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Astrocat's Postal Scam Warning (Astrology) Page

Year 2003 scam news

On January 3rd, Lise and Rose, c/o Esoprim, Rue Pictet de Bocq, CP240 1211 Geneva 4. The two old ladies? offer a free magic "Absorption of Bad Waves". AND a sachet of magnetised "Protecting Crystals". AND a "Great in-depth Clairvoyance Session of Luck for 2003". All for only �30!

These crystals caused a security alert at a sorting office in Scotland when the packets burst open!

Two "Red Letter days" are given, and a win of more than �50,000 is hinted at. They are my partner's `devoted friends`

A check on revealed `Esoprim SA`, rue du Conseil-General 6, Geneve, run by a M. Willi Pittet. It is a publisher of esoteric material.

Can anyone help me to trace BMS Copyrights SA, and Cup Investments Inc? These shareholders in Harmonie Ltd, each have HK$1 of shares. That is about 15p/25 USc.

January 6th brought a mailshot from Mariella Madonna, PO Box 389, Staines, Middlesex, TW18 1EY. This, preposterous, name uses the same PO Box number as Institute Peveril, a slimming scam (aka Equiba?). She? offers 98 days in which my partner will win as much as 1.5 million pounds, but perhaps only �112,000.00 (note the pennies) for only �19.95, for the lucky numbers to win at Lotto, Bingo, and the Casino. Mariella has got my partner's surname spelling wrong, also she does not do Bingo or the Casino. An incompetent clairvoyant!

Undelivered mail is directed to: CH000023407, 9, Trident Way, Southall UB2 7SW, an invalid postcode. It is a TNT/Spring Depot, TNT Mailfast, postcode UB2 5LF. Using Licence HQ12018.

I was informed that TNT carried the Chris & Paloma Summer envelopes from Spain to the UK.

CHRIS, now operating from a new address: CP2724, Rue Gares, 16, 1211 Geneve 2, Switzerland. The same sort of promises as 2 years ago, when the name operated from the Esotal SARL office in Carouge(see main page). He asks for only �9 for the means to make my partner rich and happy, by means of a clairvoyance star chart. Money back guarantee, but it's printed on the application form, as is the address he uses! So unless you write it elsewhere before you send it, you are sunk.

Also on the 7th, BBC TV programme Watchdog again advised viewers not to send money to an unsolicited mailshot at a PO Box. The Swiss government is going to clamp down on these scams which are tarnishing the reputation of Switzerland.

On the 9th the Institute Michael Williams, offering a miracle slimming scheme from the same address as Equiba, undelivered mail to same address as Mariella Madonna!

January 16th. The Golden Dice of Providence has arrived, from Maja SA, CP330, 1211 Geneva 29. It is an irregular lump of non-ferrous metal, with designs stamped into each face.
See the cover letter and "The 24 Enchanted Codes"

Another mailshot arrives from Prof Mike Williams, I stop my partner wasting £25.

Yet another health scam, Green Park Institute, PO Box 45, Bedford MK41 9XJ. Undelivered mail to be returned to TNT Southall depot. It claims to heal damaged cartilage, an extract of Tayuya, a jungle plant whose whereabouts is known only to one man.

However, a search on Google reveals that Tayuya is widespread in Brazil. It is a woody vine, much used medicinally by the populace.

Also, mailshots from Madame Arachnea, and her divination insects, from Taylort. She wants �39. Which is also from where Dolores promises thousands of �s with her Astral Luck Captor(�39).

Taylort is also the source of 'Sophros and his Secrets of the 7 Pyramids of Kheops'. Each brass pyramid, with a magnet at its point, is �29. That is �174 in total. Send post-dated cheques or use your credit card!

All three of the Taylort letters, if undelivered, are to be returned to CP499, F-74108, Ville la Grand Cedex.

Next incredible offer is the secret forces of the "Cross on the Door". You too can win millions, and have all wishes granted. Only �35 (discount of �10 if you reply the same day). Another "yours affectionately" scam from Zoltana!
Small print mentions the data protection law dated 06-01-1978. Which country was so forward with such a law?

February 12th brought a mailshot from Mika�l. c/o Esotech, 6, rue du Conseil-G�n�ral, CP 244, 1211, Geneva. He claims to be a permanent member of the Council of 12. He has spent 7 hours on my partner. her case is serious he says worryingly. Send him �30 and he will carry out the Great Cosmic Purification Procedure. If undelivered, to be returned to CP499, F-74108, Ville la Grand Cedex.

