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Astrocat's Postal Scam Warning Page
(Sophia Monroe astrology scam)

From a reader..

Here is a pamphlet from her, her address is:

Sophia Monroe,
100 Armstrong Ave,
On l76-5S4.

I am going to do more investigating, as I am an ex-police officer I still have some contacts.

I will inform you as to what I find out, am laying a complaint of fraud with RCMP, don't know if they will consider it important enough to proceed but will try.

The pamphlet from Canada

Some information upon Sophia Monroe, the Greatest Master Astrologer in America, or so claimed…

For the blessed year 2001 Sophia predicted for example that peace descends on the Middle East (didn't happen), Celine Dion delivers quintuplets (I haven't heard even rumours), China, Tibet and USA discuss the liberation of Tibet (at least not in public) and that archeologist will start speculating if an ancient coastal city in North Africa would be the lost Atlantis (I don't know anything about that either).

There is a domain. This domain is registered for KINLOCH MARKETING INC, 20 East 46 Street, Suite 1401, NEW YORK, NY 10017, US.

The administrative contact of that domain is KINLOCH MARKETING INC,, 20 East 46 Street, Suite 1401, NEW YORK, NY 10017, US, phone 212 813 3322, fax 212 867 7714.

The domain registry record was created on 20-May-2003 and expires on 20-May-2004.

KINLOCH MARKETING INC is a domestic business corporation in New York USA, active since 6.12.1992. The Chairman or Chief Executive Officer of the firm is NANCY K MOORE, 20 EAST 46TH ST SUITE 1401 NEW YORK, NY 10017 USA.

New information.
20 East 46th Street, Suite # 1401
New York, NY - 10017
Phone: (212) 867.1676
Fax: (212) 867.7714

There is a new website to support this scam, no author is declared.

The website is high on hype, but low on substance. It looks as if the aim is to reassure people who receive a mailshot and go looking for evidence. The name changes to Sophia Mason in the text!

Contact me.

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