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Astrocat's Postal Scam Warning
(Astrology)(Maria Duval, etc) Page

A list of names and addresses used by direct-mail 'astrologers' to fleece the citizens of the
United Kingdom

Maria Duval, PO Box 30, Alton, Hampshire. GU34 4PX UK.(Marketlink Marketing Communications, MMC Ltd) Several other addresses have been used during the past decade. This is the one that started the onslaught on our letterbox. Avoid her like the plague, she will not make you wealthy, happy, or powerful.

After my partner's name and address was obtained by Astroforce Ltd, (Astroforce Ltd [now renamed Meridian Mailing Ltd] c/o John Williams and Company, Chartered Accountants, 41A Bell Street, Reigate, Surrey RH2 7AQ) the following persons/organisations have sent unsolicited mailshots. Do not be swayed by the promises contained within them. I have not obtained any evidence that anyone who has parted with money has won anything.

  1. CHRIS, (no mention of this name at this address in the Geneva Directory, but the company Esotal SARL is [I have been told that Esotal SARL and Serdiman Direct are one and the same]), 54 bis, route des Acacias, 1227 Carouge, near Geneva, Switzerland, and from January 2003 at CP2724, Rue Gares, 16, 1211 Geneve 2, Switzerland. Undelivered Mail to: BP499, F-74108, Ville La Grand. From November 2003, c/o Sereny SA. 4 rue du College, Yverdon-Les-Bains
  2. Birgit Jordana, CP 15, 154 route d’Aïre, 1219 Aïre, Switzerland.
  3. Paloma Summer(this is a pseudonym), CP 156, 1211 Genève 24. “
  4. David Phild, Rue de Lyon, CP 184, Genève 13. “ & 14, rue Francois Perreard, 1225 Chene Bourg, Switzerland
  5. Eva du Maurier. c/o Solen, CP 432, 1226 Thonex. “ “
  6. La Grande Mystique, CP 132, Bellevue 7, 2074 Marin. “
    & PO Box 58148 1040 HK Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    & The Psychic Research Society.
  7. Alan Silver. PO Box 75594, 1118 ZP Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Also using c/o Solen, CP 432, 1226 Thonex. Switzerland
  8. Victoria DeMonaco, PO Box 58170, 1040 KA Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  9. Hanussen2. Dept AA 417, PO Box 995, London EC1A 1AY (then routed to an address in Vienna, Austria.)
  10. Rochelle. 7, Vestry Road, Sevenoaks, Kent. UK
    & Admail 2262, Sevenoaks, KENT TN14 5YY, UK.
  11. Anthony Carr. c/o J.E.M. House, Littlemead Industrial Estate, Littlemead, Cranleigh, Surrey.GU6 8TT. UK
    & JEM Marketing P. O. Box 12717 Lake Charles, LA 70612-2717
  12. Jane Denant. PO Box 17, Richmond, Surrey. TW9 4SB (actually Orchard Road, Richmond, TW9 4NE) UK (Norstar Trading, futures dealer, American Mail Union (UK) Ltd, Mailing house, and IMX Ltd, Italy book service. IMX Swiss branch is the address of Alexandre! #21 on the list.)
  13. Dr. Magno-Po. 4936 Yonge Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M2N 6S3, Canada. (Mail-box depot & FedEx collection point)
  14. Marie-Rose Valmont. PO Box 295, Staines, Middlesex TW18 4GW, UK, actually: 3, Millers Close, Staines, TW18 1TB) UK
  15. Raylene Van Worth, Admail 2261, Sittingbourne, ME9 8RW, UK.
  16. Eva Damus, PO Box 325, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 6FA.UK
    Link Courier Group, Mulberry Crescent?
    Link Courier Group.
    3-5 St Johns Road, Metro Industrial Centre. TW7 6NA UK
  17. Marie-France, Immeuble Nice 1er A, 455 promenade des Anglais, 06299 NICE cedex 3, France., & PO Box 97, Aldershot, Hants, GU12 4GR. ('Marketlink Marketing Communications, MMC Ltd)
    Now Freepost SCE14110, Aldershot, GU12 4BR
  18. Mr Kuang C Wang jr. 71 Goldhawk Rd, c/o Frixou or Prixou, Shepherds Bush, LONDON W12 8EG, UK. undelivered mailshots go to Padeol Business Services, Bedford; is also the base for Institute Equiba, a slimming scam.
  19. Diane Moore, CP 232A, 1196 GLAND, Switzerland.
  20. Dan Parker, CP 61, 1274 SIGNY-GRENS, Switzerland.
  21. Alexandre. 14 rue du Rhone, 1204 Genève , Switzerland.
  22. Patrick Guerin, 29, boulevard de la Ferrage, B.P. 161, 06414 CANNES CEDEX, FRANCE.
  23. Valerie Taylor, c/o J.E.M. House, Littlemead Industrial Estate, Littlemead, Cranleigh, Surrey.GU6 8TT. UK
  24. Alexa, c/o Jade, CP 111, 1211 Genève 24, Switzerland.
  25. Paula Zikorski, PO Box 357, Staines, Middlesex, TW18 1YD. (3, Millers Close, Staines, TW18 1TB) UK
  26. Alan Karderick. SOLEN Parapsychology Center, CP 432, 1226 Thonex. Switzerland
  27. Maria Dolores. Same address as Birgit Jordana. & CP41, 9430 Thal, Switzerland
  28. Mrs. Bradford. BP111, 9016 St. Gallen, Switzerland.
  29. Omega-P.M.D., Avenue d'Echallens 61, CP 18, 1000 Lausanne 7, Switzerland.
  30. Mme. Muller. BP 272, 9006 St Gallen, Switzerland
  31. Marie Rosa. CP 126, 1211 Genève 24, Switzerland.
  32. Roy Windor. c/o ECSW, PO Box 59018, 1040 KA Amsterdam, The Netherlands. From May 2001, CP 102, 1258 PERLY, Switzerland.
  33. Valerie Morrison, 11 Astrologial Center, PO Box 474, London SE16 2BZ, UK.
  34. Karel Legan. Same address as SOLEN.
