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Astrocat's Postal Scam Warning(Astrology) Page

Year 2002 scam news

January 22nd 2002.

My gullible partner has been taken in by Sofia Dora, a mailshot succeeded in extracting £22 from her purse whilst I was away.

Fortune House is a lottery winning scam. My partner thinks she is going to win large sums, by sending £22 to Fortune House. See the new page. Fortune House

Eva du Maurier starts the New Year with yet another attempt, although the slightly incorrect address shows that another mailing list has been used. All the usual ideas, and a request for £22.50.

Marketlink Marketing Communications was acquired in 2001 by Profile Media Group, of Cheapside, London, for £13.55 million.

I have received a press release from Canada about Raylene Van Worth. Warning from Canada about Raylene Van Worth

A follow-up from Fortune House asks for a further payment, although my partner has won just £10, having spent £40 on tickets, with the lucky numbers she paid for earlier.

On the 18th February, mailshots from Marie France and Sofia Dora. The former is now using a FREEPOST address although the undelivered address is still MMC Ltd, using PHQ 230 licence. The sheets look like photocopies, but the most obvious thing is that the three tarot cards she had an irresistable urge to draw are exactly the same three as she drew last December! That takes some doing! (A reader says that she and her cousin, with totally different birthdates, received exactly the same selection!)

Sofia Dora has sent the Inheritance medallion for the £22 mentioned earlier, but she addresses my partner as A all through the text! See the new page. I think SD also uses MMC to distribute the scams.

A request for £22, for the FORTUNA secret, to solve all of my partner's desires is made.

29th February brought another, identical, mailing from Marie-France. £32.90 is requested for a tarot reading.

April 2nd brought another mailshot from Sofia Dora. This time it's the Rose Pentacle for Luck and Life, only £23 + post and packing. The pink paper used is different! The six-page 'letter' headed "Hello", not Dear A, has pages with the text justified left and right alternately. It's a masterpiece of creative writing.

Also an invitation to play on the German Lotto, from a Dutch address, with testimonials from "Winners".

A reader has sent me an email which says that he asked the post office watchdog, Postwatch, to find out who uses the Licences HQ7878 etc. The Royal Mail (now known as Consignia) say that it is prevented from revealing all, by the Data Protection Act legislation. In this case it is more like a crook's charter. Deregulation, in 2000, of the postal services has made it even more difficult to identify the owners of PO Boxes.

Also, another reader suggested that perhaps I am missing the opportunity to address my message to the most vulnerable groups. Those women aged over 40 who seem to be the most susceptible to the wiles of the con-artists in the astrology/clairvoyance racket.

So I have decided to approach those organisations who are looking after the interests of older people. If you live outside the UK and are able to put me in touch with such organisations, could you email the addresses to me?

According to Route Europe 2000 software that I bought recently, many of the Swiss addresses are in fact only a short distance from the centre of Geneva.

The Oxford Dictionary of English Folklore (OUP, £8.99) "During the 18th and 19th centuries, astrology became marginalised, and by the early 20th century had largely disappeared from public view." But, "It was given fresh life by a Press stunt in 1930--when the Sunday Express invited an astrologer to draw up a nativity chart for the newborn Princess Margaret, and to compile a simple horoscope applying to anyone whose birthday fell that week. Other newspapers copied the idea--encouraging semi-serious curiosity about astrology. Like other aspects of the occult, it is currently enjoying a revival."

Some info supplied by readers.

Nicole Delya is now using the same address as Maria Duval/Marie-France at Alton, Hampshire.

Maria Duval in the USA
Parker Marketing International
2522 N Proctor #171, Tacoma, WA 98406, USA
Phone: 1-253-912-1994 Fax: 1-801-751-9728

Info from Holland
In De Echo (free weekly newspaper) of 24 April 2002 there was a page size advertisement about Maria Duval. One could send in a coupon with information about oneself in order to receive a free talisman and some predictions. The address to which the coupon had to be sent is:
Maria Duval, c/o Postbox 101, 4715 ZJ Rucphen Holland.

