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Year 2001 scam news
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January 2nd 2001.

Eva du Maurier strikes again but is thwarted! Tries on the idea that in a vision she saw a woman (possibly my partner) walking toward a rosy future. Makes believe that she does not know my partner's date of birth, then indicates that she does, by printing it on the "Confidential Questionnaire". Requests 25 for the "handwritten reply" and two FREE gifts. Apparently, my partner has several problems which require the attention of Eva!

January 12th

Eva Damus.

She says that she has made an astonishing discovery. My partner is the victim of a lunar knot of significant magnitude (therefore very harmful) which forms a negative circle around her, stopping all her chances to succeed. 20 will bring the "Little Book of Secrets" containing the 10 Miraculous Novenas, the recitation of which will enable my partner to be in Direct Contact and receive everything she wants in life.

Maria Dolores, using a new address: CP41, 9430 Thal, Switzerland, says that Myriam's Comet will travel accross my partner's Sky of Destiny from the 5th of February! It will bring a "Blazing Spell of Cosmic Luck" and she will win 85,000! Later in the voucher it uses "maybe" instead of "will". However, she will have to send 20 for this Astral Connection. Several FREE gifts are offered. (I cannot find any mention of this comet in any of the websites or newsgroups, perhaps she can see further than any of the astronomers with their telescopes!)

If you were to set a class of 10-year-olds to design a mailshot with every "over-the-top" phrase and feature they could think of, it would look just like the output of any of the 35+ astro-crooks that I have seen.

January 15th 2001

Eva du Maurier writes again, this time waffling about a "Golden Pyramid". This is supposed to, amongst other wonderful things, make razor blades forever sharp, a myth proved wrong at the end of the 19th century according to Mr James Randi's book "The Supernatural A-Z". With the other trinkets and tracts, a grand total of 38.70!

The following company sells "lists of gullibles, who have already made multiple purchases", to astrologers.

One Blue Hill Plaza, Pearl River, NY 10965
Phone: (845) 620-0700 Fax: (845) 620-1056

Anthony Carr is a client.

I checked up on the address, 36, Avenue Henri Matisse, Nice, France, which is used in a letter from Astroforce.

Four companies occupy the site:

Dermas (Sa): Phone : 04 93 71 02 62
Activity : maintenance products (manufacture, distribution)

Diflam: Phone : 04 93 71 30 09
Activity : health food products: natural and diet products (retail)

France Informatique: Phone : 04 93 83 11 65 or 04 93 21 22 11
Activity : studies, consultancy, engineering, training in information technology, office equipment
[This name is used to collect Maria Duval replies in Denmark]

Signland: Phone : 04 93 72 11 30
Activity : advertising: agencies and consultants
[No mention of Astroforce here although I have letters posted in the UK which does indicate that Astroforce is at that address.]

I have seen a diet mailshot promoting pineapple extract as a slimming product. If the claims are true, I would expect many people would collapse as their bodies could not cope. Send 65 to a PO Box in Holland? No thank you!

January 25th 2001. A catalogue from Solen, 16 pages of products.

Worth every penny? Perhaps! Proof, if any were needed, that these people are all in it for the money.

February 2nd 2001

Father Johannes, PO Box 16, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4SB. This venerable 'gentleman of the cloth' offers a replica of "The Holy Cross of Bethlehem", as made for the select few (including my partner). This priceless artifact, modelled on a cross allegedly found in 284 AD, on the site of the stable where Jesus was born. Wealth is promised, although Jesus reputedly said that it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for a rich man (or woman) to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It will cost you only 20, 30 or 34. I get the feeling that this is another Swiss-based scam. Just why the monastery in Touraine should have a 'British Sales Department' is not explained, I don't know if it usual for a monastery or convent to be so well equipped commercially!

February 6th 2001

Eva du Maurier again, this time with the statement that she will give out her telephone number so that my partner can let Eva know when she has won the 100,000 "immediately and much more soon afterwards". Only 29 (payable in two installments if preferred) for the lucky numbers to play on the lottery. There are also questions regarding gambling habits, no doubt to enable more targeted offers later on.

A visitor informs me that Solen also has an address in Victoria, Australia.