  35. Marie-Rose Carla. C.P.(no number) 9303 Wittenbach, Switzerland.
  36. C.I.V.U.P.C.(Centre for the Investigation And Verification of Unexplained Phenomena and Clairvoyancy): Centre Bergieres, CP 111, 1000 - Lausanne 22, Switzerland. & CP 330 1211 Genève 29.
  37. Sofia Dora. 90, avenue de France, 1000 Lausanne 22, Switzerland. This is the registered address of Peterss Marketing Direct, and Esotal SARL!
    Now using: CP 319 1000 Lausanne 22, Switzerland, & CP 332, 5, chemin de Maison Neuve, 1219 Chatelaine, Switzerland.
  38. Marie Beauval. CP 111, 1211 Genève 24, Switzerland.
  39. Prof. John White. C.P. 9313 Muolen, Switzerland. From February 2003, c/o Angelina, CP53, 9444 Diepoldsau, Switzerland.
  40. Father Johannes, PO Box 16, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4SB (Same or similar address as Jane Denant)
  41. Tara. c/o Solecon, Dept AA622, PO Box 995, London EC1A 1AY. (Mount Pleasant Sorting Office). & 3, Millers Close, Staines. TW18 1TB, & Bedford MK40 1WA.
  42. Power Publishing., CP 43, 6883 Novazzano, Switzerland.
  43. Master Charli Chang., same address as Solen.
  44. Carl de Winter. Same PO Box address as Jane Denant
  45. Mr Jean Dupre. c/o ISC, CP 102, (1-3 rue de Chantepoulet) 1258 Perly, Switzerland. (Same as the new address for Roy Windor)
  46. Druid Mercurios. Same address as Solen.
  47. Carmen. Maja SA, CP 330 1211 Genève 29.
  48. Gabriel. Same address as Carmen.
  49. Solena. Same address as Carmen.
  50. Irena. c/o Taylort SA, Avenue de la Chabliere 19, 1004 Lausanne, Switzerland, & c/o Angelina, CP53, 9444 Diepoldsau, Switzerland.
  51. Martine Bouvier, Boite Postale 25000, 1240 Geneve 250, Switzerland
  52. Jeanne Picard. PO Box 30000, 1240 Geneve 250, Switzerland.
  53. Nicole Delya. Same address as Maria Duval.
  54. Fortune House. PO Box 364, Staines, Middlesex TW18 1YF UK. Actually 3, Millers Close, Staines. TW18 1TB. (Undelivered mail to CH000023407, 9, Trident Way, Southall, Middlesex, UB2 7SW.
  55. Marianne de Bonneville. Same address as Fortune House above.
  56. Master Igor Leonov. Centre Bergieres, CP 111 1000 Lausanne 22, & Arlimbow, CP63/58 rue de Grand-Pre, 1211 Geneve 16, Switzerland.
  57. Skye Alexander, Admail 3648, Guildford, GU1 1AA, actually Guildford Mail Centre, Woodbridge Meadows, Guildford.
  58. Grandma Shirley, As Anthony Carr.
  59. Elizabeth Brandon, Freepost 977, Kings Lynn, PE30 1UA.
  60. Zoltana. c/o Maja SA, CP330, 1211 Geneva 29
  61. Victor. c/o Angelina, CP344, 9435 Heerbrugg, Switzerland. Real name Gilbert Luchinger of Valkstadt!
  62. Lise and Rose, c/o Esoprim, Rue Pictet de Bocq, CP240 1211 Geneva 4. (Accountants Synergie & Partenaires. 6, rue du Conseil-Général,) Undelivered Mail to: BP499, F-74108, Ville La Grand.
  63. Mariella Madonna, PO Box 389, Staines, Middlesex, TW18 1EY. (Undelivered mail to CH000023407, 9, Trident Way, Southall, Middlesex, UB2 7SW. See Year 2003 scams).
  64. Dolores, c/o Taylort. Undelivered Mail to: BP499, F-74108, Ville La Grand.
  65. Madame Arachnea, c/o Taylort. Undelivered Mail to: BP499, F-74108, Ville La Grand.
  66. Sophros, c/o Taylort. Undelivered Mail to: BP499, F-74108, Ville La Grand.
  67. Mikaël. c/o Esotech, 6, rue du Conseil-Général, CP 244, 1211, Geneva. Undelivered Mail to: BP499, F-74108, Ville La Grand.
  68. Gabriel d'Angelo. c/o Valdora, CP68 1242 Satigny, Switzerland. Actually; Valdora SA, route du Mandement 197, Satigny, Geneva
    Undelivered mail to: 1240 Geneva 64.
  69. Charles de Montbrun. c/o Taylort.( BP499 74198 Ville la Grand)
  70. Carmela Urcia. Suite 161, 14 Clifton Down Road, Bristol, BS8 4BF. (A Mail Boxes Etc. branch. Direct Marketing company is Centipede Ltd.)
  71. Sri Shakti. C/o Harmony Zen, Cours de Rive 16, CP3358, CH 1211 Geneve 3. Via BP499 Ville la Grand.
  72. Marina, c/o Maja SA.
  73. Vinci, c/o Harmony Zen. (See Sri Shakti.).
  74. Alphonse, c/o Harmony Zen.
  75. Olivia Roy, c/o Eva Lorca, bureau de poste, 1000 Lausanne 30 Grey. From December 2003, c/o PO Box 273, 1180 AG Amstelveen, The Netherlands.
  76. Angelique. VIP Readers Service, PO Box 1226 Thonex.
  77. Ziska, c/o Taylort SA.
  78. The BRPG, Branch for the Restitution of Prizes Gained. Eva Lorca address.
  79. Francisco Casar, c/o Harmony Zen.
  80. Jean Paul Ritter, c/o PB Verlag, PO Box, CH-8603 Schwerzenbach.
  81. Esmeralda, c/o The International Parapsychology Centre, Dept 1010, Postbus 430, NL-3740AK Baarn, Netherlands.
  82. Master Zholtan. c/o Fortuna, Postfach 501, CH-9430 St Margrethen.
  83. The Lavelle Institute, c/o PO Box 17, Richmond, Surrey. TW9 4SB.
  84. Salambô, c/o Taylort.
  85. La Maison de Fatima, Marie Laure, c/o Hermeticum SA, Route de la Coula, 18, CP 223, CH-1618 Châtel St Denis.
    Also at Av. de la Gare 36, c/o Ogisa SA
  86. Simpson, Prof. c/o TS Centro Vencor, Via S D'Acquisto12/a, I-25128 Brescia. (Italy)
  87. Gold Winning International, c/o CDC, PO Box No 33537, Sheung Wan Post Office, Hong Kong.
  88. Solen SA. route de Jussy 29, 1226 Thonex, Switzerland.

