular matter. Sincerely, Ml

I received today a letter from Angela Summers-psychic.. she has a deep & compelling reason for contacting me today. she says I'll be accumulating over $5,000,000.00 & she trembles with excitement for me!! But i must send her $20.00 within 10 days or I risk losing all that money. A S
I forgot a comment from Maria Duval, she states in one letter, I was to receive $200,000.00 cash through a lottery or games of chance. I sent her $35.00 she sent me a 75 page day to day, step by step astrologic reading. I paid, I received, in this 75 page reading , there was no mention of the so called $200,000 I was promised in the first letter , but she says in the 75 page reading that there is no way I would ever win any large amounts money, that I would have to get my money by working hard all my life for it. I didn't need her to tell me that!! I then spent $84.00 on two crystals that she said were given to her by her grandfather & had special powers to attract luck & love. I am to return them to her after a year of renting them. nothings happened yet. I have not been granted any luck nor have I found true love with these crystals. I kept them because they are great custom jewelry. I'm not sending them back, because I won't get my money back so I kept them.

- I sent for a thing called the trans luck actualator , $99.00. I believed her that it would change bad luck to good luck. being in a depressed messed up frame of mind I was in- I believed her. It now makes a lovely expensive paper weight. It's a chunk of amethyst glued to a small plastic square, in the center is a hand holding a small rose quartz marble. it's pretty but that's all it is. I also get by the ton, sweepstakes mailings. I've won $100,000, only if I send $9.99, within 10 days. $600,000 if I sent $29.99 within 7 days. $1,000,000.00 if I send $5.00 within 10 days. I did become gullible & replied to about 4 of them, I haven't heard nothing yet. I'm still waiting for the millions of dollars they say I've won. of course I only lost my money & got nothing in return. I. H.

I am one of the many who fell for the hopes & fantasy that talismans & psychics can help change your life for the better . Being promised true happiness & a plethoras of monies is a sure way to prey on the weak & depressed of this world. Only the reality of losing money for crap you can buy at any store for a lot cheaper is my punishment & of course having to work my ass off is the only way to get rich. I hope this helps others not to make the same mistakes!! There is no easy way to get rich or happy. Only Hard work. P.

neo-tech etc . Dear Kevin - I also noticed neo-tech got a mention from one of your messages from other contributors at your website. The offers from this mob of cowboys is much more subtle than the 'I had a vision' cuckoos. it sets itself straight at the rebel in us all - because after all wouldn't we like to get back at the government or authority or some such organisation somehow, well we did so say neo-tech. And then they go on to tell us all about the arrest of an apparently successful business man (I never followed up to see if he really existed)however I still receive mail from them occasionally (it's like a little heartbeat, just trying to keep in touch, was wondering how you were, hey take a look at this offer - I bought a neo-tech book more than twenty years ago - great value and updates previous blah blah blah). Incidentally the books look expensive and have decent covers, inside though it's a nightmare, impossible to read for more than five seconds, looks like an advertisers dream come true with 'special' marketing layout features like shop window art - they are truly too terrible for words. The thing this bunch of bastards also use is the fear of retribution - something like if you don't do this, think what will happen to your familys' future etc etc. It's really quite polished but STILL THE SAME OLD PILE OF BULL. I will send new addresses to you as they come through.

I noticed Maria Duval's address in Victoria was published by a fellow reader of your website.

What a sad bunch of puppies we all are - still now we know there's no more excuse is there. Cheers, I








About a year ago I noticed in a Swedish advertisement catalogue, an offer from Maria Duval (in english) to without any cost receive a talisman in the form of a golden cross.But I didn't receive it immediately. First I received a letter with an offer to get rid of, what she called, an unhappy life with lack of money! After a while the cross arrived and I was satisfied with that, but still letters and offers are coming every second/third month. The letters are written in Swedish but posted in Malmoe in the south of Sweden. On the envelope it's written the address to: Maria Duval, 36, Avenue Henri Matisse F-06200 Nice, France. Instead of a stamp there is written: PORT PAYÉ24145Allemagne.(Germany) The letters are very well written in Swedish and some lines are written in a way to makethe reader believe it is handwritten! In the beginning the tone in the letters were positive, but lately there are som vague threatsthat if I don't send money, something bad will happen! I have never sent a nickel to Maria Duval and am not intended to do so. I am not interrested in it and I hope they will stop coming all the time! Best regards..... T B, Sweden.

