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Postal Scam Warning
(Astrology) Page

Advice for U.S. citizens regarding prevention of junkmail.

Here in the U.S. we have tabloids with many psychic scams advertised. I

never call psychic 1-900 numbers, and don't write for "free info", due to my
experience with sweepstakes.
I used to enter sweepstakes regularly as a hobby, but found I was receiving
loads of junk mail, with scams such as "YOU HAVE WON A FREE CAMERA!" (in
fine print: just send $25 for postage.....when the camera was only WORTH
$ indeed.)  Or, one of those scams for a travel club, where they
give you free prizes just to listen BUT reading the fine print you notice
singles are not welcome, and neither is anyone who makes less than $25
grand - if you make less than that, or come as a single, you do not qualify
for the prize. My mom says they deliberately try to set couples arguing
against each other at those "free prize" meetings, in order to sell them the
travel club or timeshare scam.
Here in the United States, we do have mail preference services for people
who are tired of receiving junk mail:
The Mail Preference Service division of the Direct Marketing Association
(known as DMA) compiles a list of people who do not want junk mail. This
list is provided to any company who requests it, usually magazines.
Write Mail Preference Service and request your name, address, and phone
number be deleted from all mailing and marketing lists. Provide them with
all spellings of your name, as well as with any other names at your address
(including previous occupants). They will retain your information for five
years. At that time you should write again. Be sure to write when you move.
Send your name and address. Be sure to sign and date your letter.
     Mail Preference Service
     c/o Direct Marketing Association
     PO BOX 9008
     Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008
DMA also offers a telephone opt-out service. Write them with a list of all
telephone numbers you want placed on "do not call" lists. Send your name,
address, phone number with area code, and signature. They will retain your
information for five years.
     Telephone Preference Service
     c/o Direct Mail Marketing Association
     PO BOX 9014
     Farmingdale, NY 11735-9014
More info is available at
about dealing with telemarketers and junkmailers.

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