February 15th 2001

Eva du Maurier AND David Phild again. All the usual stuff & nonsense, highly profitable for them, of course. DP asks for 20.

A recent visitor tells me that Maria Duval collected about A$1,000,000 in Australia. That's about 400,000 or US$600,000.

February 16th 2001

The address used by Anthony Carr is a unit on Littlemead Industrial Estate, and is also the base for Consumer Enrichment Centre, (another scam, well-known in north America), which uses an address 405, Kings Road, Chelsea. (Actually it is a mail-box renting shop, Mail Boxes, Etc.)

Anthony Carr is operated in the UK by JEM Marketing.

The UK registered office for Astroforce Ltd, 41A Bell Street, Reigate, Surrey RH2 7AQ: is also the registered office for Bodywell Ltd. This company is described as a bookseller in one website.

February 26th 2001

Eva du Maurier again!

A new name for the list. Tara. c/o Solecon, Dept AA622, PO Box 995, London EC1A 1AY.(Mount Pleasant Sorting Office) She claims many gifts learned from Native Americans and a Swedish shaman. Make a selection on a scratch-off tarot ticket, and send 28. She says she is "Your sincere and devoted friend".

March 2nd 2001

Marie Beauval writes again. Only 24.80 this time instead of 80 which is her usual charge.

A correspondent in Europe tells me that Esotal and Serdiman Direct are the same company, CHRIS is French and is frequently drunk, Paloma Summer does not exist (the photo is of the wife of Gilles Yniesta, the CEO of Serdiman). The address in Carouge is just for collecting mail.

Serdiman (ESOTAL SARL) sends out material in the names of CHRIS, Birgit Jordana, David Phild, Alan Silver, Paloma Summer, Victoria DeMonaco, Dan Parker, Alexa, Alan Karderick, Maria Dolores, Mrs.Bradford, Roy Windor, Marie Rosa, Mme. Muller.

Switzerland has been chosen as it is a secretive society, ideally suited to these scams.

Until recently, several Paloma Summer mailings of 70.000 persons each were sent every month, by truck, to the UK. Serdiman Direct pays postage directly to Royal Mail.

March 10th

Yet another scam, Power Publishing., CP 43, 6883 Novazzano, Switzerland. Access to an ancient secret power is yours for only 29.90, a discount voucher for 10 is supplied to use with your speedy reply! The Mindpower System will enable you to unlock those secret powers in your brain to get "instant admiration", "respect", "power", "love", and "success".

March 12th

Master Charli Chang., same address as Solen. A six-page word processed document with a few spelling errors, same design text panels as used on Paloma Summer's Gambling Calendar, and in Maria Duval's Great Book of Secrets! He offers to rent my partner a genuine Dragons Egg for a period of one year, at the special price of 39.90 (with a gift discount of 19.50), plus 3 postage. He says that he has only a few of these eggs (i.e. enough for everyone that replies with a cheque)

March 30th

Alan Karderick, President of the Solen Parapsychology Center, offers the

"Universal Secret of the Invisible and Beneficial Force of Feng Shui"

all for only 29. It is NOT available in the shops! The books from these scam operators which I have seen, generally consist of a slim booklet containing ambiguous, vague and obscure text.

He claims to have spent two and a half years searching for my partner, although this is not the first mailshot from him. Solen has been sending mailshots for two years or more.

Furthermore, if my partner responds within 5 days, he will send, free of charge, the "Feng Shui Captivator Amplifier". She may keep it even if she receives a refund of the cheque should she be disatisfied.

He claims to have been given the "Universal Secret of the Invisible and Beneficial Force of Feng Shui" by an old Asian man he met when he was poor. I've heard this sort of tale before, from most of the mailshots.

The envelope has the return address: CP 1025, 1240 Geneva 25, Switzerland. The return envelope is to Solen's usual address.

May 5th 2001

Sofia Dora. 90, avenue de France, 1000 Lausanne 22, Switzerland.

She says "You have won FREE and IMMEDIATELY the unique sum of 3550". But you have to send me 37 for your "Special Grand Celestial File" + your Special National Talisman for Luck" + "Winning Numbers" for the Lottery.