Sometime in February, Solen SA robbed my partner of more than �20 for The Astral Guide, 'magnetised' especially for my partner.

February 28th brought a mailshot from Prof. John White, he last tried his lottery-calculation scam om my partner in August 2000, but is now operating from a different address, c/o Angelina. Same as some of the other scams recently received.

March 4th brought another mailshot from Mariella Madonna, but I stopped my partner making someone else richer.

From an email:

Maria Duval and Astroforce are international trademarks.

Maria Duval and Astroforce are found in the Madrid system of international trademarks. You can search the relevant databases yourself at

Some data on trademark Maria Duval:
29.3.1995 for 10 years
Maria Duval, Les 4 Chemins,
F-83830 CALLAS (FR)
CABINET BONNEAU 7, Avenue Gazan,
F-06600 ANTIBES (FR)
Pharmaceutical, veterinary and hygienic products,
dietetic substances of medical use,
food for babies,
plasters, material for bandages,
materials to plumb the teeth and for dental prints,
disinfectants, products for the destruction of nuisance animals,
fungicides, weedkillers.
*** Clothes, shoes, hats. ***
Astrologie, parapsychology, radiesthesy, cartomancy, clairvoyance, futurology.
Applies to:
Austria, Bulgaria, Benelux, Switzerland, China, Czech,
Germany, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Vietnam, Serbia

Must be an ambitious woman.

Some data on trademark Astroforce:
Registered: 29.1.1997 for 10 years
AstroForce Holding SA, 4, avenue de la Provence,
CH-1007 Lausanne (CH)
Dr. Andrea Egger,
5, chemin des Chavanus,
CH-1297 Founex (CH)
Recorded audio cassettes, recorded video cassettes,
recorded compact disks and CD-ROMs on astrology,
numerology and emotional and health forecasts
*** Jewels and other ornaments in the form of stones or of crystals. ***
Books and magazines on subjects such as the emotional and health astrology, numerology and forecasts.
Services in the field of astrology, numerology, emotional and health forecasts.
Applies to:
Austria, Bulgaria, Benelux, Cuba, Czech, Germany,
Spain, France, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, North Korea, Liechtenstein,
Marocco, Monaco, Poland, Portugal, Romania,
Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia

Note well the scope and the differences of the two trademarks, a lot of interesting speculation is possible�

Note too that at least Australia, USA and other states in both Americas, Baltics and Scandinavia are missing.
They should be covered by separate trademark registrations.

The main reason to register trademarks is to protect against piracy and plagiarism, when the products and services are perceived to be of extraordinary quality, refinement and value, and made or performed with exquisite craftmanship and skill.
What a contrast to actual public opinion!
Information received March 10th 2003.

Mailshots received between 11th and 16th March.

Lise and Rose C/o Esoprim. �30 for "Great Personal Luck Guidance" Cheap Talisman trinket included in mailshot.

Helena Parker, c/o Taylort, asks for �30 for Tri-Cosmic Wealth Captivor, Special Win Numbers, Vibratory Contact. Win �85,000 on Lottery.

Mariella Madonna, c/o PO Box 389, Staines, (3 Millers Close). Asks for �22.50 for "Golden Triangle Period" for riches! My partner is told that she has the chance to win up to �125,000 in three months.

Victor, c/o Angelina, wants �25 for his "Sensory Vision Study", he sees her winning �83,000 very soon. My partner got nothing for her money when she replied to him the last time.

Mary Rose Carla, c/o Taylort. She spouts drivel about "The Chapel of the Angels", high in the Pyrenees! Wants �30 for the "Talisman of the Angels", for Happiness and Extreme Wealth!

CHRIS, CP 2724, rue Gares, 1211 Geneva 2. Only �9 for great clairvoyance for luck, lucky numbers for the lottery, and the Cosmo-Solar Talisman.

BP499 F-74108 Ville la Grand is the sender of this garbage. Who is behind this address?

Also, Biotrim, another slimming product from PO Box 389 Staines TW18 1EY. Same address as several other scams received.

Padeol Business Services. Its address is now: 66 Newnham Avenue, Bedford, MK41 9JW.

According to its website, Padeol is ideal to be used by scammers, although, of course, I would not claim that all of its clients are fraudulent.

