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February 16th 2001

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Some news about Royal Mail licence HQ7878.

Purely by chance I have found out about this. A mail order catalogue used by my partner also uses HQ7878. From a refund cheque I learned that there is a company Motive Ltd, of 165 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4V 4DD, which also uses this same HQ7878. Motive say that they are agents for a number of other mail-order companies.

Another HQ7878 company, TV Direct Distribution is also making money from my partner. The name at the address for TV Direct Distribution is Express Post Ltd, but neither is registered at Companies House.

Some news about Royal Mail licence HQ4896

I have heard from a reader who applied for and received a refund from "La Grande Mystique". On the cheque the name "International Corporate Services" appears, address in the Isle of Man. It is signed, for and on behalf of, "Befosan Research Co Ltd", t/a "Bio-Swiss Research Co". I shall be checking out these companies.

HQ4896 is also used by Microsoft and TimeLife Books!

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