PTT Post, Customer service, postbox 90165, 4800 RW Breda. revealed that the postbox-owner of the Maria-Duval-postbox is:
Intarno B.V.,
Expeditieweg 6, 4715 RM Rucphen.
Telephone: 0165-343220
Fax: 0165-342321

A packing company run by a Mr Veenstra (Spelling uncertain).

Namebank International Astroforce List Elizabeth Prior

(Now you know how they got your name and address.)

A reader from Germany confirms that Sofia Dora is a Trade Mark used by P.M.D., a society (company) based in Lausanne. It is easy for these companies to cross borders, unlike the police and legislators. This is something that the European Union should investigate.

April 14th brought another mailshot from Marie-France.

April 24th, Nicole Delya has written, with the same sales pitch as the others, using the same address as Maria Duval.

Astroforce Holding SA. 38, rue de Marterey, Lausanne 1003. According to the person operating here is a Kamen Troller, described elsewhere as a lawyer working in Lucerne. By email, I have learned that Mr Koetsheid was running the company in 1996-7.

Esotal SARL, said to be in voluntary liquidation, is at the Chris address in Carouge.

In Ireland, Marie-France is using PO Box 6226, Swords, Co.Dublin to collect replies.

A Canadian reader asked for and received a refund from Maria Duval, less the p+p charges. On my suggestion, he also wrote to Mr. Koetsheid.

May 7th. A new one from an old address, Marianne de Bonneville, same address as Fortune House. Calls herself a psychic, offers large rewards when you send her £20. (Reduced from £500 which is her usual charge). Several errors in address, but the postman knows where my partner lives, unfortunately. Undelivered mail is to be returned to PO Box 10004, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. This country derives most of its income from "financial services" (aka 'money laundering'?)

Sofia Dora is now using a new address: case postale 332, 5, chemin de Maison Neuve, 1219 Chatelaine, Switzerland. (It's next door to a TV shop.)

May 31st
Master Igor Leonov writes, via Arnaud Duboisierst, to say that he has solved the lottery numbers problem with his "Automatic Win Boards". Send £15, £20, or £25, plus £20 for the "DaysTowin X38 System". (Highly recommended by him!)

June 6th
Sofia Dora again with the Mandrake to make you wealthy. The "Last Will and Testament" (not dated or witnessed) of Alexis Onakios, he used the secret of the Mandrake to become wealthy, now wishes to pass it on. Only £33, cash preferred. sent to the address above, will secure one of only ten Mandrakes available.

Also, another mailshot from Marie-France, and three lottery scam letters.

June 17th
Sofia Dora yet again, this time it's the Great Secret of the Golden Chalice (the "Grail") which is one of twelve replicas to be given to The Chosen Ones, of which my partner is one! Bérenger Saunière, a French priest was, she says, the possessor of a secret and became very rich, he passed it to his maid, Marie Denarnaud, who in turn passed it to her nurse on her deathbed.

She spells BBC TV program, not programme as we do it in the UK. "Dynamised water" to make the Elixir of Long Life. "Unstoppable flow of wealth" to prepare for.(I'm not making this up!)

And an Order Form requesting £26.

The Myth of Bérenger Saunière dying a 'rich man'.

Vinciane Denis' account relating to Marie Denarnaud.

June 25th, the British Government has announced that it will investigate the "Prize Draw" and "Lottery Scams", reported to cheat British consumers out of £100,000,000 each year. I am writing to ask if astrology scams can be included.

July 2nd
Sofia Dora again, this time it's the gold hidden from the Spanish conquistadors in the sixteenth century by the Incas! The Secret "Knot of Power, the Famous QUIPU". etc, etc. It's a collection of facts, blended with mysteries created by her, designed to extract £27 from the people who want the "Showers of Gold" which she promises.