Padeol offers PO Boxes, sending and receiving of mail, processing of payments, and telephone call centre facilities. Contact details are on its website.

What is the link netween Newnham Avenue and Millers Close?

March 23rd Eva du Maurier offers the "Blue Star of the Kingdom". Only �25 for great wealth. Then on the 28th, Eva offers the "Hand of Buddha" to hang round your neck. Only �25.

I have seen the Astral Guide from Eva. Ten pages of vague text, nothing to make a fuss about. It seems that my partner should not be associating with me as my sun sign is not in the list of approved signs!

Mika�l writes again from the same address as in February. If undelivered, to be returned to CP499, F-74108, Ville la Grand. Wants �30 for the "Great Ritual of Immediate Protection". We need protection from mailshot scams such as this, and from Gabriel c/o Maja SA. The photo is non-contractual, as usual. He says It's unbelievable, extraordinary, unexpected! �70,000 and more is to be received this summer. "Automatic writing" from Machiavelli, who takes pity on the poor and disadvantaged! Send him �29 to make him feel better.

7th April, another one from Eva du Maurier. The usual Prize Draw incentive, asks for up to �24.50 for the "Extenzive Detailed Personal Study, with 3 Tarot card pictures to "impregnate with her personal flow"!

8th April, A mailshot from Gabriel d'Angelo (he looks like Gabriel) c/o Valdora, CP68 1242 Satigny, Switzerland. 30 Day risk-free offer of the Synodic Analysis of her name and the Cosmic Numbering of her lunar calendar, only �22, priority processing �3 extra, and the Synodic Luck Activator (no picture or description).

9thApril. Sophros and his Secrets of the 7 Pyramids of Kheops. Each brass pyramid, with a magnet at its point, is �29. That is �174 in total. Same price as before. From Taylort and CP499, F-74108, Ville la Grand Cedex.


The Your Personal Numbers of Destiny from Eva du Maurier has arrived. It's 11 pages of nonsense, some months there are only 3 lucky numbers, although you need five or six to get a decent prize. And, regarding medical treatment, "it will be best to start it on a Tuesday"! I hope the doctors will be amenable! Eva says that the numbers are only for my partner; they don't work for anyone else.

Another mailshot from Top Direct BV, a lottery syndicate plan, suggesting that 'millions' will be hers. She used it last year, spent more than she won, another scam.

More Winnings, PO Box 133, 5670 AC Nuenen, The Netherlands; is much the same.

Ciao Kevin!
Maria Duval and Astroforce are trade marks in various individual countries too. Wish you to check the information I suggest you start from the British Library pages discussing trademarks and similars�


Trade mark application 0834662
Maria Duval Filing Date: 24.1.1997
Formalization Date: 12.2.1997
Inactivation Date: 12.2.1997 (This trade mark has been abandoned)
Services: Astrology, parapsychology, radiesth�sie,
cartomancy, clair-voyance, futurology.(since 1995)
Applicant: Maria Duval, LES QUATRE CHEMINS, 83830 CALLAS, FRANCE
Representative for service:


Trade mark application 0853249 Astroforce
Filing Date: 1.8.1997
Formalization Date: 15.8.1997
Inactivation Date: 21.8.2000 (This trade mark has been abandoned)
List of gods and/or services:
Pre-recorded audio, video, compact disc and CD-ROM recordings featuring topics related to astrology, psychic and biorhythm forecasting; books and magazines on topics related to astrology, psychic and biorhythm forecasting; symbolic ornaments in the form of stones and crystals
*** Astrology, numerology, psychic and biorhythm services rendered by mail and telephone
Representative for service:

Finnland (They don�t say much, the Finns�)

Trade mark 208013 ASTROFORCE
Filing Date: 26.07.1996
Registration Date: 31.10.1997
Next Renewal Date: 31.10.2007
Classes are badly reported, but they seem to cover the usual.
Holder: Astroforce Holding SA,
Lausanne, Switzerland
Agent: Kolster Oy Ab

