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These are more genuine messages
that I have received, in 2001, from visitors to this website.
(Tidied up from the email format.)

Very honoured Kevin Harrington, I have knowledge taken from your Mail and want to try to answer at least one part of your questions:
1. Who Solen SA owner is, experience earliest with the Handeslregisteramt. Manager (Administrateur) is a certain Régis Coppex.
2. Swiss government cannot intervene there. Which makes brines SA, is if necessary unfairly however no Offizialdelikt. If it concerns criminally relevant facts, it needs a complaint.
3. No notion
4. That is the Problem: Companies, which have to hide something, can open p.o. boxes, without the name of the company admits becomes. The integrity commission is to initieren together with the post office and the Konsumentenschuetzern measures against the abuse of p.o. boxes.

I hope you thereby to have served and transmit to you friendly greetings.

Piero Shaefer, Communication Integrity Commission.

(Translated by

Dear Sir, While sorting out my late wife's possessions, I came across several astrology products that she had sent away for. As a last resort, I searched the Internet and Usenet for information. I discovered that lots of people had been cheated. I checked up on Maria Duval in England, and found out that she used a mailing company to collect money.

The firm is Marketlink Marketing Communications Ltd, same address as Maria Duval. I hope this information proves useful to you.

D. C..

Hello Astrocat!!

Thank you for the scam revelations!! My mom has been a recipient of the Raylene Van Worth "happiness Line". My mom believed EVERYTHING this woman said.. She started receiving them in August of 2000 promising her Luck in life and everything she tried. So my mom went ahead and tried and lost ALL of our money that my father had left behind. So since that lucky streak never came about.. we lost an auto... behind on my private schooling...and just living on a VERY small income and in collection for Raylene's items. I don't think it is very wise for my mom to attempt any payments on them.I am very happy that you have revealed this.. and to avoid another person or family to suffer through the luck and happiness that's promised to everyone on the same letter.

Thank you so much, N.

I have been unemployed since December, and since that time I have received no less than thirty of those psychic/astrologer/tarot letters. Maria Duval is one of them, but the one which seemed very convincing, David Phild, I decided to check the Web for anything on him. There was no e-mail address, nor any acknowledgement in the "white pages" (phone directory).

I could give you a list of the names of the "psychics" I have letters from. At first I was getting letters from a St. Matthews Ministry. No street address, no phone, but they, as all the letters did, include my name all over the letters and poured out their hearts to me about my unfortunate life, and offered sure success. They also sent plastic and metal tokens, pieces of material to put under my pillow or bed, etc, and mail back "right away" with my money.

Next, came Shannon Holbrook, who asked for my astrology data, and then sent back a general (cheapie astrology program) printout on the wrong date and wrong ascendant!

I wrote back to her, and received another complete mailing and instructions to link into her Psychokinetic Force every night, by stating my name and date of birth, and she also included some lottery numbers, along with bits of advice on health and attitude.

David Phild seemed convincing with his brochure showing testimonies and photos. Too bad.

There was also Andrea True, with her "True Millionaire" slogan.

There is Rev. Ike and his "bad luck cow", which you must send back with money quickly.

I have Maria Duval promising me great wealth also. Her mailing contained the brochure mentioning helping the police, along with a collage of other newspaper clippings. The address on her envelope is 372 West 46th Street Ground Floor, NY, NY 10036-8310.

I noticed this mailing, along with 99% of the others, did not give any street address, an e-mail address, nor a telephone number.

There's the International Astrology Institute. Darnava is the astrologer who gives me my "happenstance phase" time.

There's Victoria DeMonaco in Las Vegas, Nevada; Tara in Miama, Florida; and there's "Barbara", who included her picture which must have been taken around 1935 (Clairvoyance Processing in Ronkonkoma, NY). These are some of the half-dozen I wrote to and asked if they would write back in their own hand personally and assure me they are sincere. That was weeks ago, and no response.

Interestingly, within a week I received another mailing from a Marie Rose Valmont, who included a small computer-printed personal written guarantee and a computer-printed handwritten signature at the bottom.

Sandra Rochefort "one of the best visionaries of France" sent her brochure and letter, giving a return address of New York City.

Marie Rose Valmont really grabbed my heart. The letter shows an elder woman who said she has lived her life and doesn't have long to go, and while she was in the hospital recently a friend visitor told her about my dilemma. She said she wasn't out to gain any more wealth, and she was going to send me a talisman programmed to help me win my desires, only she needed $20 to send me the mailing.

Another mailing with a picture was from a Mary Galante,NY, NY a psychic who looks a lot like a nun.

I received a mailing from the Center for Interpretive Millennium Revelation, NY.

Today I got a mailing from a Clarisse Le Fleur: a lovely name, isn't it? She's a psychic/planetologist. This one's another joke. She enclosed a brochure showing photos of her with Prince Charles, Elizabeth Taylor and Warren Beatty. She was wearing the same day suit, printed scarf and hair, so she must have attended an event when these celebs were all together at the same time. This address is Valley Stream, NY. She offered a free gift, an ancient crystal pendulum of wealth.

Also, today I received a letter from a not-very-communicator, a Pastor John W. Dowell, who promises prayers for everything with a love offering $20-$50, and you get a gold plated cross.