Hello, You asked for reactions to your website. Here's mine. As your partner did, I reacted to a mailing. Mine was from Maria Duval and, in defence of your partner, it is very tempting to react. In her letter, similar to the one you showed but of course mine was in Dutch, she write things that can of course apply to anyone, but it is as if she really knows you. Deep down you want to believe that your problems will be solved and you will live happily ever after. What aroused my suspicion was the fact that every time you ordered something then right along the order was another letter, claiming more luck, more money and all you had to do was send anther FL 100,-(a bargain as she of course normally charged much more). When finally I mistrusted her enough and decided to look at the internet for more information. If only I had done this before! But if you read all her letters to you, you might understand your partner better. She writes in a way that is very appealing and in a way you feel blamed for not having made full use of your opportunities. Then she scares you a bit, because she says that if you don't react this time your opportunity will go away for years on end. In this way she sort of forces you to react, because if you don't and misfortune becomes yours, you will always have this nagging little voice saying...maybe you could have prevented it. I don't think of myself as stupid or gullible, but I must admit that I spent a lot of money so far. But..... good news!! No more!!!I will throw the next letter away..maybe I dare throw it away without opening. If you would like to have the Dutch versions of the letters or the Dutch P.O. Box number, please sau so. I will send them to you. Thank you very much for the eye-opener and I hope your partner is O.K. now. Yours sincerely N B,The Netherlands.

I found your website thru a link on, I entered my search engine on aol to look for psychic Maria Duval, Chris, Alan Silver and Paloma Summer, etc., some of the people I have sent money to, and usually end up being disappointed. I found the evidence overwhelming about these psychics being on the scam. I have been contacted by at least 25 different psychics in the last year, some with the exact format and information, on different names and addresses. I've contacted the one's above, whom all appeared sincere and had some information to pass on to me that seamed believable. But now I know that they all share information and addresses and are probably in a network, I'm taking your advice to seek a refund from every one and write the direct mail responders, as you recommended. I was first concerned when my monthly report to Chris was returned "address unknown" I always use the return mail envelope, usually going to Geneva Switzerland, but last month, it went to New York, and was returned. I'll confront them with a request for refund and pass on any information I may obtain, I still have all of the envelopes and predictions in a file, awaiting them to materialize, without their intervention, If it is my destiny based on astrology, but your thought provoking website has awakened me to what this scam is all about. I'll pass on any information, such as names and addresses, as requested in future correspondence. Thank You, Mr B.

Not sure if you have this address yet, but it's: Maria Duval. 372, West 46th Street, Ground Floor, New York, NY 10036-8310. I sent in a $2 numerology type thing for good luck to this address. Of course it came back with exactly what you portrayed on your website; fake letterhead, talismans for good luck, etc. Then a couple of other letters as well, all asking for money for this or that. I'm glad I checked out your website. I'm sending the paper I got the ad out of a letter telling them this is a scam and contacting the Better Business Bureau.

Thank you, T.

I have received many letters from Eva du Maurier, Marie Duval, Anthony Carr, Marie France, Karel Legan (Words of Power) and some woman in NSW her name I can't recall at the moment, I have received nothing concrete from the two that I responded to. If you wish to convert your web page into other languages won't the languages program in windows do this for you? I am glad I found your web page. I have ICQ on my computer and I just typed in the name Eva du Maurier and started to run through the listings and your page was the first page listed under that name. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I can say that you have saved me heaps as I was starting to get sucked in. I also received a letter from that other one you mentioned Neo-tech or something. K.

This woman, Maria Duval, is present in Australia using a business name Astroforce. I happen to check her out on the web, after ringing Consumer affairs for information. Thanks for your research and information B R.

I saw your site on the net, and I wanted to say that it is really good. I especially liked your poem. I'm getting stalked by a lady who is calling herself Maria Duval, and I searched the net to find stuff about her, that is how I came across your site, thank you for the information. Take care, A.

Thank you for your web site, I have somehow ended up on a mailing list and have had mail from Maria Duval, Chris, Alan Silver, Marie, Birgit Jordana, Rochelle, Eva Du Maurier, Raylene and Paloma Summer. Tongue in cheek I have sent for some of the cheaper options. The one from Chris was absolute vague rubbish, the one from Paloma Summer nearly as bad and not forthcoming, I have now a very promising future from Alan Silver, validity to be determined, I have not to date tried to get any monies back. I had very few illusions about the scam or operation, I am a printer and recognised early on that the so called hand written letters were laser printed with a recognisable type face and all of these mailings and printing style looked vaguely similar and all with the same undelivered address.

