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Astrocat�s Postal Scam Warning Page
(Astrology)(Eva du Maurier, etc)

Commission for Honesty, Zurich: Eva a dishonest person.

It is under the pseudonym " Eva du Maurier " that the Geneva firm Solen SA sends mailings about obscure helps to the personal life. The third room of the Commission on Honesty considered to be this publicity misleading.

Many people are very credulous. More and more from companies benefit from this credulity, by promising miracle solutions with their problems, material success, assistances with the life in general and a guaranteed chance. Owing to the fact that the distilled consultings are of a very private nature, their valorization is done in general by the evocation of a person known as " of confidence ". The firm Solen SA in Thonex belongs to these businesses which exploit in a shameless way the insecurity of part of the population, for a long time and intensively. It sends its mailings misleading inter alia in the United Kingdom. It is from there that come also the most recent complaints.

The " person of confidence " development whose counterfeited signature is printed on the mailing, bears the soft name of Eva du Maurier. This lady unknown and whose inexistence was checked, presented in an illicit way by the firm, proposes its confidential services as conspicuous. It promises a help based on astrology and treats the risks of the heart, the health and over all the financial security. An assistance is promised in terms mirific and mysterious against the sending of a cheque of several thousands of francs.

In truth it is of course about an unworthy filoutery. All the private problems must find their solution by the establishment of a personalized horoscope, which one can order at Eva du Maurier for approximately 40 francs. And so that people order promptly, they are subjected to verbal intimidations, firstly to benefit from a vital occasion, secondly to be able to honour the cheque.

This process was condemned by the third room of the Commission on Honesty, since the promises of chance are illicit with the title of subparagraph 2 of article 3.9 of the Penal code. Moreover the known as firm exceeds by name " Eva du Maurier " the payments on the trade marks. Solen SA nevertheless was unaware of this decision and continued to send the mailings. This fact its name became available in the publication of the decision.

Any person is fully in harbour due to the knowledge of the Commission on Honesty commercial publicities and other communications which it estimates to be of her spring because of a fraud.

Original text: Swiss Commission on Honesty

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