Do not assume that all of the above are separate, there are many similarities in their operational methods.

Direct-mail distributors: System Service Marketing GmbH. 37 - 43 Dudenstrasse, Mannheim 68167. Germany.

Serdiman Direct, Tamalfa S.L., C/. Botánica, 103-105 08908-L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain.(Voluntary liquidation, March 2001)

Hilite Direct Marketing Services. Ash House, Ash Road, New Ash Green, Longfield, Kent DA38 5AZ.

Profile Media Group / Marketlink Marketing Communications, MMC Ltd. Addresses as Marie-France and Maria Duval.

Robert Guy Services Ltd. 46-54 High Street, Ingatestone, Essex, CM4 9DW & PO Box 474, London SE16 2BZ, UK (Abbey Road, near Southwark Park, London.)

Payment Facilitation Services. PO Box 55, 1560 AB Krommenie, The Netherlands, & 3, Millers Close, Staines, Surrey, TW18 1TB.

Kinloch Marketing, (Sophia Monroe in USA)

Tenor Arvic SA & Prinal SA, both of: ch du Daru 2, 1228 Geneve, Switzerland.

International Parapsychology Centre, Postbus 430, NL-3740AK Baarn, Netherlands.

Meridian Mailing Ltd, the new name for Astroforce since 17/10/2002.

Padeol Business Services. & Padeol Ltd, 66 Newnham Avenue, Bedford, MK41 9JW.

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List updated July 5th 2005.
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