Thank you for confirming my misgivings, I found you with a "Copernic" Multi Search Engine. I live in England. Are there any genuine Psychics or Mediums in this business or is it all just a money grab scam?? best regards C R (Many researchers have tested the claims of "psychics" and "mediums", none have been proven. Kevin)

Hello! I wish I would have found your information about 5 days ago. I just responded to a "letter" from Maria Duval claiming she would send me a tailisman. She also claimed that if I wrote down my wish she could help make it come true. I thought this odd, since the letter was quite clearly of mass production. I wondered how I ended up on "her" mailing list. Curious, I searched the web via AOL (big mistake) and found absolutely nothing. "What the heck", I thought. She had only asked for 16, 33 cent stamps, what could I lose? After reading about your partner it looks like my sanity may be at stake! If I start receiving mail from everyone and his brother who refer to themselves as mystics......oh boy......I'm in trouble... I mailed the reply (stamps included) last week. Any advice for me at this point? I live in New Jersey. The return address was New York. Thanks for any advice, T.

p.s. still curious, I put in Maria Duval at and found your article.

YES! We too sent money to Astroforce, although half-heartedly, and have yet to receive a reply. We have tried in vain to contact on the Customer Service line but only hear a recorded message and are unable to speak with anyone regarding our query. We were asked to send A$76.00 and would receive our "special instructions" in only a few short days - we have been waiting nearly two months ( I know this is not a long time bu, it is longer than was stated) but have had no reply in regard to the money that was sent. However, we did receive another "special document" stating that if we sent A$150.00 then we would receive yet more information on how to become more lucky. It was then we realized it would be a never ending saga if we returned this order with the money. I still try and find a way to contact them, as I would like my refund - Hence, searching on the web and stumbling upon your page. If you have any information about Astroforce in Australia please pass it on to us.

Just want to thank you for your comments on the astrocat web page. I was going to answer an ad from Maria Duval in which there was a headline which read, "I, MARIA DUVAL, want to help you fulfill both of your secret wishes For FREE." Before I answered the ad, I decided to do a little research on the web first to see if other individuals had anything to say about her.

You pretty much affirmed my doubts about the reliability of her claims, and I thank you very much for all the information you provide about Maria Duval as well as other charlatans who prey on hapless individuals who are looking for magic answers outside of themselves to solve their problems. From S.

My name is L---- and I'm originally from P---. I currently live in the U.S. where I'm also married to a great police officer. I am not surprised with the findings about Duval. My mother was also a victim of her scam. I am in the possession of her famous talisman. My mom spent a lot of money for it and it really makes me angry that this woman is still around, playing with peoples feelings and vulnerabilities. It's funny that I had this feeling about her, so I asked my husband to search for her on the internet. BINGO, this web page full of complaints, not only towards her but also against other charlatans. What puzzles me, is how they came across our home address, since we are not listed?????????? Do you have any ideas? Could you keep me updated as far as Duval and others?? I want these people behind bars.

I just read the articles on your web-site, I feel so stupid for sending for all this crap from Maria Duval. I have sent her a total of $128.00 and have received nothing from her. I see now that I was scammed and I'm glad I didn't receive anything from her. I am going to file a complaint with the BBB. Can you tell me how these people continue to get away with this fraud . It seems to me that the Attorney General could do something to stop it.
From J.

Hi Kevin, Congratulations on a great website! My Mum has been sending money to Maria Duval (a.k.a. Astroforce) for "spiritual help" for some time now with no tangible result. This prompted me to investigate Maria Duval (as journalists do) eventually leading me to your website. I was amazed to learn that the Astrology business is so well funded and well organised!

They appear to have turned exploitation into an art-form. Anyway, your site has provided me with a wealth of information for my next story (if it's okay with you for me to use your material), so thanks a lot and keep up the good work! Alas, I can't guarantee you an enormous audience as I work for the little-known Queensland Independent Newspaper, but maybe one of the bigger papers will spot it and run with it. We live in hope. Regards, D B

Astrocat1, I have, today, received an "offer" from "Maria Duval" for a FREE "ARCHANGEL MICHAEL" pendant on a gold plated chain...I must send her $64.95 for my "SECRET INSTRUCTIONS FOR RECEIVING THE AMAZINGLY POWERFUL HELP OF MY ANGELS"..... This is one of many mail hits I have had this week at my home in WESTERN AUSTRALIA. Anthony Carr has hit me no less than three times in the last Ten working days, the latest being today as well with his tired old "NUMEROLGY PITCH". One that I don't seem to remember you mentioning is one who goes by the name of just "BRENDA". I have lost the address of this one, but I am almost certain that it is the same as the addresses for "MARIA DUVAL, & ANTHONY CARR at ASTROFORCE, Suite 90, 199 TOORAK RD, SOUTH YARRA, VICTORIA 3141 AUSTRALIA. I do have a fair amount of junk mail from these people, & I have even been "sucked in" myself in the past.