Did the Golden Chalice scam not net enough money, or perhaps it was a great success for them, now they want even more money from the needy and gullible?

July 9th
Eva du Maurier is back, with a £3,220 carrot to catch the unwary. In the Rules small print the following mistake appears. ....US £ 3220.... I was not aware that the £ was a US currency! The mailing is being treated with the contempt it deserves.

July 12th
Another mailshot from Sofia Dora. She claims that Will Young, the winner of the Pop Idol talent show on British TV, was guided by her and now enjoys no more worries or fear. She now offers the same help to my partner. She says that she has spent a lot of time on my partner. A very big Lotto win....a symbolic and marvellous metamorphosis....Golden Combination of Winning Numbers....considerable file entitled ANGELIC AND PERSONAL LUCK BRINGING PERSONAL SUCCESS AND AN INSTANTLY EXTRAORDIARY LIFE....etc.

Isn't it a shame that after doing all this work, people are so ungrateful they don't send her £28, by cheque, International Money Mandate, cash or Credit Card! A 30-day money-back guarantee as well, how can you lose?

A reader tells me of Elizabeth Brandon. Freepost 977, Kings Lynn, PE30 1UA. (This post-code is nongeographical.) Her life changing offer costs £19.95.

July 18th. Another mailing from Eva du Maurier. It seems that she has dreamed of my partner four times this week.

A reader tells me about several more scams. Grandma Shirley, from JEM, also the collection point for replies to Anthony Carr, destination Canada. According to a JEM employee, it is a 'fulfilment house', replies are boxed up and sent to Canada. Skye Alexander, Admail 3648, Guildford, GU1 1AA, actually Guildford Mail Centre, Woodbridge Meadows, Guildford. For once, this name is well-known, she is a writer and columnist, websites detail her works but nothing about her personally.

Kreskin, JEM House, Cranleigh, Surrey GU6 8TT;
Carmen, PO Box 58194, 1040 HD Amsterdam, The Netherlands;
Philip H Randolph, 2160 Commercial Drive, PO Box 65748 STN F, Vancouver, BC
V5N 5K4 Canada;
Bella Marti, CP 5806, Place de la Poste, CH-1211, Geneve 11;
Jean Mars, Admail 3644, Oxford, OX4 1AA. (Among 1-43 Anchor Court, York Place, Oxford).

From Scandinavia comes the news that Marie Duval as well as Marie France are operating in Denmark.

Marie France was active this weekend with fullsize pages in paper Soendagsavisen ( The address used this time was:
Marie France
Ch. des Peupliers 5
1028 Prévénges
Svejts (CH)

Regarding Maria Duval and her operations in Denmark I can hand you over the following information.

The Maria Duval offers being printed in various Danish magazines refer to a company called Astroforce. The Internet address is registered to:

Astroforce Scandinavia ApS.
Mileparken 22
2740 Skovlunde
Phone: +45 44534707
Telefax.: +45 44534714
Both numbers are not listed.

Mail address:

The homepage is registered in the name: Mr. Lasse Hvolgaard.

For your kind information the homepage is not active.


Mr. Lasse Hvolgaard is also the owner of
For futher info check:

The address is re-directed to:

In August, things were quiet, only 3 mailshots, from Marie-France, Eva du Maurier, and Sofia Dora.

In September, one from Sofia Dora on about the 8th. Then on the 24th, the great medium (so she calls herself) Bella Marti, of CP5806, place de la Poste, 1211 Geneve 11; with the information that only she can rid my partner of curses. Only £29 is required, but a full refund is promised if the curse isn't gone in 48 hours.

I was contacted by researchers from the Watchdog programme on BBCtv, they are researching Marie-France, after receiving a large number of complaints from the public.

October 4th brought another mailshot from Sofia Dora. Now it appears that the charms (replicas of Mayan artefacts) are free, she demands donations to support her work in caring for abandoned cats and dogs! These have not been mentioned before, very odd, as she claims to spend all her spare time on them!