Reply immediately, or it will be too late. A very similar effort to all of the scam letters received at this address.

Another attempt by Eva du Maurier, returned to sender.

This week, BBC Radio 5 broadcast "Mystic Menace", a report on the booming psychic service industry. I was able to assist the presenter in an interview, after he had visited this website..

May 9th 2001

Carl de Winter.

Same PO Box address as Jane Denant in Richmond!

He promises wealth and success to the few whom he chooses to offer the thousand-year-old secret. He will sell it for 23 using a 30 day postdated cheque which he will not cash until then! You must not reveal it to anyone else though. Does anyone know what it is?

I know that if I had a useful secret that old, I wouldn't sell it to anyone. The text is formatted exactly the same way as in Chris's offerings.

My partner applied for, and received, a refund from La Grande Mystique. It is drawn up on a cheque from Barclays Bank, International Corporate Services, PO Box 9, Douglas, Isle of Man. Signed for and on behalf of Befosan Research Co. Ltd; trading as Bio-Swiss Research Co. They operate out of a PO Box in the Channel Islands.

Astroforce Ltd Directors.

Company Officers
Number of current appointments : 2
Appointed: 01/06/1997
Date of Birth: 14/11/1953
Nationality: DUTCH

4731 CV
The Netherlands

Appointed: 18/02/2000
Date of Birth: 17/09/1926
Nationality: ARGENTINIAN

MADRID 28036

Help required

Letters to newspapers can be a good way of informing the general public. If you could copy this letter, editing as required, I would be very pleased.

"If you receive an unsolicited mailshot from anyone claiming to be an astrologer, clairvoyant, numerologist, psychic, and to have the secret knowledge to enable you to become wealthy, happy and successful, please do not reply. They are fraudulent, targeting, particularly, women in the lower income groups. They will address you by name, call you their "dear(est) friend", but all they know is your name and address, and that you need money.

Harmonie, Health Tips Ltd, Meridian Mailing, Astroforce Ltd., trading as Maria Duval, collect names and addresses by offering FREE horoscopes, talismans,etc. Personal details are then sold. In due course you will be contacted by any or all of the following: CHRIS, Birgit Jordana, David Phild, La Grande Mystique, Eva du Maurier(pseudonym), Alan Silver, Hanussen2, Paloma Summer(pseudonym), Rochelle, Anthony Carr, Jane Denant, Marie-Rose Valmont, Eva Damus, Victoria DeMonaco, Marie-France, Kuang C.Wang jr, Dan Parker, Patrick Guerin, Valerie Taylor, Alexa, Alan Karderick, Maria Dolores, Mrs.Bradford, Paula Zikorski, Sofia Dora, Mariella Madonna. But there are many others!

If you receive mailings from any of them, mark it "Gone away-return to sender".

They will promise you lucky numbers to win with the National Lottery, happiness in love etc in return for sums ranging from 10 to 250 or more. All that will happen is that you will receive some junk jewellery and worthless texts. As many of them are based at PO Box numbers overseas, the chances of getting a refund are slim. One broken promise of "Good Gambling Fortune" will be followed by another mailshot with another offer. Cash, cheque or credit cards accepted.

There will also be invitations to participate in foreign lotteries, marketing schemes offering FREE goods (just pay a large sum for postage) and receive an overpriced item. It could be a competition; very easy puzzles, but very long odds. You may not even be able to take delivery if you do win. This is a favourite trick; you do win a very small amount, which they invest for you in yet another contest, or replace it with money-off vouchers. Text-books on how to win at gambling are popular ways of making money-for them. Slimming aids and quack remedies, with competitions are common.

To protect yourself from junk mail, register your surname and address with the Mailing Preference Service. FREEPOST 22 London W1E 7EZ They will notify licensed direct mailers of the people with your surname at your address. Licensed direct mailers are made aware that you do not want to receive their mailings. The service is free and effective for five years. Do it today, you could save yourself a great deal of money. Always mark the box on reply coupons, to prevent your details being passed on to other companies.

For more information, contact your local Trading Standards Department.

(your name here) [or mine if you prefer]

Contact me.

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