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Astrocat’s Postal Scam Warning(Astrology)(Maria Duval, etc)

Year 2004 scam news.

Eva Lorca is now using another name for scamming. It is Cate Wood, mailed from: 1934 Brussel Y Airportl, Belgium POBox 101/80.

January 9th, Lise and Rose invite my partner to send £30 for the Alpha-Temporis Ball talisman and a horoscope for the whole of 2004.

On Saturday 10th January, the Daily Express newspaper ran a full-page ad, a questionnaire from the International Parapsychology Centre, Dept 1010, Postbus 430, NL-3740AK Baarn, Netherlands.

But the Chamber of Trade tell me that it does not exist in Baarn!

International Parapsychology Centre page

Institute Trimbia slimming scam, operating from Institute Equiba address.

Another change of address for SERENY SA, rue De-Candolle 11, Genève, c/o Fiduciaire Edmond Favre SA
Toute activité liée à l'envoi de mailing et la vente par correspondance de produits, livres, conseils et cours, notamment sous les enseignes et marques Chris, Chris Barnett & Paloma Summer.

From a reader:
Thought you might like to see this too-- maybe if you've seen her (Sophia Monroe) before- you'll recognize this website? Sophia Monroe

My reply
The website is high on hype, but low on substance. It looks as if the aim is to reassure people who receive a mailshot and go looking for evidence. Has anyone else noticed that her name changes to Sophia Mason in the text on the right? Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Another trade name used by Eva Lorca, Ingrid Diamond, operating in Australia. Report on Yoodle notice board

February 1st Another mailing from Mikael c/o Esotech. But the address has changed from number 6 to number 14 in the same street.(Caused by a change of auditor). I don't know why companies are allowed to use the address of their auditor as a registered address.

February 14th. Lise and Rose ask my partner to choose one of 6 court cards in a mailshot, remember it, and burn it to ashes. then open an envelope to find that her card has disappeared from the cards! But I cheated and opened the envelope first. Any of the cards will be missing, it's a totally different set! Lise and Rose want £30 from my partner for the dubious pleasure of being hoodwinked.

Also, that same day, the British Daily Telegraph published an advert from the International Parapsychology Centre in Baarn.

I have made a complaint to the ASA

From a visitor:
I sent for some info. from the International Parapsychology Centre and received it today. The name used is now Esmeralda and she is asking for £35 for a 'Calendar of Fortune'. I tried looking for a website - unsuccessfully - but fortunately found yours and so have been warned off.
Thank you.
Best Wishes, D.

Both the Daily Mirror newspaper, and Amateur Gardening magazine have carried the International Parapsychology Centre advertisement.

A mailshot from CHRIS says that my partner will win £155,000 in the next few weeks, but only if she sends £30 for the Ring of 1000 Wishes.

Institute Equiba is active in Australia, using
C/O Global Pay

to collect the money. Can anyone help find out where it goes?

Another new name from an old address:
Miss Elisabeth ALPEN - 90 Avenue de France CH 1000 - Lausanne 22
Using Royal Mail Direct Mailing services licence no HQ 12047

From a reader:
KALISTEA, case postal 702, rue du Village, 16, CH-1214 VERNIER, Switzerland. A promiser of wealth, using the interest in Mars, handled by Spring (formerly TNT) of 9, Trident Way, Southall.

From another reader:
A newspaper article in the February 28, 2004 issue of the Geneva Tribune states that Lise & Rose are once more under investigation.

In a recent psychic scam they tell the customer that they can provide a detailed psychic reading from the ashes of a deceased person and a burned Tarot Card.

In February, more than 45 packages of cremated remains broke open in French Postal sorting offices. Under terrorism alert, French authorities had the ashes analyzed and traced the packages to Lise & Rose in Geneva.

However, when they attempted to contact Lise & Rose, it would seem that Lise & Rose don’t exist. This is a pseudonym. Whey they tried to contact the director of the company Esoprim, Anthony Weil, he was completely untraceable; nor could they locate the previous director.

The company is now operating from: avenue Eugène-Lance 72, Lancy; c/o Fiduciaire Mauceri. I'll link to their website, but I don't suppose they'll link to mine!

