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Astrocat's Postal Scam Warning (Astrology)(Maria Duval and others, etc)

Year 2005 scam news.

January 21st brought the first scam attempt of 2005. Professor Simpson, (Genealogy and Astrology Scientific Research), return address: T.S. Vencor, (Centro Vencor) Via S D'Acquisto 12/a, I-25128 Brescia (BS).

He has found the secret, well hidden for 210 years, of wealth and luck of Count Cagliostro, and he will reveal it to my partner, for the small sum of £29, payable to Centro Vencor.

A quick search on the Internet results in only one hit, but it reveals that Centro Vencor is a well known source of 'slimming products', amulets and astrology secrets from long-dead Masters. Hang on to your money, you won't win with this one.

It is reported on a Swiss website that Solen SA, promoter of the infamous Eva du Maurier scam, has been made bankrupt. See the Solen report page.

Just when I thought that the crooks had given up on my partner!
April 27th brought a mailshot from Centro Vencor, in the name Master Zhandler. He offers the Seal of the Hierophant of the Esoteric Traditions of the Great Alchemist Aymar for the sum of £25, cash, cheque, or credit card accepted. The usual gush of persuasive text as the other scams from the same address as Prof. Simpson.

Watch out for a mail-order catalogue from Best of... It's another scam handled by 9, Trident Way, Southall, UB18 7FR, and TNT Mailfast of PO Box 66, Hounslow TW5 9RT. Small print is difficult to read, but it looks as if MMC (Maria Duval) is implicated as well.

May 31st brought a mailing from Serena, envelope printed: Kalistea at CP 702, Rue du Village 16, CH-1214 Vernier. (Switzerland) Receives messages from the deceased, one of whom has a message for my partner! Send £17 for a 17 page document for the secrets of happiness, and lucky numbers. Swiss post office addresses Many of the addresses used by the scammers listed on this site, are in this list.

On July 5th a mailing from Gold Winning International arrived. Yann Weston claims to be the apprentice of a wealthy man, he now wants to give his millions away! Send £7 for a million (doesn't say what that is)could be a million Turkish lira, worth very little. Or if you are in a hurry, why not send £10 for two million! Posted in France, but to be returned to Gold Winning International, c/o CDC, PO Box No 33537, Sheung Wan Post Office, Hong Kong

The first day of August brought a mailshot from Esmeralda, c/o Kalistea, Postfach 5947 CH - 8050, Zurich. She? requests £15, or £17, for a 17 - page personalised document containing the keys and secrets of the 3 main paths of "your" destiny, and 12 lucky numbers.

During September and October, there was a huge increase in the number of visitors,so many that my server space was overloaded, and an error message displayed. In one day, there were 243 visitors, 79% were from Finland. I can only assume that Maria Duval, having exhausted the marketing opportunities in the country that Astroforce, and its successors, were previously operating in, has now revisited Scandinavia.

It seems likely that some of my website has been translated into Finnish? If so, could I be sent the links, so that I may list them here?

October 21st brought another mailing from M. Zhandler, c/o Centro Vencor. For £29 you can have the Great Secret of Fortune of Imhotep the Egyptian, to enjoy the great wealth that these crooks promise,but don't deliver.

November 7th brought a mailshot from Rachel via Kalistea of Vernier, asks for £18 for the Magic Notes of Ishangor, to win £680,000 in 5 weeks or less.

December 22nd, Serena, via Kalistea CP 702, Rue du Village 16, CH-1214, Vernier. offers a Magic Zodiac Medal and a Horoscope for the new year. All for only £27 of her hard-won money. Investigation shows it is to be sent to a PO Box number in Switzerland.

EASA Focus email newsletter application

These forms allow you to send a complaint to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service if you suspect you are a victim of mail fraud. Online or Mail form & link to FTC

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Page last updated December 22nd 2005.

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