Another that has just sprung to mind that gives a Twelve month money back guarantee is Madame "MARIE BEAUVAL, Astral Clairvoyant, Suite 150, 16 COTHAM RD, KEW, VICTORIA 3101, AUSTRALIA. I have junk mail on this one too. I hope I have advanced your cause to some degree, & will let you know of any new "Offers" of help if they should arise.... SEALION

PS... Brenda works out of a place referred to as the "Astrological & Psychic Center", address thought to be in, or near Melbourne, Australia ...Note the U.S. way of spelling Centre.... After 3 months I actually did receive the said booklet of predictions this seems to be a computer print out of Astrology which anyone can do if they had the program. It was a waste of money, and due to receiving the said goods I do not qualify for refund. Thanks for your reply V.

Hello Sir, I was sent a circular by Maria Duval some years ago promising all sorts of riches etc., being naive at the time I paid £29.00 for a book on lucky numbers etc. nothing happened (once bitten) anyway she keeps sending offers every 6 months to tempt me. All I do now is return the empty envelope.

But on Tuesday the 12th of October 2000 I received a mailshot from a Marie France, 120 lucky days etc as shown on your site. The address she is using is, Marie France, 36 Avenue Henri Matisse, 06200 Nice, France. Royal Mail licence no HQ7878.

Keep up the good work in trying to expose these people who are robbing the poor as many people are tempted by there false promises. G. There have been the said advertisements on your website regarding Maria Duvall circulating in June editions of our TV PLUS program books which come in our Sunday Newspaper. I have seen the ad twice, the second time I decided to investigate this amazing written ad that claimed all sorts of talents and gifts of this woman. I did receive the free report, which like you say repeats itself with positive affirmation and promises of good fortune. Trusting in our system of retrieval of money, for money back guarantees if they are fraudulent I sent away for the least amount of the three offers which was $79.00. I was curious to hear the continuation of her first report as it not only repeated itself it lied saying and urging you to believe that She (Maria Duval) was the only friend you have. My intention was to read the subsequent report and then make noise about her authenticity and that would show in firstly honouring the money back guarantee. Like you, I am tired of seeing people fall victim to dishonest greedy people like these.

Well, after being patient with the post since 26 June or August not sure and receiving nothing, I checked with the bank and the money had not been taken out of credit card so I waited.

I rang the advertisers of the TV PLUS 20 September to get phone number details as no address or was on Report. They gladly passed a phone no. to me which had a machine recorded message with leave your details name, address, phone no. and nature of your call and we will write to you within 5 days. I continued to check with the bank and still money had not been taken out. The money was accessed on the 5 October the bank told me and now I need to wait a further 7 days before I engage in retrieval of the money via the bank. The bank will proceed from there. I also rang the Sunday Mail TV PLUS and they were surprised with my information and I gave them your site, they too were going ahead with investigation via their main offices in Sydney Australia. I came across your site on 9 October in my search for ASTROFORCE LTD. Their mailing address in TV PLUS was: Maria Duvall c/o Astroforce 199 Toorak Rd Suite 90 South Yarra Victoria 3141 Australia Phone: 03 9525 1207 Keep up the good work.

Hi Kevin, Sorry it has been a while since my last email, but pressure of work has left me little time to pursue other interests... I am working on addresses of TV/Radio/Newspaper interests in Australia, but I want to give you companyies that have an interest of some sort in the issue, so please bear with me... I haven't forgotten, just takes time to investigate & disseminate... A new name has appeared on the "block" here in Western Australia, or at least one I have never heard of before in this issue..."Cassandra St. George", suite 316, 382 Ruthven St, Toowoomba, Queensland. The letter has a return to sender address of PO box 47699, PONSONBY Auckland 1034 New Zealand. As per all the other "tripe", she maintains that a planetary line-up is going to occur at the end of the century. She got a shock when she touched my file, & had a vision that made her contact me immediately because she saw me winning $233,000. For a mere $49.95 I can get a personal horoscope, lucky numbers, (& how to use them) special report. Cassandra's personal lucky charm to help me achieve this wealth... The others that we know about are still very active here, in fact "Anthony Carr" has "hit" me 4 times in the last 6 weeks...he must be getting desperate for cash.... I hope you are well, & that the cause is moving in a positive way towards exposure of these parasites. J.