Next they contacted Claudio Alessi, director of the Clairvoyant Society of Geneva. He has no doubt this is a swindle. He could not locate Lise & Rose or the company director. Mr. Alessi states: “This action is morally indefensible and totally shameful. If they truly exist, which I doubt, they are profiting from the gullibility of people.”

March ?, Lise and Rose are asking for £29 for the Lucky Family Talisman and lucky numbers.

Mikael also wants £29 for the Great Supreme Tarot of Truth. Truth seems to be the one thing lacking at Esotech!

March 20th. Chris asks for £24, for the Great Secret Ritual of the 7th Power, from my partner to ensure wealth and happiness.

BBC Watchdog TV programme has asked me for help regarding Affiline +500 BioActive slimming product. If you are a UK resident who has ordered/purchased Affiline, could you contact me please. If I can pass your story (but not your identity if you so wish) to them, it will help.

Another scam, from Master Zholtan, c/o Fortuna, Postfach 501,CH-9430 ST Margrethen. Send £30-50 for the secrets to win £1 million to £5 million on the Lottery. No trace of Fortuna on the Zefix database.

David Phild psychological harm.

April 18th brought a second approach from Esmeralda. She says that she is getting to know the Customer better, even though the customer did not respond to the first mailing! I shall publish the whole document shortly.

CHRIS has tried it on again with my partner, but he won't be getting the £30 he asks for!

April 25th. The News of the World newspaper carries the International Parapsychology Centre questionnaire. According to the Guardian Jobs and Money section, "The ASA is still investigating but the "centre" appears to be run by a Mr A van Koenig". The News of the World has refused to answer readers enquiries about this advert.

April 28th Mikael makes another plea for £29, for the Great Bio-Astral Luck Study, and the Silver Double Stone.

TV Direct Distribution is being investigated over its use of false-lottery marketing-methods. Newspaper report.

The Sophia Monroe website now carries the announcement which says that Sophia has died, but the that her daughter Carol Mason is taking over the astrology mantle frm her mother.

Lise and Rose again! When will this scam sender realise that my partner is not sending any more money? This time it's the reproduction of the statuette of the Goddess Shiva, not sold but rented, six months for £30 or even 2 years for £72, post free. No picture, no size or weight given.

From Anthony Alexis(Preident of the Centre Alliance of the 7 Life Guides), at Harmony Zen, comes an offer of the Great Book of Life, in six monthly parts, at £25 per month. With 18 FREE GIFTS! (semi-precious stone, music therapy CDs). CHRIS, often mentioned on this website, is one of the names used in the booklet. You can even continue to pay £25 per month for further installments!

Maria Duval is at her old tricks in the USA this month.

One of my visitors has very kindly prepared a Consumer Alert for you to copy, paste, and print; to email or send to people that you know who may receive, and fall for, a Maria Duval mailshot.HERE

The World Institute for Money Awards (WIMA) tells my partner that she has won £15,000.00 in a lottery she hadn't entered. (Postmarked Malmö, Sweden).

Capital Leons are behind the scam. You get a mailshot telling you that you have won a Cheque for £15,000.00. But you have to send £19 to Mr Nash at Postbus 59176, 1040 KD Amsterdam, Holland. The Rules of the Game, printed small in grey and white, indicate that it is run by "Institute Mondiale des Gains d'Argent" trade mark of Capitals Léons, CP496 CH-1000, Lausanne 3, Switzerland. My advice: seal it up and send it back, marked Gone Away.

Mikaël has changed his auditor, now using: Rue de Geneve 106, CP32, 1226 Thônex.

Replies (amusing) to 419 scam emails

Salambô, c/o Taylort, described as High Priestess of Happiness! Asking for £120 for hire of Tri-Activated Spiritual Cross. It's a nice example of DTP artwork.

La Maison de Fatima, Marie Laure, c/o Hermeticum SA, Route de la Coula, 18, CP 223, CH-1618 Châtel St Denis. Also at Av. de la Gare 36, c/o Ogisa SA (auditor). None of the names I have found seem to be linked to the rest of the web of deception.
Asking for £32 for the Holy Medal of the Virgin. And your secret wish that she will place at the feet of the Virgin for you. The letterhead shows an image of a church, but the address is occupied by several industrial companies!