The mailshot claims that she was giving a talk at the International Festival of Clairvoyance, Astrology and Parapsychology, in London. Does anyone know of this conference? It seems that my partner has been granted a "Procedure Intensity 1" only the third one to be granted.

On October 10th the BBC TV Watchdog team exposed the Marie-France scam to several million viewers. Marketlink, in Alton, the receiving centre for Marie-France, Maria Duval and Nicole Delya replies, would not appear but did say that the final destination is Madrid, Spain, a company called "Inner Circle".

Mr Alberto Rumschisky Rabinovitz, listed as a director of Astroforce Ltd, resides there. He would not appear, but he looks remarkably like Marie-France if wearing a wig and old-fashioned spectacles.
BBC Tv Watchdog

The following information is copied from the online magazine.

Let me introduce a couple of new members of the famous Astroforce tribe!

Jacques Mailland is the director of the Astroforce Hldg Bv, Netherlands. The abbreviation Hldg probably translates into holding, and should mean that this particular Astroforce firm owns something, perhaps some of the other Astroforces, licences to the name and services of Maria Duval, and other stuff like that. The domain name is registered for Astroforce Hldg Bv, and Jacques Mailland is the domain administrative contact.

Astroforce Hldg Bv, Postbus 1836 bv Roosendaal, 4700 NL, phone (0344) 491223, fax (0344) 493981 Jacques Mailland,

Kaj Hvolgaard is the local Astroforce/Maria Duval agent in Helsingør, Denmark. I assume that he is the director af the Astroforce Scandinavia ApS. The domain names and are registered for Astroforce Scandinavia ApS. Lasse Hvolgaard is the administrative contact of both domains.

Astroforce Scandinavia ApS, Mileparken 22, 2740 Skovlunde, phone +45 44 53 47 07, fax: +45 44 53 47 14, email:

Jacques Mailland explained once in an interview that Maria distributes the free talismans in order to tell the world that she exists, and is here to help and heal those who seek help. Her local agents in foreign countries take care of the practical business; Maria does not personally send any letters, nor does she see the answers.

The Danish or Scandinavian local agent Kaj Hvolgaard has now and then invited querysome journalists to visit France and Maria Duval together with him, so that they could chat with her personally.

I have learned that Maria Duval sold Astroforce to Health Tips Limited, but the following address is used in Denmark:

Health Tips Limited Herboende Repræsentant c/o Bdo Scanrevision Kristineberg 3 2100 København Ø

Australian State closes Maria Duval and Marie-France scam, and recovers money.


Fair Trading Minister, John Aquilina says... future not looking bright for clairvoyant.

1 Oct 2002
"These advertisements promised twelve months of increased luck and happiness" John Aquilina, has announced that the self professed, ‘greatest clairvoyant in the world’ will no longer be looking into the future in New South Wales.

Earlier this year, advertisements appeared in a number of television guides offering the services of clairvoyant, Maria Duval, Mr Aquilina said.

"These advertisements promised twelve months of increased luck and happiness for just $49.95 and for an extra $10, people could receive 3 telepathic actions".

In response to consumer complaints, Fair Trading investigated the advertisements and found them to make false and misleading offers.

This is little more than a scam that preys on the vulnerable and has no place in NSW.

"This clairvoyant obviously didn’t see Fair Trading coming", Mr Aquilina said.

The Department of Fair Trading has secured the following enforceable undertakings from Harmonie Limited, trading as clairvoyant, Maria Duval:

Harmonie Limited will not trade in NSW, under the name Maria Duval, or any other name,
It will not advertise or promote its products in NSW,
It will not accept money from NSW residents, even if they reply to an advertisement in another state,
Harmonie will refund money to any consumer who was misled or deceived, by the advertisement or information provided, within 14 days of the consumer making the request.

Mr Aquilina said concerned consumers should contact the Department of Fair Trading on 13 32 20.