Great Britain:
Trade mark 2039829 MARIA DUVAL
Filing Date: 04.10.1995
Registration Date: 23.08.1996
Next Renewal Date: 04.10.2005
List of goods and/or services:
Advertising services; business management and business administration services; office function services; prospectus and sample distribution services; advisory services; information services; document duplication services; data processing file management services; organisation services relating to advertising or business expositions.
*** Telecommunications services; press agency services; services relating to communications by data processing terminals. ***
Services relating to the provision of entertainment, sporting or cultural activities; book and magazine publishing services; services relating to film, theatre and show production; agency services for artists; film, record and CD hire services; rental of film projection apparatus; rental of show and stage scenery and accessories; services relating to the organisation and management of symposia, conferences and meetings; services relating to the organisation of cultural or educational expositions.
*** Astrology services; parapsychology services; divination services; cartomancy services; clairvoyance services; futurology services; printing services; services relating to the provision and hire of a data base service centre.
Maria Duval, L'estagnol, Les Quatre Chemins,83830 Callas,France
Agent: W.P. Thompson & Co, 55 Drury Lane,London,WC2B 5SQ

Trade mark 2103695 ASTROFORCE
Filing Date: 25.06.1996
Registration Date: 20.06.1997
Next Renewal Date: 25.06.2006
List of goods and/or services: Pre-recorded audio, video, compact disc and CD-ROM recordings featuring topics related inter alia to astrology, numerology, psychic and biorhythm forecasting.
*** Ornaments in the form of stones. *** Books and magazines on topics related inter alia to astrology, numerology, psychic and biorhythm forecasting. ***
Ornaments in the form of crystals.
Astroforce Holding S.A. Ave de Provence 4,1007 Lausanne,Switzerland
Fry Heath & Spence LLP, The Gables,Massetts Road,Horley,Surrey,RH6 7DQ
Service: Fry Heath & Spence LLP

Trade mark 2107544 ASTROFORCE
Filing Date: 13.08.1996
Registration Date: 28.02.1997
Next Renewal Date: 13.08.2006
List of goods and/or services:
Services relating to astrology, numerology and biorhythm phenomena; and the preparation of reports relating to these services.
Proprietor: Astroforce Holding S.A.
Agent: Fry Heath & Spence LLP
Service: Fry Heath & Spence LLP

(They say even less than the Finns�)
Trade mark 0322400 ASTROFORCE
Classes are badly reported, but they seem to cover the usual topics Holder: Astroforce Holding SA, Lausanne, Switzerland
*** from some New York State company register or such�
Selected Entity Name: ASTROFORCE, INC.
Current Entity Name:
Initial DOS Filing Date: 07/06/1995
County: NEW YORK
Jurisdiction: NEW YORK
Current Entity Status: ACTIVE
DOS Process (Address to which DOS will mail process if accepted on behalf of the entity)

Chairman or Chief Executive Officer ALBERT KOETSHEID
Principal Executive Office INFOGEST/TANGELDB.COM
Registered Agent NONE
NOTE: New York State does not issue organizational identification numbers.
A snippet from the pages of�

628-629 Marie France

Complaints (Unsolicited Mail) to ASA UK from two UK consumers regarding unsolicited mails featuring clairvoyance from an advertiser based in France. The complainants thought that the mailing preyed on vulnerable people and would frighten them into sending money as it stated that should the recipient fail to reply �the consequences could be catastrophic, really tragic��.
ASA forwarded complaints to BVP France, which after contacting the advertiser received a response from Promoplus, a fulfilment house in Panama, saying that they would stop sending the mailings to the UK and that they would not use this mailing again. BVP closed the cases. Complaints upheld.

A snippet from Fraudweb
18 March - Watchdog to Probe Mail Scam - Letters arriving from France from Nicole Delya have flooded into Scotland in the last week .from Nicole Delya in France. These sick letters warn that the recipient's future will be affected in a "fairly disturbing manner" unless Delya is sent �12.90 in the next 48 hours.
The Advertising Standards Authority have launched an inquiry

Kevin says: "With all of these business interests, I'm not surprised that Maria Duval doesn't have time to write individual letters to all of her dear(est) friends!"

(There is so much here, about this business empire, that I shall have to create a new page for it.)

April 16th brought yet another scam from Solen. This time it's the flame of the Candle of Power which acts "as a real luck catalyzer which probably calls upon an invisible higher force". (Quotes are mine). It costs �22 + �3 P+P. The fanciful text, laid on extra thickly, is a real treat for the students of exaggerated twaddle.

Also one from Biotonic, known to be associated with TV Direct Distribution, noted for competition scams, along with Friedrich Mueller.

I have also found a get-rich-quick, 44 page, booklet entitled Pierre Reyno's Secret. There is nothing secret about the contents, it's all about setting up a mail-order business. None of the information is new, most of the schemes seem to be about selling similar books to other people!