From a reader:
The claims and the layout of the leaflet (for Equiba, in Australia) are almost exactly the same as your copy except that the miracle pills are now round and the weight loss is in KGs for this market. One claim is that it works by slow release and then they tell you that the pills are dissolved in water before you drink them!

Chris has made another approach, requesting £28 for yet another lucky device. My partner will possibly win £250,000.00, or so he says.

News from the USA indicates that Maria Duval's name is being used by the International Parapsychology Centre, see the Message Board replies.

30th June. Another scam handled by 9, Trident Way, Southall. Euro-Loterie, which claims to have been in operation since 1987, says that my partner has won £7000 in a draw that she did not enter. But she has to send £10 or more to Wanfirst, PO Box 180, 5500 AD Veldhoven, The Netherlands. No sign of either name in Google or Dogpile.

On the first day of July, Lise and Rose repeat their 12-card trick attempt. It is a repeat of the one earlier, it won't succeed this time either.

July 12th, another mailshot from Mikaël, he wants £29.00, via 9 Trident Way, Southall.

In August, it is reported the Maria Duval, banned from advertising in Germany, is now using the name Divinah, but with the original photo!

September16th. No mailshots for two months, but from Harmony Zen comes one from Anthony Alexis(Preident of the Centre Alliance of the 7 Life Guides)a repeat of the one earlier this year, but with the added "authority" of Professor Vladimir Raikov from Moscow. A person of that name does exist, but he may be unaware of the scam. A request for £25.50 is made for a "personal" consultation and several free gifts.

October 3rd brought a mailing from Wealthtec, a lottery subscription service. It seems that I am on the third stage to win on El Gordo. 3 Aces means that I have 10,419 chances of winning a share of $1.2 billion! I just have to send £10 to:

Customer Service Network,
Reply Paid 5753,
Gold Coast Mail Centre QLD 9726,

I checked on Google and found that the same scam operates all over the world.

Master Zholtan writes, on October 14th, that my partner can legally "STEAL" the lottery! His "Visionary Numbers" and "Magic-Lotto" will cause her to pocket 1 to 5 million pounds, for the "symbolic" payment of between £30 and £50. Operating from a new address: Postfach 323, 6923 Bregenz, Austria. UK despatch using HQ12146.

From the same address as Equiba, on October 27th, comes a mailshot extolling the efficacy of Zactival. This miracle slimming tablet should cause you to lose 2lbs(0.9Kg) each day. As usual there is no authoritative evidence that this is true.

I did find an online seller of the same product, but they operate from a PO Box number, and a mobile phone number.

There is no sign of Giovanni Vallone, described as the Head of the Slimming Department at Riva Beauty Center, PO Box 389, Staines, Middlesex, TW18 1EY.

There is a free gift, described as a "complete HI-FI VIDEO package", a vague idea, quite possibly a VHS tape with some hi-fi music recorded on it.

Chris again, with the Magnetic Cross of 1000 Wishes, the wearing of which will get my partner £80,000 or more on the Lotto! Together with the Rite of Lunar Magic, and the Cosmic Clairvoyant FULL MOON reading, it will cost you £22 + £4 P+P.

TV Direct Distribution. The Brussels Commercial Court has heard the case brought by the Office of Fair Trading/EASA, the verdict will be given soon, according to a newspaper report

Lise and Rose again, on the 10th November. Offering the Bag of Power containing the 12 Mysterious Stones for £29. The enclosed Forces Catalyser is nothing more than an optical illusion! The other illusion is that my partner will win Big Money. The mailing will go back to the sender.

December 15th The Office of Fair Trading has won its case against TV Direct Distribution/Just4You.
Although the Guilty verdict is most welcome, the fine of €25,000 is a mere pittance compared with the money that the company has made over the years. More so, as they don't have to pay it as long as they don't repeat the mailings!

Imagine being stopped for speeding, getting the ticket, but the police officer saying that you don't have to pay it if you don't speed again! (See a full report on the message board)

These forms allow you to send a complaint to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service if you suspect you are a victim of mail fraud. Online or Mail form & link to FTC

Go to my new Message Board where you may post questions and comments, and read messages from me and my visitors. Registration not needed, unless you want to start a new thread, or reserve your own Username.

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