Dear Sir, I don't know if this is the same thing as on the web site, but I recently sent off a Maria Duval thing I found in the TV guide. Are you saying that she doesn't exist? I really wasn't sure when I read your article, but before I get hoodwinked, here is the address in which to send stuff to her, Maria Duval, 372 W 46th St., Ground Fl., New York, NY 10036-8310. I would really like to be advised on this so if you could please send me a return on this e-mail, I would be appreciative. Also, she has written back, and it is quite a lot of information. Did you want to see it? Thank you, B. (reply sent.)

Boy, Do I Feel STUPID! I received a letter in the mail from Maria Duval stating if I sent her five Dollars or 16 stamps, she would send me a free personal reading plus amulets. I sent the stamps over the cash but have not seen anything. I only wish I had read your site sooner. They have multiple international information about junk mail and junk e mail and so on that you might find useful in your pursuit to help us rid ourselves of the scams. I just got another one today from Gina Marks.

I have a large manila envelope full of many more and I have been shredding the rest because I just can't keep up with it all anymore. Best of 'Luck' to you ;-) (another one conned...but only once and not again)


Hi I am dumb, gullible T. in B. I am currently on a 6-month hypno-telepathic treatment with CHRIS that cost me $99. I am not going to give him any more money and test the 6 months of hypno-telephatic treatment for all it is worth!! Also gotten letters from David Phild, (sent no money- into the .waste basket), and Paloma Summer ($20 sent to her).. That is it.

I got a lot of other letters all thrown into the waste paper basket. No more money to be sent out, spent a total of $140..($20 and $99 to Chris and $20 to Paloma Summer. I am laughing a little now and won't fall for any more money sending deals..but I am going to go through the relaxation exercises and visualization before going to sleep at night that CHRIS asked me to do. Even world-class athletes use these exercises and they can be very valuable which I know from sport experience. Thank you for your info and advice on this page. Bless your heart. T.

Hi there! I just wanted to thank you for telling me what I knew deep down. I just got an offer from Raylene Van Worth in the mail and she TOTALLY convinced me! I was ready to mail in my order when my instincts told me to check the web first. That's how I found your site. I would be curious to find out more information about her, or where I can find it! But I assume that if she was listed on your site, it's NOT GOOD! Thanks, C.

Hi! Thank you for your reply! I appreciate the site you put up for everyone to see! Like you said, because they are going through another company to get the money, they probably have something to hide! C.

Hi! I'm writing from Portugal. I received a letter from Maria Duval / Astroforce, asking me for PTE 5995$00 (Euro €30). That price will include a free gift, the lotto winning numbers for the next 12 months and a photo of her (arghhh!!). I found your site searching (in for "Maria Duval". I thank you very much for keeping this scam information available. PV

Hello, My name is J. and I live in the north-eastern United States. You had asked that anyone with information about Maria Duval or other mail order Psychics to contact you. I had sent away for Maria's talisman about 2 years ago. I paid 24 U.S. dollars for it. It never brought me the luck and good fortune it promised; and worst of all , when I was holding it to make a wish, IT BROKE! It must have been made of VERY shoddy material and it most definitely did not appear to be the 14 karat gold I was promised. Recently I responded to another mailing of hers....this time promising that all services would be "free" (with the exception of postage costs). I have received nothing and am hoping that I can somehow get my 5 US. Dollars back.

I have also received mailings almost daily from a variety of so-called psychics and astrologers , including many of the ones you have mentioned ( Rochelle, Raylene Van Worth, Anthony Carr etc.). She has also sent my name to a company called Neo-Tech (whom I had also purchased material from) which I come to find out is a cult-like scam run by a family! I would very much like to help you in your quest to bring these scam- artists down.

I turned to them for help because I have a lot of personal problems (including financial) and I sent my hard-earned money to them because they "promised" they would help solve all my problems. I feel very foolish for ever having believed in them, and mostly hurt that they would prey on people like myself, people looking for a way out of their despair. I am going to get together all of the mailings I can find and send you the United States addresses, so keep checking your email.

By the way, I found this site by looking up Maria Duval on a search engine. I found a few pages, mostly negative about Mrs. Duval, and that brought me here. Anyway, thanks again for informing people like me about these hooligans. Sincerely, J.

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