I don't where it came from, no details are enclosed, but the stamp is French. It cost �29, she says that she bought it for me, but I'm not interested is running such a 'business'.

April 24th. Another mailshot from Mirror; c/o Angelina, CP7 A-6842 KOBLACH. Austria. He says that he learned his clairvoyancy secrets from a magic great-aunt! He wants �29 for his Personal Guide, and a Free talisman, programmed to my dearest wishes. It's very odd that the text is very similar to that from Irena (see Dec 13, 2002) including the story that he is retiring!

April 30th,Another mailshot from Madame Arachnea, and her divination insects, from Taylort. Similar to the one in January this year, there are eleven mentions of the 'win of �180,000' in the eight pages. Send �24 to �39 for lucky numbers to win at Lotto.

Several complaints to the ASA, who complained to their Swiss counterparts, has resulted in the closure by the Swiss Post Office, of the PO Box allocated to Angelina, t/a Victor and as Irena. I hope that this is the end of a scam operation, although there is nothing to prevent the same operators opening up again as a new identity.

May 18th, 3 mailshots today. From Eva du Maurier, Gabriel d'Angelo, and, a new one, Charles de Montbrun. For only �19 he will supply the secrets of making millions at games of chance. Just complete the "Voucher to win �10,000 in the next 38 days". Another scam from BP499 74198 Ville la Grand

A search on Google reveals that Gabriel is operated from route du Mandement 197, Satigny, Geneva, by Gerard Bunzli.

Eva du Maurier mailshots now come from the TNT depot at Southall London.

Carmela Urcia wrote, on July 10th, she claims to be Spanish and rarely writes to English speakers. This scam is operated by Centipede Ltd, from a Mail Boxes, Etc. branch in Bristol.

Lise and Rose tried again, asking for money with 'cooking-oil soaked paper squares.

July 17th. Sophros tries again with his magnet-enhanced brass pyramids. Same price and address as before.

July 27th. Another try by Mika�l, similar to before.

August 4th. Eva du Maurier again, with the Magnetic Ball to ensure financial success. Only �27.50.

August 12th. From BP499, Ville la Grand. Sri Shakti, C/o Harmony Zen, Cours de Rive 16, CP3358, 1211 Geneve 3. He wants �168 for twelve wishes, and tiny elephant statuettes. As usual with these scam mailshots, much mention of winning on the Lottery is made.

Sometime in August the Solen marketing machine got at my partner, she ordered a "Lucky Cross" to ensure success on the Lottery! As soon as I can scan the paperwork, I'll put it up here to show the twaddle spewing from Switzerland. I don't yet know the cost of this junk jewellery.

August 29th. Another mailing from Mikael! �29 wanted for wealth, love, etc.

Another slimming scam Realign Power 4 from PO Box 16, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4SB. (Same as Father Johannes, #40 on the Names page.)

Eva again with another sweepstake, and another lucky numbers scam.

September 1st brought a mailshot from Charmaine. c/o Taylort. Chabliere 19, CH-1004 Lausanne. As much as �52.50 can be wasted, in a vain attempt to win �77,000 in a lottery, eradicate bad luck, or find love.

"Victor" has been tracked down! He is Gilbert Luchinger of Valkstadt, a bar-owner. He had nothing to say when questioned by a BBC tv reporter from the X-Ray consumer programme

Marina, c/o Maja SA requests �22 for the Sorcerers Ring for happiness and Wealth.

Another Lise and Rose mailshot, I saved another �30 from being wasted.

September 20th brought another sweepstake invitation from Eva du Maurier, together with a request for �23.50 or �25.50, for the Hand of Power secrets.

September 28th A new name from Harmony Zen, Vinci. But it's the same twaddle, "7 Pentacles of Happiness", at a cost of �182. Includes a 'Scientific Treatise' by a Professor Guillaume de Saint Pierre. Unlike most,if not all, such papers, it has no references or bibliography.

October 5th Alphonse c/o Harmony Zen.

Harmony Zen SA, Esoprim SA, and Esotech SA, all operate from the same address. See the Zefix company database.
Click the link for your language, then enter the company name and click Search. Then click Extrait Complet.

Note that the same names, addresses occur. Rue de Conseil-General is the address of their accountants, Synergie!

See the Sophia Monroe page for details of the company behind that scam.

