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Astrocat’s Postal Scam Warning
(Raylene Van Worth)(Maria Duval, etc)

Received from Canada.

For Immediate Release To All News Media:

Consumer Advisory


Friday, January 31, 2002: -

Markham, Ontario: Letters addressed to residents throughout the Metropolitan Toronto Area, and other parts of Canada from Raylene Van Worth, "Psychic Criminologist… Medium… Healer… Spiritualist… Clairvoyant… with 30 years of psychic experience" have been discovered to be part of an International Mail scheme.

The cost for this scheme that is in the Metro Toronto area is $19.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling (instead of the usual price of $29.95).

Now, according to the Criminal Code of Canada, "telling fortunes for a consideration (money)" is against the law. Obviously, by soliciting psychic readings from people for $24.95, the originators of these letters are breaking the law. The evidence is the mailings that are being received by Canadians. In the past, law enforcement officials have told us that very few people do come forth to file complaints against psychic related crimes. As one law enforcement official said, "Who, would want anyone to know, that they have been ripped off by a psychic."

On a brochure that is sent with the printed letter, Raylene claims that she has been featured on WBAB, Long Island, New York. A check with WBAB's Program Director, John Olsen revealed that he never heard of Raylene and that she had never nor does she have a feature on the station.

Throughout the course of our investigation into Raylene Van Worth, it was discovered that she had defrauded people throughout the Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States as well as here in Canada. An address that we have turned up for Raylene Van Worth in England is Sittingbourne, Kent, England. And may be connected to another mail order scheme psychic Sophia Monroe, who is under investigation by Trading Standards at Kent and also the Advertising Standards Agency.

Suspicion has been raised that Sophia Monroe and Raylene Van Worth are in fact the same person.

In correspondence received by other people, Raylene Van Worth claims to write predictions for USA Today and Journal News. Carl Vilacoba, an editor at USA Today, when asked if Raylene Van Worth ever did perditions for USA Today replied, "who?!?!?" Since USA Today does not do horoscopes or predictions, Carl found this very strange. He had not heard of her, nor has Christine Dugas, who has been at USA Today for a number of years. A check through the USA Today database came up empty when Raylene Van Worth was the criteria of a total search of contributors, writers, sources or such.

According to Leslie King, the Executive Director of the Ottawa Better Business Bureau, which is responsible for Metro Toronto East of Younge, they have received 3 complaints to date on Raylene Van Worth. When asked about Maria Duval, a mail-order scam that was popular in the mid 90s', she remembered there being complaints but after 3 years their files are erased if there are no further complaints. (The mailing address for Maria Duval was at that time a Post Office Box in Place Bonaventure, Montreal.) King stated that the complaints that were received were responded to and the natters were addressed. King said that they could have been anything from stopping unsolicited mail to unauthorized credit card charges.

A check with the City of Scarborough showed that mail-order businesses do not require licensing.

Bell Canada has no listing for Raylene Van Worth in the Toronto (416 - 905) area.

You can pay for your "Lucky Coupon for 72 days of comfort, luck and happiness in the next 10 months, especially for you…" by MasterCard, Visa, or American Express - and they will take a cheque or money order as well.

The Internet is filled with people who have been bilked out of their hard earned money by Raylene Van Worth and people like her, including Sophia Monroe, Maria Duval and other… not including the 1-900 psychic lines.

The address that is on the solicitation letter is Raylene Van Worth, Suite 305, 3007 Kingston Road, Scarborough, Ontario… a change from the 2001 address of Suite 105, Kingston Road, Scarborough, Ontario.

The bottom line - CONSUMER BEWARE.


For further information, please contact Rob McConnell, Tel: (905) 294-1933 or by email at

Please Note: Copies of the mailing correspondence being sent by Raylene Van Worth is available by fax.

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