State of Victoria

Consumer Protection, Victoria

The address originally used in the Sofia Dora scam is also used by "Centre International de Gains". It actually sounds like a scam!

The Nicole Delya scam has surfaced in Argentina.

Marie-France "33 wishes" full page advert appears in Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet

Astroforce Ltd changes its name to Meridian Mailing Ltd, on 17/10/2002, but keeps the same address. Elsewhere, Astroforce is changing to Harmonie Ltd.

October 25th brought another mailshot from Eva du Maurier, just when I thought that Solen SA had given up on my partner. It seems that my partner suffers from a "strong pollution of her energy field", but it can be cured by magic ritual performed at 11:45 on Halloween night. "The Magic Salt of Purification" will cost only £22 + £3 P+P.

Sometime in October, my partner fell for another scam by pseudonym Eva du Maurier. This time it is the Oracles of the Holloween Tarot! I don't yet know how much this has cost, but a refund request will soon be on its way. It is a vague blend of fact and fiction, she says that Pontius Pilate was married to a Ethiopian psychic, Sara the Black, but scholars say that his wife was a Roman woman named Claudia Proca.

November 23rd brought a mailshot from Solena, c/o Maja SA, 1211 Geneve 29. (Same address as Carmen and Gabriel.) She? offers the San Marco Spell Breaking Medallion, which she says was the cause of the wealth of the Medici family in medieval Florence. £27 will bring the same to my partner! Usual format, indented paragraphs with hand-drawn arrows etc, just like most of the other mailshots.

December 5th brought mailings from Zoltana and Victor, my partner has been conned again, money has been sent, I don't yet know where. Zoltana says that her Golden Dice of Prediction is a replica of the one given by a dying Tibetan monk to John Davison Rockefeller, and it was the reason for his great wealth. However, his biographers say that he was a smart businessman, getting into the oil business at the right time.

December 7th,Eva du Maurier tries again, unsuccessfully this time.

December 13th brought a mailshot from Irena c/o Angelina, CP53 9444 Diepoldsau, Switzerland. My partner "is the Last person she has decided to help before she retires"! Only £29, sent to her box number, will secure wealth and happiness!

Then on the 16th, Victor sent the "Lucky Numbers" for 12 months, and the 10 secrets of wealth and happiness paid for earlier. Naturally, there is a coupon for further assistance(at a cost of £21.90.) I now know his address. Victor c/o Angelina, CP344, 9435 Heerbrugg, Switzerland. (Heerbrugg and Diepoldsau are 400km from Geneva, but only 5km apart.)

My Visa card was debited to the tune of £25, without my knowledge, by Victor of St Gallen, (near to Heerbrugg and Diepoldsau), in Switzerland.

In The Guardian Jobs & Money supplement, dated December 21st 2002, page 11, a reply to a readers letter exposed the Marie-France scam. Both Marketlink Marketing and Senor Rumschisky were mentioned.

TV Direct Distribution seems to be another scam, formerly using HQ7878, now HQ11882. It uses a PO Box number in Hampshire to sell overpriced, gimmicky, and inferior products from a small catalogue. It appears to be a Belgian company. According to the Royal Mail Addressfinder, it is called Express Post Ltd, but neither of the names is registered at Companies House. In 2001, they were using a company called HubEurope but the website is now offline. As is often the case, they use heavily flashed mailings, "It's official M/s Gullible, The cheque for £10,000.00 is YOURS" (if you reply AND your number matches the predrawn one!" I notice that the pennies are often added to the amount to make it look much larger.

We can help each other! If every UK voter reading this page were to write to their own MP, about the astrology scam that they have received or fallen victim to, it would bring home to the politicians just how common this crime is. Most have an email address. Find your MP's name and address. Don't forget to mention my website.

Mary Galante
Several readers have asked if I have an address for "Mary Galante". Thanks to D of the US, here it is:
61 East 8thSt, #343, New York, NY1003.

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When I began this website, back in early 1999, little did I realise how much material I would find.

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