October 25thbrought an envelope from Angelique - Angel of Success. VIP Readers' Service, PO Box, 1226 Thonex. Many mentions of the �11,674 prize which is coming to my partner if she sends �30. It looks very much like a scam from Solen SA.

On October 30th, a letter from Olivia Roy, c/o Eva Lorca. Post Office Grey 1000 Lausanne 30. This scam seems to be from FIAG, BIAG, Arlimbow, Capital Leons, etc. EVA LORCAS SA, Avenue de Echallens 74, 1000 Lausanne. Mail order of product; merchandising of files and addresses; administrative management of active customers in the same domain. Current Firmierung (owner?): ASTRO STAR SA. Avenue de Echallens 74, 1004 Lausanne VD.
Yoodle website, translated into English

Two more mailings from Lise and Rose, you'd think they'd have made enough money by now to have had a more-modern photograph taken, to replace the present one which looks as though it was taken 50 years ago. Or, perhaps the women have actually been dead that long?

From a Swedish reader.

"HEJ HERR ASTRO CAT Perhaps this makes you happy? The International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN) has decided to act. The case is Maria Duval's marketing methods. ICPEN characterizes the marketing as clearly unbearable, scaring, oppressing, missleading, threatening and insulting. It violates marketing legislation and good business practices as defined by international organizations of commerce. The Swedish Konsumentverket, in her role as the chairman in ICPEN Europe, has initiatiated a coordinated european action against the marketing. Konsumentverket demands first that illegal marketing is stopped. This demand is sent to all addresses that distribute the marketing means. A second stage follows, where the authorities in each involved country write to the firms and where the media is made aware of the illegal campaignes. The results of these primary actions are analysed in the third stage and the decision is made on the possibly necessary other actions to stop this marketing. The text above is my short translation of a Swedish internet page. I believe that the Maria Duval section in the German �rger Forum and your web pages have strongly influenced Konsumenverket and ICPEN."

December 1st brought a new name, Ziska, c/o Taylort. Claims to be medium and a "loveologist". He wants �36 to bring you love.

Another scam from Eva Lorcas SA. The BRPG, Branch for the Restitution of Prizes Gained. It's another prize draw scam, cleverly worded to suggest that you have already won �15,000.00. Just send �22 to the Eva Lorca address. In the Rules of the game "Payment of �15,000.00 Cheque in your name", the company Tenor Arvic is mentioned, its address is very close to the address for the Birgit Jordana scam! A connection? Probably!

Tenor Arvic SA is another company run by Olivier Koenig, see Companies Registry The company Prinal SA share the same postal address as Tenor Arvic, chemin du Daru, 2. Are they connected?

Francisco Casar, c/o Harmony Zen.
With Cosmo-Forces you can have 'Brazen Luck', 'Wild Love and Return of Affection', 'Success in Everything', etc. It's a rehash of the Radionics fraud which appeared in the early 20th century, exploiting the seemingly 'magical' developments in wireless telegraphy. The gadgets will cost you a total of �260. The schematic of the device is shown, it appears to be a standard 2-tube/valve audio amplifier with antenna, therefore ineffective! See NCHAF and James Randi's excellent book on the A-Z of the Supernatural.

Jean Paul Ritter, c/o PB Verlag, PO Box, CH-8603 Schwerzenbach.
He says that the 7 Shamen of Noaname have told him that my partner will win �175,000 before the end of February 2004. Only �33 for the Lucky Numbers to win at Lotto, the Petrified Wood to overcome negative waves, and the Shamens Magic Stones.

Olivia Roy, now using the address: PO Box 273, 1180 AG Amstelveen, The Netherlands. Now offering the TURBO'WIN, the "Greatest Millionaires' Secret Method". Only �25 to win at least �9.600.00 in the next 11 weeks. There is also a Cheque Award of �32,000.00 reserved for my partner! The 'small-print' reveals that Olivia Roy is a trade mark of Eva Lorca, which is a trade mark of Eva Lorcas SA.

December 22nd, Lise and Rose make another urgent request for �29, undelivered mailings to BP499 in France. It is the collection point for Taylort SA.

Another mailing from Mika�l. Now it's a request for �30 for the Angel's Stone, and the Angel's Secret Code.

Mailshot received from Senora Diaz. No more details at present.

This report contains details of 39 Cross-Border Complaints cases and 1 information exchanges handled by the EASA�s Cross-Border Complaint System and closed during the period January - April 2003. Report here.

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Year 2004 news

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