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Astrocat's Postal Scam Warning (Astrology)(Maria Duval and others, etc)

Year 2006 scam news.

March 24th brought a mailing from Edmond de Valles, c/o Valdora, CP68 CH1242 Satigny, Switzerland. Another attempt to induce luckless folk to send £30 of their hard-won cash to a PO Box number, in the vain hopes of turning it into £60.000, through gambling.

He says he has to write before he leaves Tibet, but the letter, several pages of drivel, is posted in Switzerland!

On Monday, 10th April, another Valdora name, Yannis, Astro-Clairvoyant. He makes an offer of the Magnetic Circle of Fortune, all for only £17.50, or £21 for express delivery. The usual garbage from a direct-mail company operating from a post office box number in Switzerland.

May 19th brought another mailing from Edmond de Valles, c/o Valdora, CP68 CH1242 Satigny, Switzerland. This time it's the 19 days of sparkling diamond period. Help from VEHVIA, a Guardian Angel, and personalised clairvoyance. Not to mention the 6 Figures of Exceptional Luck. All this for only £33 inc postage and packing.

May 25th brought another letter from Edmond de Valles, using the Turquoise headdress mentioned above, Dolma, one of the Lhamo tradition. Reading through the whole verbiage, it is obviously aimed at the greedy, the desperate, and the gullible. If you send £30 as requested you will not only lose it, but also receive more and more of the same kind of approaches by crooks.
The company distributing this scam:
La Poste UK IDT
551 Fairlie Road
Slough Trading Estate
Slough SL1 4PY
01753 486 081/070

November 9th brought another letter from Edmond de Valles, using the Turquoise headdress mentioned above, infact it's an almost identical letter to one received earlier, with a request for another £30 to the same address as before.

December 15th brought another mailing from Europe. Aliette, other astrologist (sic) from a post office box number, used by Astro-Service Postfach 50, A-5122 ACH.

She wants only GBP5, for postage, the work she has done so far is free, but as victims of the Maria Duval scam know to their cost, that's only "a sprat to catch a mackerel". A small payment soon leads to a larger demand from that mistress of deception.

Sometime during the Christmas holiday, from Rachel, c/o People Tech, CP 702, 1214 Vernier, Switzerland. The sender is new to me, but the address is at the Post Office in this Swiss town.

Rachel says, "This year, there will be a day like no other." As every day is unique, I can't disagree with that! But there's more, it seems that my partner has a birthday in the future, and will, if she sends GBP27 (adding GBP2.50 for priority dispatch) to this PO Box, receive the Black Gold of Poseidon, and seven numbers of burning luck with high potential for wins, and "Personalised Predictions" It is all tied up with the Cycle of Poseidon. There is also a questionnaire of arbitrary and largely pointless questions, as if it will make any difference.

As usual in these scam attempts, there is much talk of GREAT WEALTH coming her way, if she will only believe this "commercial offer", as it is called in the small print. There is no indication of who is behind this mailshot company.

EASA Focus email newsletter application

For US and Canadian citizens:
These forms allow you to send a complaint to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service if you suspect you are a victim of mail fraud. Online or Mail form & link to FTC

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