This looks like a good subject for Sixty-Minutes, a nationwide scam-revealling TV program. I think I'll write to them. Anyway, I hope this info is somewhat useful to you.

I'm a 24 year old dutch girl and normaly a non-believer on this stuff, but being lately in troubled water, I was inclined by an ad in the newspaper on madame Duval. a FREE talisman. WOW, I could use one! And of course I would be strong enough to resist temptation.

Since then I received 3 letters. All very Pressuring. In the first one "she" revealed a special day. Which was correct! But still not sure because of the obvious big mailing list, I decided to look on the internet.

In her letters she claimes to have been helping police a lot finding missing persons. If this is true, it must be on the net!

So that's when I found your adress.

Thank again, first thing "I must do" is throw this garbage away!!!!!


Just a few words to inform you that Roy Windor's address has changed.. Now it's CP102 - CH - 1258 PERLY What do you know about this person ?

(As much as they want me to know, nothing)

Hi Kevin, received your e-mail. I was trying to find the website where I found the information on Maria Duval's scams but I cannot seem to find it now. Could you e-mail me that website that I e-mailed you from. I have other people who may be interested in it. Thanks.


Have you heard of a Mrs. Sofia Dora - who resides at 90 Avenue de France - CH-1000 Lausanne 22 (yes, got the mailing)

The undelivered address is FRA000118FS PO Box 457 London EC1A 1QS

They claim the golden pyramid was awarded to her, voted best european astrologer &clairvoyant at the 1999 international festival of clairvoyance in paris

£20 for basic reading, £15 for insight to lottery numbers, free talisman & draw to win £2950

I would be interested to hear your comments.

I guess I should have checked this site out. I paid Maria Duval 2 years ago about $65 can. for a reading. Nothing close to my life. Unfortunetly I threw all the stuff out. But... Raylene Van Worth, I paid $25 can. a month for the last 4 months and then cancelled her readings. I guess I got scammed again. Some of Raylene's mailings come from: Raylene Van Worth

3007 Kingston Rd. Suite 305 Scarborough, On. MIM IPI

Also from this address: PMB 130 2140 Route 88, Suite 6 Brick, NJ 08724

And Yesterday I received from Frank Andrews, Psychic Tarot Advisor :

PMB 950 372 Rideau Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 1G7

Let me know if this helps at all, and do you suppose Frank, is a scam artist also. Who would have believed, that I could get scammed twice so far. I guess we just want to think that our lives really could get richer.

No more psychics for me. Thanks for your insight.

M M from Ontario.

I am glad to have come across your website. I have a friend in Ontario, Canada who has just received a letter from her stating she can help him and if he sends $5 he will receive the tasmainan stone free and if he answers the questions she will send him up to 15 pages to help him. He has done this before I got on the internet but I will definitely worn him not to go on any farther with things. Thanks for your help! Is there really a Maria Duval or do they just make up the name. That is what it sounds like to me but I was just wandering. Thanks.


Hi my name is W and thanks to your website I saved myself $ 160-00 . I live in Christchurch New Zealand and I saw an ad either in the TV Guide or That's Life Magazine to do with Marie Duval and I thought why not , when I got the first lot of info I sent a Check away for $79-95 got the next lot of info and sent another Check away for $79-95 then I was on the Computer a couple of days later and thought I would just type in her name and this was what I came up with I was shocked but so glad to find this information and thanks to you I was able to put a stop on my checks which lucky for me had not been presented , I have not got the address for her handy at the moment but I am expecting more info from her so will send you her latest address , all I can remember from the envelope is she is operating from Yarra Australia



Thank you for your web site, I have somehow ended up on a mailing list and have had mail from Maria Duval, Chris, Alan Silver, Marie, Birgit Jordana, Rochelle, Eva Du Maurier, Raylene and Paloma Summer.

Tongue in cheek I have sent for some of the cheaper options. The one from Chris was absolute vague rubbish, the one from Paloma Summer nearly as bad and not forthcoming,

I have now a very promising future from Alan Silver, validity to be determined, I have not to date tried to get any monies back.

I had very few illusions about the scam or operation, I am a printer and recognised early on that the so called hand written letters were laser printed with a recognisable type face and all of these mailings and printing style looked vaguely similar and all with the same undelivered address.

Thank you for confirming my misgivings, I found you with a "Copernic" Multi Search Engine.

Are there any genuine Psychics or Mediums in this business or is it all just a money grab scam?? (I reckon it's all a con, Kevin.)

best regards, C R

Hello! I wish I would have found your information about 5 days ago. I just responded to a "letter" from Maria Duval claiming she would send me a tailisman. She also claimed that if I wrote down my wish she could help make it come true.

I thought this odd, since the letter was quite clearly of mass production. I wondered how I ended up on "her" mailing list. Curious, I searched the web via AOL (big mistake) and found absolutely nothing.

"What the heck", I thought. She had only ask for 16, 33 cent stamps, what could I lose? After reading about your partner it looks like my sanity may be at stake! If I start receiving mail from everyone and his brother who refer to themselves as mystics......oh boy......I'm in trouble...

I mailed the reply (stamps included) last week. Any advice for me at this point?

Thanks for any advice,



still curious, I put in Maria Duval at and found your article.

Contact me.

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